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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Throughout the modern western world youth is worshipped. They are perceived as carefree, smart and high-energy explorers of the world. The majority of them are praised for their naturally cute actions and ability to absorb incredible amounts of information. Their youthful appearance with flawlessly smooth skin is the ultimate example of health and beauty.

The Hollywood media has ordained adolescents as the ultimate prototype of humanity’s perfection. They have been placed on the highest pedestal. Their parents become their unwavering fan club. They are showered with presents and accolades for every thought uttered and every immature self centered action and thought. These youngsters have become a materialistically entitled class that does not have to earn their privileges and gifts that are showered on them. The impulsive sexual, drugging and dramatic behaviors of teenagers have spread to middle aged adults.

Youth has become our role model instead of mature adults. They are honored for many things that come natural in this stage of life. Adult now also want to imitate youngster’s spontaneous behaviors without thinking about the impact on others. Things are said for their novelty and shock value instead of to convey insight and truth. Too many adults are attempting to copy youngsters’ looks and behaviors instead of sharing knowledge and advancing their child’s potential for success in life.

Most adults are not only buying the next bigger and better toy to entertain the youngsters but also themselves. Much money is spent on cosmetic surgery and beauty products to look younger. These temporal and superficial items cause us to work longer and harder in our often-meaningless positions. We do not feel fulfilled, stimulated or challenged in these bureaucratic restricted jobs. The social media, video games, sports and Hollywood indoctrination monopolize the rest of our time, depriving our ability to contemplate and appreciate the miraculous and wonderful things of our existence.

This emphasis on youthful fantasy culture is preventing many adults from gaining the wisdom that comes from searching and understanding the truth taught to us by daily dealing with reality. There is little time to listen, observe, think and analyze what is happening before their eyes everyday. These opportunities to integrate events are being lost in our phony-entertainment reality world dished up by the media. Sex and violence are incessantly employed to gain our undivided attention. We are bombarded by one lie after another in advertising and in the media in our PC culture. Unfortunately dishonesty has become a common element of doing business in this age.

Living longer lives does not necessarily lead to wisdom. There are too many older adults who are self-centered takers, not givers. They have squandered their time and money on the latest fad drugs and excursions to nowhere. There are too many adults who have not learned from their experiences to mature into knowing individuals who understand the consequences of their actions before they do them.

Gaining knowledge of how the world works takes thorough and honest evaluation of the events in our lives. As we analyze them and similar ones we start seeing definite patterns of the way different behaviors get different results. The wise person learns there are real important consequences for our actions. They avoid behaviors that produce negative results and conscientiously increase those that are advantageous ones.

These experiences teach us the importance of living in a certain manner to stay on the straight and narrow path. This helps us reach a higher level of humanity. This knowledge of the wise when passed on to others betters the entire society. This is one of the reasons ancient societies all over the world venerated the elderly. These nations would seek out the wisdom of these people before making drastic decisions reshaping the direction of their culture and society.

These elders passed on their knowledge and insights to their children and grandchildren to strengthen the family unit. They were not viewed as decrepit, worthless individuals that had to be locked up in segregated facilities to fade away from everything and everyone. They were venerated as special individuals who learn how to live effectively and correctly absorbing the insights afforded them.

People with years of existence on earth who lived learning the patterns of the reality of life are a phenomenal human resource that should not be wasted. They are not as exciting as a new life with unlimited potential although some of these elders have successfully reached their entire potential leaving behind an extensive legacy. These incredible people have grasped the essence of life and have given much to us to assist the development of others and the society as a whole.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Everyone should be able to freely speak without fear of prosecution. When the power elites select words and an agenda that is admissible or not to be spoken we have thought control. This leads down a path towards totalitarianism.

The condoning of college students intimidating any conservative commentator even fellow students with conservative viewpoints by disruptive behavior, physical threats and actions is un-American. It is accepting and condoning mob rule to prevent an open market place of ideas. In the USA our constitution protects individual rights of free speech and the practice of religion. Our republic was based on a free exchange of ideas to arrive at viable solutions.

Restricting a person’s right to fly the American or confederate flag while celebrating the burning and stomping the proud symbol of the majority of law abiding citizens is not freedom of speech. It is discrimination against people expressing their love of country. Preventing Christians from reading the bible or praying on state university campuses or public places while allowing other religions to do so is discrimination of one religion over another.

To win political favor even major corporations are choosing celebrity winners and losers. Colin Kapernick, a second string quarterback and an ungrateful multimillionaire who expressed his anti American sentiments, exploited his position. He refused to pay homage to the flag and the military by sitting on one knee during the flag salute. This was a disrespectful action toward our gallant military soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect all of us including Mr. Kapernick. His bitterness towards a system that gave him and everyone else in America regardless of race and socio economic standing various opportunities to reach the American dream defines an ungrateful brat. He inappropriately used the NFL forum that was broadcast nationwide to spew his propaganda in the freest nation on earth.

Instead of holding Kapernick to a standard of propriety, the head of the NFL, Roger Godell, supported him by not issuing a consequence for his offensive behavior. Godell attempted to disguise his dereliction of duty by claiming Kapernick was expressing his freedom of speech. Instead of telling him in no uncertain terms as a well paid entertainer using his privilege as an NFL member to disrupt and disrespect a national ceremony to millions of patriotic viewers. Mr. Godell’s unwillingness to label Kapernick’s unpatriotic behavior as out-of-bounds has led to other players following suit in this disgraceful display. It is creating a divisive environment. All CEOs have a responsibility to their organization to demand appropriate behavior for they are representing the organization and the dignity of the nation.

 Mr. Godell did not allow NFL teams to show support for the police by putting a sticker on their helmets but were required to wear red, white and blue cleats on 9/11.  There was no freedom of speech stance that arose from this incident. It appeared that this situation would have alienated the political left and therefore was off limits. Godell had no problem turning his back on the Tim Tebow religious right controversy. Mr. Tebow was attacked by many sports commentators and NFL players for putting one knee on the ground in a gesture of thanks to God while many other players in after-game interviews say, “praise the Lord for my performance” with no media criticism. The selective choosing of losers and winners can have serious consequences. We too have the choice not to spend our entertainment dollars and time watching the NFL that supports such behavior.

Mr. Godell was also silent regarding Bionce’s halftime show at the Super Bowl that was anti police and pro “Black Lives Matter” stoking the flames of anti police feelings. Again there was not a word from him to condemn the false impression of police malice and misbehavior in the Ferguson, Missouri incident. This is especially surprising since even the Department of Justice found Michael Brown, not the police officer, as the perpetrator.

Many athletes and entertainer celebrities are punished for their inappropriate political viewpoints and behavior. Olympic swimmer, Ryan Lochte, lost many lucrative endorsements due to his immature, drunken actions. These company endorsements were dropped because he was no longer “a wholesome role model” to represent their product. Many conservative Hollywood stars are blacklisted after being shown to be closet conservatives. They find themselves unable to find work.

There is no longer freedom of everyone’s ideas protected by the constitution. Whenever there is mention of radical leftist actions and ideas that are outside the bounds of cultural decency the first amendment is cited but this is not acceptable when it comes to the right expressing their first amendment right. Be aware if the traditional American ideology is constantly tainted by calling it hate speech, racism, homophobic, xenophobic or Islamophobic. The attack on traditional Americans exercising their first amendment rights is nothing more than a progressive media attempts to indoctrinate by controlling the flow and narrative of events.

Our nation was founded fighting for the protection of the people’s freedoms from government overreach not for allowing an elite ruling class to use their power to repress and enslave us. Our Constitution and Bill of rights are for everyone, not for the establishment to pick and choose who can express themselves. Selective freedom of speech is an oxymoron to our founder’s principle that all humans have a right to freedom speech and religion.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, September 07, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

There are laws being passed at an incredible rate in our local, state and federal government. In 2011 Federal Register there were 80,000 new laws established.
Not only do citizens have no idea of new laws, our representatives do not even know about them. Many laws are being buried in large bills that the representatives do not have the time to read before voting on them.

Currently law-abiding citizens cannot obey the law, as they do not know what they are to avoid breaking them. The local, state and federal laws often contradict each other on many issues such as drug use and enforcement; illegal immigration; sex and physical abuse and all sorts of environmental regulations.

A father in Bushnell, Florida shot an alligator that first attacked his horses then his child. He was arrested and had to post bail. Only individuals with proper licenses and permits can legally take alligators. These dangerous reptiles had been removed from the protected species list in 1987 although there are laws protecting them because they are similar to the endangered crocodile. This is insane. This man should have received a pat on the back for doing his duty as a man, not arrested.

The massive amount of laws invading our daily life is paralyzing the public. Many people do not want to get involved in helping others since it could backfire into a legal problem affecting them. The laws are so complex, numerous and open to misinterpretation that the most obvious and necessary action can and probably would be questioned.

The recent shooting of Harambe, the gorilla, in the Cincinnati Zoo to protect a 3 year-old child became a story repeated ad nauseam for several days by the media. Protesters from animal activists to Black Lives Matter argued that the gorilla did not need to die. He had a right to his life.

Some animal activists and others held a vigil for Harambe to emphasize the importance of animal’s lives. The memorial event was to condemn the vicious actions of the zoo personnel. From their perspective the ape was the innocent victim of the accidental situation. He definitely was one in this tragic incident.

The crucial issue for the zoo was the safety of the child. The zoo administration knew the reality was that if they delayed the decision the child would die from the natural, instinctual behavior of a huge, strong and predictably rough ape behavior.  It would probably not be the intention of the ape to harm the child but the child’s life was still greatly at risk.

Some advocates of the ape’s life wanted a tranquilizer gun used to make him harmless. These protesters did not realize it would have been ten minutes before he would be rendered unconscious. The animal experts felt the initial pain of the bullet would likely agitate the gorilla resulting in the death of the child.

In the same news cycle a man raped and beat a woman in the Bronx, NY. The wife called the husband, who was attempting to park his car before going up to their apartment. She told him about the rape that just took place. The husband of the woman took an elevator to the 6th floor where he encountered the assailant who he beat to death with a tire iron.

The issue was immediately raised by the hypocritical law-quoting-media when it supported their social justice view that the assailant was no longer a physical threat to his wife and the husband did not follow the letter of the law. Of course he did not because he was in a righteous rage over the rape of his wife who was always covered with a burka.

Many pontificating pundits had to annoyingly admit if they brought the husband to a jury trial he would never be convicted. The unsaid reason was he had instinctually done what he did. His actions were not premeditated. This was an understandable reaction to a horrific act. Every despicable action has a serious consequence. The husband justly administered the consequence for this rapist’s premeditated act.

In our upside-down justice system there are not just too many laws, but too many laws that handcuff people from protecting themselves and loved ones from evil individuals. Even our military soldiers are under absurd “rules of engagement” that prevent them from doing their mission and making split second decisions to protect themselves and their fellow soldiers. These restricting “rules of engagement” place our soldiers’ lives at great risk while providing the enemy with greater flexibility to maim and kill our soldiers. Adding insult to injury, the release of Gitmo’s worst of the worst violators of humanity, who many soldiers died trying to apprehend, is another travesty of justice.

The loss of our freedom through too many unknown and conflicting laws on the books and a lack of rational and blind justice have created disrespect of the law by too many dignified and reasonable people. To honorable citizens these injurious laws are restricting our liberty.

In our present legal chaos good people are being forced to take the law into their own hands. Many citizens are realizing “we have to do what we have to do” to survive. This is not a good sign for the future of the country.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

Many public schools are impressive not only due to the size of the magnificent facility, but for their detailed programs and their highly trained teachers. The teachers go through elaborate retraining for new or retooled programs, often every two-years. In addition they have to attend seminars on a regular basis. The syllabuses they are given are specific about the area covered on a specific line-by-line, day-by-day basis. Supportive bureaucrats out of the school district office often produce these detailed guides.

These subject-trained teacher-experts have been systematically trained in numerous educational approaches. These are recycled depending on the latest educational fad and psychological jargon. Often what was peddled last year might be blasphemous in this year’s program. What was inappropriate in the past could now be considered the best practice. This education loop just replays.

Inherent in this revolving and elaborate training is that the teachers have to follow the dictates from above rather than use their knowledge learned from practicing the art of teaching. Teachers are treated as robotic instruments playing on the same note and the same tune that the state and local school districts have composed. This keeps the one-sound-fits-all music for easier monitoring and evaluating across states and nationally.

The principal and administrators are the orchestra conductors who are supposed to ensure every teacher is playing the same music as any other teacher in the same grade. The problem is the composers are in the state capital not in the classroom. A teacher’s unique creativity might enrich the sound (classroom) but would destroy the monotone school culture.

The audience evaluating the performance is not the students; it is the data results from the standardized testing of them. Students are simply the objects that are supposed to absorb the music and are supposed to regurgitate it word-for-word on the exams without any deviation from the precise instructions.

A major flaw in this “top-down- teachers say it and students know it approach-” is it does not account for the differences and uniqueness of each student. Students differ in many ways. Some learn visually, some auditorally, some tactilely and various combinations of these. Each student has different interests, organizational and concentration skills that impact performance.

A few students have an acute memory; they can hear things, memorize them quickly and easily so they do well in this type of activity. While many children can initially repeat an idea or statement they need many repetitions to have it firmly established in their long-term recall. Parents know this reality because they have to constantly repeat answers to questions the child previously knew. This is the reason many academic facts have to be taught year after year in a more detailed form for the student to finally grasp the material.

Repetition does not always work. When a teacher attempts to communicate knowledge on a particular subject to an audience there will be a considerable portion of them who are not ready, able or willing to process the information. These people openly shut down or hide behind their individual masks so as not to alienate the speaker. But they are not actively listening.

The teacher/speaker might have fantastically interesting material to deliver to their audience although the time and place or the person’s state of mind could be out of sync with the message or the messenger. The material might go in one ear and out the other.

Teachers and parents have to observe the child as he is speaking. When there is a question or a series of questions that they are not listening to, the teacher should direct them to pay better attention by asking them pointed questions about what they just said.

The way each student learns most effectively is the puzzle a teacher must solve to improve his or her student’s learning effectiveness. Without assisting the student to understand how he best learns, the progress of the student’s learning will be limited to a snail’s pace. Once the child decides on his best individual learning style, his competency skyrockets, his confidence grows and his internalizing information and knowledge becomes seemingly automatic and natural.

As students climb the academic ladder they become more responsible for their own learning style until eventually they will develop into a more independent learner. When an individual determines what he wants to understand or know better he has already made the choice to focus on the available information. The self-commitment leads down a path of discovery. Only the person who has started on this journey determines when and if to end it. Most independent learners never feel satiated with an interest area of learning. It becomes a life long endeavor.

Any educator or parent should know that just because you said it or taught it does not mean the information penetrated the child’s brain. Only their behavior and unsolicited responses will indicate it has.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


THE UNBELIEVABLE IRAN NUCLEAR DECEPTION                                          
By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist
It was generally agreed upon by most foreign policy wonks that it was a pipe dream to get Iran to actually stop their nuclear ambitions. Under the present Islamic regime, Iran has a long history of agreeing to one thing and doing the opposite. Their pronounced hatred for “little Satan,” Israel, and “Big Satan,” the USA, is a constant rallying cry. They have never deviated from saying their goal is to annihilate Israel and the USA.
The major exception to the belief that Iran would not reverse its belligerent nuclear intentions was President Obama. He implied that through economic sanctions and his administration’s persuasive diplomatic skills, Iran would be transformed into a responsible nation using nuclear energy for only peaceful purposes. The Obama administration outlined specific and tough expectations, standards and an open verification process. He insisted this tough stance would not change and would have to be met before the USA would sign any agreement.
As the negotiation proceeded we heard mixed messages from both America and Iran about the details of this framework. The State Department initially denied the contradictory statements of the Iranian government concerning the watering down of safeguards and the verification process. As time elapsed the spokesperson of the State and Pentagon departments would double-talk although somewhat admitting that changes were made to continue towards producing an agreement. There was in increase in uranium enrichment and the number of centrifuges, which they were allowed to produce and a change in the inspection protocol to give more time from request to the actual examining of suspicious facilities.
The unraveling of the Obama administration position in these talks increased as it became evident to Iran that the USA needed a foreign policy accomplishment at all costs. The Iranians knew they were in the driver’s seat and the US could not afford to stop the aggressive actions of the driver. We capitulated on every demand to appease Iran to produce the agreement.
They were not supposed to test a missile delivery system, but they did. There was neither recognition nor consequences to this blatant violation of the agreement. Yet Secretary of State, John Kerry, constantly argued that “snapback” would automatically be employed if there was a significant breech in the agreement. This unrealistic idea was supposed to reinstate $1.7 billion in sanctions on Iran. Any thinking person knew the European nations would not uphold this provision as they would lose out on the money from large Iranian purchasing contracts.
The selling of this dangerous negotiation to the American people would have been impossible without a complicit “state press.” There was no serious investigation into the inconsistencies of what the USA and Iran have stated. The media did not report or dispute obvious factual misstatements in the administration’s narrative from week to week. Eight minutes of an exchange about the Iran agreement between reporter, John Rosen and Jen Psaki, press secretary for the Obama administration where Psaki implied lying is sometimes necessary for the administration to reach its goals was deleted thus censoring the record.
The most dramatic malfeasance of duty of the press was the supposed humanitarian change of heart by the Iranians. The administration claimed that the moderate civil leaders of Iran were making a positive gesture towards America. After holding five hostages for years, they were going to release them. The act was heralded by the press as evidence that Obama’s Iranian foreign policy was working. It helped block out the voices of the critics who opposed this transaction as a ransom deal. This approach is similar to the Bowe Bergdahl farce where he, a soldier traitor, was ransomed for five of the worst radical Islamist terrorist leaders in GITMO. The administration attempted to cover up this indefensible transaction by releasing stories of Bergdahl being an honorable soldier who could not be left behind as the rationale for the lopsided trade.
On August 4, 2016, President Obama gave this convoluted statement: “We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future,” after reports emerged that the United States delivered palettes containing $4 million cash in different currencies to Tehran on the same day the prisoners were freed. President Obama continued, “Those families know we have a policy that we don’t pay ransom. And the notion that we would somehow start now, in this high-profile way, and announce it to the world, even as we’re looking in the faces of other hostage families whose loved ones are being held hostage, and saying to them we don’t pay ransom, defies logic.” The State Department spokesperson, Admiral John F. Kirby, said “that it would be “correct” to say the U.S. government would not give the Iranians the money until the prisoners were released.” However, in the theater of the absurd media, he had the audacity to insist that this was not  ransom. Not only was it ransom but two days later the Obama administration paid $1.3 billion in interest to Iran.
The Orwellian “double speak” has become the new normal in politics and never seems to end. On August 20, 2016 the Ayatollah was warned by the Obama administration to stop the bombing of U.S. and coalition troops in Syria. The scenario will more than likely be that the story will not be given much coverage by the press. There will be no follow up action taken by the administration. The incident will be buried on the internet by the media flooding the internet with glowing reports of the successful Iran agreement. This procedure insures negative events disappear from public memory and eliminates any discussion. History is being rewritten before our eyes.
Hopefully the American people see through this ever-increasing smokescreen of lies and deception. No one can be held accountable. No one is accountable. The politically active progressive media’s protection of Obama’s appeasement policies is potentially destructive to maintaining our freedom and safety as a nation.
We should speak freely, inform each other of what we see and resist this open censorship that is erasing of the truth from our consciousness. We cannot allow this in our America.
Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

There is continual concern about the dropout rate in our public high schools. The dropout rate changes depending on how it is defined and calculated. The Department of Education head, Arnie Duncan, has stated the graduation rate in high schools has reached 80%. This percentage is highly suspect and still leaves one out of five students being a dropout. In the past America had one of the lowest dropout rates; currently we have one of the highest.

Inflating the graduation statistics does not solve the actual dynamics of why students do not want to continue in school. It does not increase the quality of education.  Many students are involved with alternative schools, special behavioral intervention and drug and alcohol programs. Many states are making it easier to water down standards to get a diploma. The states are under pressure from the federal government to increase graduate rates by hook or crook. Some school districts are outright cheating to increase graduation rates. Relaxing standards might be one way to increase the percentages of graduates but decreases the quality of everyone’s diploma that is entering the job market.

Battling reluctant students like this takes immense time and energy, which robs other students who want to be in school of their teacher’s talent and knowledge. A few students might become motivated to apply themselves to their studies changing the direction of their future. These are rare but greatly satisfying success stories for the teachers and administrators. These turn-around students deserve the majority of the credit for choosing to make a mature decision. They are the exception to the rule.

No student should be forced to attend a traditional academic or alternative type of educational setting. They ought to earn the privilege of an education. Young adults from 16-18 years of age should be required to do all the assignments in a correct and timely manner or be dismissed from the program. They definitely should not be given a diploma they have not earned.

Reluctant students have concrete reasons not wanting to be in school. The student might be so far behind in his academic abilities and skills that he has concluded school is not for him. Other students have no interest or positive attitude at that particular time in life to go along with school regulations and procedures. They rather do anything else. For them school is a slow and constant torture. These unhappy campers often become nuisances or worse, defiant students who require strong discipline actions by authorities. Many of these frustrated and angry souls may possess very sharp minds and skills but have already decided they want out as of yesterday. They think school is a waste of time.

The majority of reluctant students would be better served by giving them what they want, which is to experience another environment. Whatever their choice is, it is better than feeling like a caged animal. A change of scenery could help the youngster look at the world from a different perspective. Entering the job market might jolt them enough to begin to appreciate what they had as a student in school.

Most returning students who did not obtain a high school or college diploma as a young adult are usually more dedicated and productive than the younger more immature students. These older students may prosper in the job market where they experience a lot of positive successes. This can give a failing student real life reinforcement assisting the maturation process. Everyone is on his own unique timetable to develop. Some are early or late bloomers, not only academically but in becoming responsible adults.

We should not have a cookie-cutter approach for all students’ futures. Graduating from high school may be important and gratifying for many although it could be meaningless to a growing number of others. There are many high paying apprentice type jobs because the public needs these services.

The individual students in the upper grades should have the opportunity to make their own decisions as to the course their life should take. If they have regrets of leaving public school before graduation they can return and complete it. Many people years later have decided to dedicate themselves to get an education credential that earlier was meaningless to them.

“You can lead a horse but can not force it to drink.” Every teacher has experienced this saying with non-motivated students. It is not only a waste of time and energy for the teacher who feels she is getting nowhere but most importantly for the student who cannot complete his education in a system where he feels worthless.

There has to be a place for these students. Some may not be ready to get jobs. Some may not have the correct attitude and skills to be successful in the work force. There should be real alternatives such as trade schools, vocational programs apprenticeships and internships to give the young people an idea of the path they might want to take.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

In our republic the political elites of both parties have ruled as adversaries. The Democrats and Republicans were supposed to have diametrically opposed principles and policies in internationally and domestically. There was supposed to be a real difference but presently there is corruption and collusion against the interests of America by both. They both do almost anything to get elected and stay in power.

The Democrats promise everything under the sun to voters and micro target issue voters to gain their support. They use fabricated emotion to persuade voters to cling to them to eliminate all the unfairness and inequities in their own world. They have perfected lying as an art form. According to the political elites the USA is the cause of most of the world’s problems.

The Republicans claim to be small government, principled, logical spokespeople but currently cave into the slightest pressure by the establishment in order not to lose their personal political advantage and most importantly, the election. They make accurate observations and positive policies although they rarely get implemented. Both parties have sold out to the establishment. Personal integrity has practically disappeared. Government is not serving the people but its own interest.

The establishment includes the media, business, education, military, science and political elites. These sectors are supposed to be made up of many diverse thinking people who had their own patriotic opinions of what was best for the USA. Over the past several decades the profile of the leaders of these institutions has changed along with our country. These opinion makers have no love for our constitution and are not proud of our accomplishments. Most people in power have traded in their moral compass and love of country for the sacred dollar. Crony capitalism, revisionist history, pseudo science, politicizing the military and state propagandizing media have been corrupted by the lust to be close to the center of power and moneyed Washington, DC.

America has lost its focus on our traditions and moral values. We have turned towards self-indulgence. Our model has become, “it is all about money and being close to power to rip off more of it.” Our culture has lost respect for the truth and morals replacing them with PC phoniness and an upside down hedonistic culture. The ruling class on both sides of the political spectrum is showing their true beliefs through what they are doing.

In one of George W. Bush’s last acts he pushed through a $780 billion stimulus package to supposedly ignite the economy. In reality it provided cover for the incoming President Obama’s massive enlargement of the government. This and the international trade agreement offensive showed his inclination to be an internationalist not a “small government America first, leader. He fooled us with his phony rhetoric and deceptive actions.

President Obama’s transforming of America into a huge invasive government nationalizing one institution after another: healthcare, local police departments, the military, education through Common Core, universities through student loans and has replaced capitalism with crony capitalism. The government expansion generated uncontrollable debt that was not resisted by the majority of the Republican establishment. Even after Republican’s were given overwhelming wins in 2010 and 2014 they underhandedly refused to assert their power to prevent the progressives from openly and aggressively transforming our nation. Republicans shamelessly acted as stooges for anyone with power. In essence they sold out their honor and soul.

The Brexit revolt against the EU march to an international government was enlightening. It highlighted that the Democrats, Republicans, media, leaders of Wall Street and the elites of Europe were all moving towards a one-world government. This is no longer a conspiracy theory since people all over the world are becoming aware of this plot.
The progressive press continues to be an advocate for a globalist agenda instead of doing their duty as unbiased truth seeker. This agenda can no longer be hidden or denied. The fourth estate (the media) is using its power to usher in a more powerful and less free centrally controlled government that will eventually join with other nations to establish a world government.

The British forcefully rejected this proposition in Brexit. Many Americans are realizing  We The People have to stop the dismantling of America. This spontaneous grass roots movement was waiting for a leader and Trump stepped into it.   The Tea Party and Bernie Sanders movement have demonstrated that citizens on both the right and left are fed up with the ruthlessness of the ruling class.

The people have a right to expect government servants to work for us in America. This election in the USA is not about Democrats or Republicans but about being free to talk again without PC police and self-censorship. Americans are privileged to have the right under the constitution to be protected from a “rigged process” that favors the rich and powerful elites. This continuously pulling the chains of power to enslave us can only end by citizens standing up and voting to say enough to the ruling classes creating a world without borders.

This election will speak volumes. The election of Hillary or Trump is not the issue. Both are flawed people like all of us. The focus should be who gives us the greatest chance to break up this hideous gangster-like ruling class. The ruling class’s audacity of pushing the envelope of progressive repression has to end. Our citizens will determine America’s future and the future of the world.