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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


By Domenick J. Maglio, PhD. Traditional Realist

The childhood epidemic of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is misleading. Children with this diagnosis can focus very well on things that interest them. The real issue is they have an unwillingness to concentrate on things they are told to do where they have little interest when they want they can pay attention.

The overwhelming majority of these students can eagerly spend hours playing video games, watching television, reading about dinosaurs, putting on make up or doing their nails. It is not a problem of paying attention; it is a narrow and limited field of interest and a lack of discipline to work to expand it.

Our schools have seen this phenomenon of students not paying attention in certain academic areas but focusing like a laser beam on things they like. It is negatively affecting students’ learning especially when studying something that demands building a foundation of knowledge.  Students in school have to learn and relearn fundamental facts and skills to build a solid broad knowledge base. A major part of school is not always new and exciting but must be done to be able to reach a higher level of thinking.

 It would be counter productive and obscene to label every inattentive child although we are trying with a vengeance to do it in our nation. The latest approach to tackle this phenomenon is to teach the teachers to make instruction more interesting by using the student’s interest to sneak in necessary subject matter. This approach has not been effective because it wastes valuable time on entertainment rather than developing a strong academic foundation.

The appeasement of students through immediate gratification does nothing to correct a student’s focus deficit; instead it increases it. The entertainment and game approach to teaching may have temporary success but is destined to fail because it is competing with television and Hollywood professionals. Student entertainment expectations are too high to match on a daily basis. Inventing games to help slide new information into the student’s brains does nothing to impress him that it will take self-discipline to concentrate and solve future problems. Persevering until one succeeds is not being fostered.

Students have to be convinced that concentrating on things that society has deemed important opens up new worlds. The dosages of work given to a reluctant student in a particular area should be short and sweet. The exposure to difficult subjects for the child should end with success and be followed by an activity that is highly regarded by the student. As the child tastes greater facility in the formerly distasteful subject the child should be made aware that his feeling for the subject is becoming more favorable.

Most children have a proclivity in language arts or the math area but rarely both. It is the teacher’s creative power that is needed to set up situations to show how to master simple fundamental skills. This builds the competencies of reluctant students in these more difficult skill areas. The mastering of these competencies enhances the child's self-confidence to try more challenging work. Once the student develops more competence in the subject he begins to rely more on himself and less on the teacher.

The best antidote for a child’s unwillingness and inability to pay attention to a task is not drugs but delayed gratification training. The individual’s simple success in a difficult area for him is essential in beginning this process. An authority figure begins with breaking down the task into small simple steps. As the child’s ability to perform increases in complexity he learns the answer he seeks will occur by first defining and observing the problem. The higher his level of expectation for completing a task, the more the person gains patience in searching for the answer. His willingness to accept the fact that he needs additional time to come up with the answer is delaying the gratification of completing the activity. Delaying immediate gratification for a greater payoff down the road is a necessary trait of maturity. 

Discerning people cannot accept the narrative that we have a sudden explosion of defective children with an inability to be attentive. They would be more likely to agree our lack of childrearing training and the instant gratification of our culture are the main culprits for this phenomenon.  Attention deficit of our children is real but the solution is not chemical, it is training the child to carefully observe situations long enough to come up with a possible solution and test it to see if it works.

Nudging a student to pay attention by sugar coating a lesson is ignoring the real issue. Students have to realize the power of applying their mental energy is the most effective way to arrive at a solution. It will increase success in all of life’s tasks.  The more the student sees the positive results of focusing on problem solving, the more he becomes an independent and strong learner.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. Dr. Maglio is an author of weekly newspaper articles, INVASION WITHIN  and a new just published book, entitled, IN CHARGE PARENTING In a PC World. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, March 01, 2017


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

“We are fast approaching the stage of ultimate inversion: the stage where the government can do anything it pleases while the citizens may and can only by permission.” Ayn Rand

Americans have been a courageous people who came here for freedom and opportunity. First the Pilgrims came seeking religious freedom. Then adventurers came wanting to be part of building a new nation. Then those from all over the world came in search of a better life. They did not come in search of security but to improve their lives. Each was more than willing to pay the price to get what they wanted.

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

The US at this time in history is at a crossroads. Some people want the new status quo with many guaranteed benefits and others seek to better themselves in the Spirit of Americans who built the greatest nation on earth. This country was not founded on government guaranteeing people what they wanted. Instead they allowed citizens to make their own choices without government restrictions and permission. The free marketplace determined the economy of the nation.

People with “money,” capital determined on their own to risk their resources on a venture. They decided on salaries they were willing to pay for an employee to do a specific job at a certain salary. It was a contract between employee and employer. The risks of the enterprise fell solely on the capitalist and the dangers of performing the job on the employee. The more difficult, time demanding and potentially dangerous the job the worker had to decide to accept or reject the compensation on the word and reputation of the owner. It was a contract that had to be agreed to by both parties. The risk had to be worth the reward. When the position was essential to the operation of the business, the salary increased to attract workers.

Many of the positions were highly demanding and risky especially in projects that tried man’s imagination. These were never done before. The intercontinental railroad, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Panama and Suez Canals, oil exploration industry and skyscrapers were a handful of endeavors that tested man’s courage and perseverance. Everyone who accepted the job thought the rewards outweighed the liabilities. Safety issues were decided by the worker every time he performed his responsibilities. Anyone who did not possess the desire to advance himself or have the bravery to do the job would quit.

America would never have grown at such a rapid pace if government bureaucrats dictated conditions of employment. Government interference in the capitalist system results in a government controlled economy and the elimination of free market enterprises. Once government gets involved in picking winners and losers incentive diminishes and innovation is stifled.

The statist economies of government-controlled bureaucracies have historically stagnated throughout the world.  In the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, China (until it encouraged some free market competition) and many former Banana Republics such as North Korea have deteriorated and become more repressive.

The USA is in the midst of a peaceful reestablishment of limiting government power to free the American people. The people have rejected the “Big Daddy/Nanny government” state. We want to make America great again by returning the freedom to the people to let them decide what is best for their individual needs.

This means local as well as state and federal governments need to stop forcing us to do things that are against our best interest. The people need to tell the local governments we do not want or need a larger government that dictates to us what we can and cannot do on our own property.  Through an absurd, out-of-control permitting process these local bureaucrats are indoctrinating the public to the idea that we constantly have to increase our taxes to protect our safety. According to proponents of larger government, hiring more police, fireman and non-teacher supervisors will protect public lives and improve public education.

This pronouncement has to be openly opposed. When we increase the taxes of citizens we are decreasing their financial power to decide how they should choose to spend their own hard earned money. This is unconscionable since the people are supposed to tell the government what they want done, not the other way around.

The fastest growing segment of unions in the United States is government workers.
Allowing government workers to unionize is destructive and contrary to a representative republic. Government workers are to serve the public interest not their own by holding us hostage. In a letter he wrote in 1937 to Luther Steward, president of the National Federation of Federal Employees, FDR said, “All government employees should realize the process of collective bargaining assuredly understands cannot be transplanted into the public service… “ Since their own service has to do with functioning of government, a strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an attempt on their part to prevent or obstruct the operation of government until the demands are satisfied. Such actions looking towards the paralysis of government by those who have sworn to support it, is unthinkable and intolerable.”

What FDR stated in 1937 is even more important today. The local government workers have more rights to prevent removal from their positions than do private sector employees. It is almost impossible to remove an employee for any reason. The government union members are growing in number as well as in power. The citizens of our communities deserve to be treated with total respect and have their needs served by the government workers or the government worker position should be terminated.

Local government representatives are not in the position to alienate one of the largest and most vocal groups in their county. These representatives have no incentive to go against the unions except in the long run where increased benefit packages have bankrupted many treasuries of large cities. Eventually the exorbitant contracts with unions will become unsustainable. Some courageous citizens and representatives need to stand up.

The only way for citizens to gain control of their local government is to stop government worker unionization. This will be a struggle but can be done for the sake of all taxpaying citizens. They just need to understand the result of unionizing government workers is not in the people’s interest.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. Dr. Maglio is an author of weekly newspaper articles, INVASION WITHIN  and a new just published book, entitled, IN CHARGE PARENTING In a PC World. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

In today’s world temptations are more accessible to our youth in our “anything-goes” culture. The lifestyles for most adults are harried and hectic with their careers and social activities. Besides ever increasing material wants, there are many social options to occupy oneself. Work hard and play hard leaves little time for parents to intimately and directly interact with children to teach right from wrong. Instead children are left unsupervised to explore the world through the babysitter: TV, and now the monster electronic devices.

There is plenty of idle time that modern children need to fill. Children are often isolated from each other because modern parents have decided to live in transient suburban communities where people are anonymous and isolated from each other. Everyone does his own thing. Understandably parents have little faith in the safety of their children and the children have too few peers for the children to play outdoors. Extra curricular activities such as karate, team sports, gymnastics, dance and music lessons provide some limited socialization skills with other children under adult supervision. This partially fills in the void for children to play in a relatively protected environment. It likewise gives the parent a reprieve from being the child’s playmate for a short time.

Most of their extra time is being spent on social media and unfettered access to the Internet. Although parents attempt to monitor their children’s access to their cell phones too many children know how to get around their parental controls. Children as young as 6 or 7 have access to illicit sites from which they should be protected.

The opportunity and energy that parents have to teach and demonstrate moral values is minimal. This conscience development vacuum is very dangerous to the youth’s future. The children’s leisure time and increased exposure to evil temptations leaves children more vulnerable to it. Most have no clear idea what is right or wrong nor do they understand the long-term consequences of going down the wrong path.

Being inoculated with traditional Biblical moral values gives a shield for children unknowingly walking down a path of evil. Without this knowledge of right and wrong a young person does not have an early warning system to signal potential future danger. Doing the good deeds decreases the exposure and appeal of possible problematic temptations. Too few youngsters are given these guided lessons.

When an individual knows good from bad and follows moral behavior the effect is one of strength that deflects a predator from continuing his pursuit. Instead they turn to easier prey that appears confused and weak to attempt to control them for their personal pleasure and satisfaction. These targets are becoming more plentiful.

Going down the straight and narrow moral path, guides and attracts a person to others with a similar state of mind and spirit and naturally repels them from negative and self-destructive behavior. The inherent weakness of a spiritual-less existence opens this type of person to an instant gratification lifestyle that has temporary emotional highs and long drawn out lows. This makes one susceptible to shyster’s smooth talking promises. These frauds use lies to hook a person to a life of unfulfilled dependency on negatively addictive things and other similarly destructive people.

More than ever in a world of numerous and incredible choices at one’s fingertips in our anonymous computer existence, people have to realize beforehand the real potential consequences of their behaviors. It is much easier to continue down a destructive path without immediate detection.  Parents in our modern world have to inoculate their children with powerful moral lessons to clearly teach right from wrong, good from bad. Today’s culture has a multitude of negative subgroups readily available to join.

These peer groups have a powerful influence on an individual especially during the adolescent or young adult stage of life. Parent’s control and influence wanes as young people find their own social groups. In order to belong to any group you have to please other members by accepting their speech, thinking and behavior.

When the things the group does are contrary to one’s moral values they can change those values to fit in or reject the group. A person with a weak belief system is more prone to be sucked into a deviant lifestyle. Those who have internalized a traditional one are going to have many moral conflicts that will create wedges retarding the process of becoming a member or even prevent it.

The clear and precise definition of good and bad behavior will create a strong inner conscience that will protect them from going down a path of dissolution. Rather it will protect them from the forces of evil. The thorough knowledge of moral values and reality consequences are a wonderful insurance policy to keep an individual on the straight and narrow.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. Dr. Maglio is an author of weekly newspaper articles, INVASION WITHIN and a new just published book, entitled, IN CHARGE PARENTING In a PC World. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


Wednesday, February 15, 2017


NO CONSEQUENCES IMPEDES SUCCESS                                                   2/15/17
By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Many parents, teachers and other authority figures view consequences as cruel. They believe admonishing is harmful to a child’s self esteem. These arbitrary rewards or punishments stigmatize a child who is not doing well. According to many modern parents and teachers’ school should be fun not a fierce competition between students. All children are unique and should not be placed on the same scale to be measured on different academic and behavioral skills and abilities.

This anti-evaluating phenomenon is taking place in sports, the workplace and the classroom. It has resulted in delusional students and eventually delusional adults. Millennials have been conditioned to believe that their performance is much better than it actually is.  These high “false self concepts” are understandable when you examine our modern culture. Many of them participate in equal playing time in activities even if they possessed no talent or desire to practice the skills necessary to improve.  This anti training and anti competition by some authority figures does appease parents and students and works to avoid many unpleasant conflicts that arise from an honest assessment of a child’s ability and actual performance. The avoidance of straightforward evaluation of positive and negative skills and behavior leads to delusional thinking in these students.

In the work place many of these young adults are under many employment misconceptions derived from the over inflated evaluation in education and business. Self-important academic professors who do not have a clue about the world of business often foster the exaggerated self-appraisal. These academic “geniuses” think once a student is granted a degree they are ready to do a job better than a person who has been in that position for many years with first hand knowledge. These professors naïve arrogance is unfortunately passed on to the unsuspecting students. These students believe and expect to start at the top of their profession with inflated salaries.

It is understandable that parents who themselves went through this weak, non-existing evaluative process would think that their children should be handled in school in a more gentle, kinder egalitarian manner. They want more of the same inflated evaluation and even greater compassion than they were afforded. They feel and behave that their precious child should not experience the suffering of failure in any form or arena. Little do they realize that this will leave their child unprepared and unable to deal with real life experiences. The coddling of anyone leaves him or her less able to deal with the harshness of reality.

Modern parents seem to be oblivious to the reality that only when a person works hard to gain a skill or important knowledge does he experience a sense of accomplishment. This challenge and successful overcoming of obstacles enriches an individual’s competence that increases the student’s self worth and confidence.

Failure in anything is the first step in propelling a person to a higher level of effort that produces improvement and eventual mastery. The surmounting of adversity makes a person realize that as long as you focus on a problem long enough it can be solved. They realize they will arrive at the answer in their own unique way.

Parents, teachers, coaches and other authority figures are there to demonstrate, correct procedures of proceeding to do the project, motivate and inspire a person to continue to persist until they succeed.  They point out little advances in a student’s struggle to improve. They might reward them with praise by pointing out the incremental progress the student is making. At times when a student is stuck the authority figure might note that they are failing to do the best they could. They might gain their attention by punishing the student by giving the “cold shoulder” or not allowing them to participate in an activity that others have earned.

The pain of sitting on the sidelines, receiving a failing grade or being held back in a grade or having to repeat a grade in the long run is often more compassionate than not telling the truth which enables a person to lie to himself. Shocking a person into action hurts in the short run but may be a great lesson to awaken a student to his destructive habits and delusional thinking.

All authority figures from parents to all forms of loving, caring people should realize deceiving or ignoring another is a mean act. Giving a person a true assessment of their behavior or performance is a very beneficial one. Everyone needs honest feedback to improve and learn where he stands in order to get a better grasp of where to put his energies to improve.

Consequences, especially natural ones, teach a person self-reliance. When an individual desires something, he needs to persevere through hard work until he earns it. This realization that striving to overcome obstacles enables a person to become the best he can be. It was the American Way and strong appropriate consequences will bring it back.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. Dr. Maglio is an author of weekly newspaper articles, INVASION WITHIN  and a new just published book, entitled, IN CHARGE PARENTING In a PC World. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, February 08, 2017


By Domenick J. Maglio, PhD. Traditional Realist

The election result is that Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. The media has not accepted this fact. Instead of focusing on the administration’s actions the media is creating dubious “feeling” narratives to undermine President Trump’s legitimacy. It appears democrat and republican elites, anarchists, Hollywood and the media feel the wrong side won and they are going to change it.

The “establishment” professional politicians, celebrities, anarchists (indoctrinated university loafers) are understandably shocked at losing their status and power. The 4th estate (the news media) is another story. Their sacred duty is to keep all elected government officials on the straight and narrow. The media is not supposed to dictate or undermine the political party that won the election by creating false narratives and facts. The media in the United States had been a powerful institution to report both sides of the news in a truthful manner. They are ethically not supposed to be advocates of any political party, as it would corrupt the free exchange of ideas and factual information. Citizens would be indoctrinated by groupthink and would lead to a totalitarian state.

The in-lockstep media portrayed Trump as not winning the election. They directed their energies to de-legitimizing President Trump’s election results. First there was their emphasis on Jill stein’s recount of four state ballots, which never had any real possibility to succeed. They hopefully pushed it anyway. Next there was the incessant insistence that the Electoral College should be replaced by the popular vote of citizens.

Another attempt to taint the election results was the constant call for President Trump’s tax records. One year of his tax returns was anonymously leaked to the press that showed his financial business loss would allow him not to pay taxes for a numerous years.  This media obsession with releasing records did not occur at all with President Obama’s eight year presidency even though his personal history including his education records were never released.

The media initiated the story of the smaller crowds at Trump’s inauguration compared to Obama’s. Then they had the audacity to say that President Trump was egotistically questioning it. The Reuters’ picture showed of Trump’s crowd being much smaller than a corresponding Obama photo. The problem was the time stated was approximately 11:04am for Trump’s photo and 11:30am for Obama’s. This was another attempt to minimize Trump’s victory through devious means. After President Trump invited the media to enter the White House, a reporter stated that the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed. This was another false statement. Zeke Miller of Time Magazine apologized to the press corps but not to the president for his incorrect assertion.

The Washington Times, reported that the Mexican transcript of a phone call between the two presidents, Trump and Nieto released by the associated Press was false, according to the Mexican government. There was no discussion by Trump of using the US troops in Mexico.

The firing of acting judicial department head, Ms. Sally Yates (who is a progressive political activist from the Obama administration) was fired for not executing Trump’s executive order. This was compared to President Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre although President Trump’s firing for insubordination was absolutely just as she did not carry out his orders. Again the media attempted to attach a hysterical interpretation to the president simply exercising his power.

The “spontaneous anti Trump airport demonstrations” after his order to detain 109 out of 325,000 air travelers was made to appear as a national uprising against his immigration policy. As it turned out the Arab league, George Soros’ Tides Foundation and others planned the demonstration for months only waiting for the right moment to unleash it. The University of CA at Berkley and New York University experienced violent, destructive riots. They were not spontaneous but organized by the same anarchist group that participated in Occupy Wall Street. There was no call by the media for the Democrat party to repudiate these actions like they would have done with Republicans.

The immigration issue has been framed by the media as a religious discrimination against Muslim people who wanted to come to America. This narrative attempted to make President Trump to look like a religious, racist bigot. The seven countries that were identified by President Obama as being unstable or sponsors of terror were the same ones that Trump used in his executive order. The Trump administration reasoned that these hot beds of terrorism could not certify any person’s background.

All nations have a right to choose who they want to be citizens. Out of 8 billion people on earth allowing everyone who wanted to enter to come would overwhelm the United States’ 350 million population. The open border argument is idiotic and should be rejected by rational people. The media reported falsely that the Homeland Security administration did not know about this executive order. General John Kelly stated unequivocally that he knew about it 18 months and reviewed at least two drafts before it was announced. Again, another made up story.

The media is doubling down on sabotaging President Trump’s administration. This is not supposed to be their role since they are supposed to be non-partisan. President Trump’s administration will make mistakes, as did every other administration. They should be held accountable by the media for the sake of our nation.

The media’s sinking credibility by the public is frightening for the future of America.  The media elites are currently ranked below any other institution including congress. We need a credible, honest and impartial press or we could move too far to the right on the political spectrum. Adults in the media establishment have to come to the forefront to re-establish a disciplined and responsible group of professionals to communicate the truth to the American people or their value as a check and balance on the governing administration will not function but instead be ignored.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. Dr. Maglio is an author of weekly newspaper articles, INVASION WITHIN  and a new just published book, entitled, IN CHARGE PARENTING In a PC World. You can visit Dr. Maglio at