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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


THE UNBELIEVABLE IRAN NUCLEAR DECEPTION                                          
By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist
It was generally agreed upon by most foreign policy wonks that it was a pipe dream to get Iran to actually stop their nuclear ambitions. Under the present Islamic regime, Iran has a long history of agreeing to one thing and doing the opposite. Their pronounced hatred for “little Satan,” Israel, and “Big Satan,” the USA, is a constant rallying cry. They have never deviated from saying their goal is to annihilate Israel and the USA.
The major exception to the belief that Iran would not reverse its belligerent nuclear intentions was President Obama. He implied that through economic sanctions and his administration’s persuasive diplomatic skills, Iran would be transformed into a responsible nation using nuclear energy for only peaceful purposes. The Obama administration outlined specific and tough expectations, standards and an open verification process. He insisted this tough stance would not change and would have to be met before the USA would sign any agreement.
As the negotiation proceeded we heard mixed messages from both America and Iran about the details of this framework. The State Department initially denied the contradictory statements of the Iranian government concerning the watering down of safeguards and the verification process. As time elapsed the spokesperson of the State and Pentagon departments would double-talk although somewhat admitting that changes were made to continue towards producing an agreement. There was in increase in uranium enrichment and the number of centrifuges, which they were allowed to produce and a change in the inspection protocol to give more time from request to the actual examining of suspicious facilities.
The unraveling of the Obama administration position in these talks increased as it became evident to Iran that the USA needed a foreign policy accomplishment at all costs. The Iranians knew they were in the driver’s seat and the US could not afford to stop the aggressive actions of the driver. We capitulated on every demand to appease Iran to produce the agreement.
They were not supposed to test a missile delivery system, but they did. There was neither recognition nor consequences to this blatant violation of the agreement. Yet Secretary of State, John Kerry, constantly argued that “snapback” would automatically be employed if there was a significant breech in the agreement. This unrealistic idea was supposed to reinstate $1.7 billion in sanctions on Iran. Any thinking person knew the European nations would not uphold this provision as they would lose out on the money from large Iranian purchasing contracts.
The selling of this dangerous negotiation to the American people would have been impossible without a complicit “state press.” There was no serious investigation into the inconsistencies of what the USA and Iran have stated. The media did not report or dispute obvious factual misstatements in the administration’s narrative from week to week. Eight minutes of an exchange about the Iran agreement between reporter, John Rosen and Jen Psaki, press secretary for the Obama administration where Psaki implied lying is sometimes necessary for the administration to reach its goals was deleted thus censoring the record.
The most dramatic malfeasance of duty of the press was the supposed humanitarian change of heart by the Iranians. The administration claimed that the moderate civil leaders of Iran were making a positive gesture towards America. After holding five hostages for years, they were going to release them. The act was heralded by the press as evidence that Obama’s Iranian foreign policy was working. It helped block out the voices of the critics who opposed this transaction as a ransom deal. This approach is similar to the Bowe Bergdahl farce where he, a soldier traitor, was ransomed for five of the worst radical Islamist terrorist leaders in GITMO. The administration attempted to cover up this indefensible transaction by releasing stories of Bergdahl being an honorable soldier who could not be left behind as the rationale for the lopsided trade.
On August 4, 2016, President Obama gave this convoluted statement: “We do not pay ransom. We didn’t here, and we won’t in the future,” after reports emerged that the United States delivered palettes containing $4 million cash in different currencies to Tehran on the same day the prisoners were freed. President Obama continued, “Those families know we have a policy that we don’t pay ransom. And the notion that we would somehow start now, in this high-profile way, and announce it to the world, even as we’re looking in the faces of other hostage families whose loved ones are being held hostage, and saying to them we don’t pay ransom, defies logic.” The State Department spokesperson, Admiral John F. Kirby, said “that it would be “correct” to say the U.S. government would not give the Iranians the money until the prisoners were released.” However, in the theater of the absurd media, he had the audacity to insist that this was not  ransom. Not only was it ransom but two days later the Obama administration paid $1.3 billion in interest to Iran.
The Orwellian “double speak” has become the new normal in politics and never seems to end. On August 20, 2016 the Ayatollah was warned by the Obama administration to stop the bombing of U.S. and coalition troops in Syria. The scenario will more than likely be that the story will not be given much coverage by the press. There will be no follow up action taken by the administration. The incident will be buried on the internet by the media flooding the internet with glowing reports of the successful Iran agreement. This procedure insures negative events disappear from public memory and eliminates any discussion. History is being rewritten before our eyes.
Hopefully the American people see through this ever-increasing smokescreen of lies and deception. No one can be held accountable. No one is accountable. The politically active progressive media’s protection of Obama’s appeasement policies is potentially destructive to maintaining our freedom and safety as a nation.
We should speak freely, inform each other of what we see and resist this open censorship that is erasing of the truth from our consciousness. We cannot allow this in our America.
Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

There is continual concern about the dropout rate in our public high schools. The dropout rate changes depending on how it is defined and calculated. The Department of Education head, Arnie Duncan, has stated the graduation rate in high schools has reached 80%. This percentage is highly suspect and still leaves one out of five students being a dropout. In the past America had one of the lowest dropout rates; currently we have one of the highest.

Inflating the graduation statistics does not solve the actual dynamics of why students do not want to continue in school. It does not increase the quality of education.  Many students are involved with alternative schools, special behavioral intervention and drug and alcohol programs. Many states are making it easier to water down standards to get a diploma. The states are under pressure from the federal government to increase graduate rates by hook or crook. Some school districts are outright cheating to increase graduation rates. Relaxing standards might be one way to increase the percentages of graduates but decreases the quality of everyone’s diploma that is entering the job market.

Battling reluctant students like this takes immense time and energy, which robs other students who want to be in school of their teacher’s talent and knowledge. A few students might become motivated to apply themselves to their studies changing the direction of their future. These are rare but greatly satisfying success stories for the teachers and administrators. These turn-around students deserve the majority of the credit for choosing to make a mature decision. They are the exception to the rule.

No student should be forced to attend a traditional academic or alternative type of educational setting. They ought to earn the privilege of an education. Young adults from 16-18 years of age should be required to do all the assignments in a correct and timely manner or be dismissed from the program. They definitely should not be given a diploma they have not earned.

Reluctant students have concrete reasons not wanting to be in school. The student might be so far behind in his academic abilities and skills that he has concluded school is not for him. Other students have no interest or positive attitude at that particular time in life to go along with school regulations and procedures. They rather do anything else. For them school is a slow and constant torture. These unhappy campers often become nuisances or worse, defiant students who require strong discipline actions by authorities. Many of these frustrated and angry souls may possess very sharp minds and skills but have already decided they want out as of yesterday. They think school is a waste of time.

The majority of reluctant students would be better served by giving them what they want, which is to experience another environment. Whatever their choice is, it is better than feeling like a caged animal. A change of scenery could help the youngster look at the world from a different perspective. Entering the job market might jolt them enough to begin to appreciate what they had as a student in school.

Most returning students who did not obtain a high school or college diploma as a young adult are usually more dedicated and productive than the younger more immature students. These older students may prosper in the job market where they experience a lot of positive successes. This can give a failing student real life reinforcement assisting the maturation process. Everyone is on his own unique timetable to develop. Some are early or late bloomers, not only academically but in becoming responsible adults.

We should not have a cookie-cutter approach for all students’ futures. Graduating from high school may be important and gratifying for many although it could be meaningless to a growing number of others. There are many high paying apprentice type jobs because the public needs these services.

The individual students in the upper grades should have the opportunity to make their own decisions as to the course their life should take. If they have regrets of leaving public school before graduation they can return and complete it. Many people years later have decided to dedicate themselves to get an education credential that earlier was meaningless to them.

“You can lead a horse but can not force it to drink.” Every teacher has experienced this saying with non-motivated students. It is not only a waste of time and energy for the teacher who feels she is getting nowhere but most importantly for the student who cannot complete his education in a system where he feels worthless.

There has to be a place for these students. Some may not be ready to get jobs. Some may not have the correct attitude and skills to be successful in the work force. There should be real alternatives such as trade schools, vocational programs apprenticeships and internships to give the young people an idea of the path they might want to take.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

In our republic the political elites of both parties have ruled as adversaries. The Democrats and Republicans were supposed to have diametrically opposed principles and policies in internationally and domestically. There was supposed to be a real difference but presently there is corruption and collusion against the interests of America by both. They both do almost anything to get elected and stay in power.

The Democrats promise everything under the sun to voters and micro target issue voters to gain their support. They use fabricated emotion to persuade voters to cling to them to eliminate all the unfairness and inequities in their own world. They have perfected lying as an art form. According to the political elites the USA is the cause of most of the world’s problems.

The Republicans claim to be small government, principled, logical spokespeople but currently cave into the slightest pressure by the establishment in order not to lose their personal political advantage and most importantly, the election. They make accurate observations and positive policies although they rarely get implemented. Both parties have sold out to the establishment. Personal integrity has practically disappeared. Government is not serving the people but its own interest.

The establishment includes the media, business, education, military, science and political elites. These sectors are supposed to be made up of many diverse thinking people who had their own patriotic opinions of what was best for the USA. Over the past several decades the profile of the leaders of these institutions has changed along with our country. These opinion makers have no love for our constitution and are not proud of our accomplishments. Most people in power have traded in their moral compass and love of country for the sacred dollar. Crony capitalism, revisionist history, pseudo science, politicizing the military and state propagandizing media have been corrupted by the lust to be close to the center of power and moneyed Washington, DC.

America has lost its focus on our traditions and moral values. We have turned towards self-indulgence. Our model has become, “it is all about money and being close to power to rip off more of it.” Our culture has lost respect for the truth and morals replacing them with PC phoniness and an upside down hedonistic culture. The ruling class on both sides of the political spectrum is showing their true beliefs through what they are doing.

In one of George W. Bush’s last acts he pushed through a $780 billion stimulus package to supposedly ignite the economy. In reality it provided cover for the incoming President Obama’s massive enlargement of the government. This and the international trade agreement offensive showed his inclination to be an internationalist not a “small government America first, leader. He fooled us with his phony rhetoric and deceptive actions.

President Obama’s transforming of America into a huge invasive government nationalizing one institution after another: healthcare, local police departments, the military, education through Common Core, universities through student loans and has replaced capitalism with crony capitalism. The government expansion generated uncontrollable debt that was not resisted by the majority of the Republican establishment. Even after Republican’s were given overwhelming wins in 2010 and 2014 they underhandedly refused to assert their power to prevent the progressives from openly and aggressively transforming our nation. Republicans shamelessly acted as stooges for anyone with power. In essence they sold out their honor and soul.

The Brexit revolt against the EU march to an international government was enlightening. It highlighted that the Democrats, Republicans, media, leaders of Wall Street and the elites of Europe were all moving towards a one-world government. This is no longer a conspiracy theory since people all over the world are becoming aware of this plot.
The progressive press continues to be an advocate for a globalist agenda instead of doing their duty as unbiased truth seeker. This agenda can no longer be hidden or denied. The fourth estate (the media) is using its power to usher in a more powerful and less free centrally controlled government that will eventually join with other nations to establish a world government.

The British forcefully rejected this proposition in Brexit. Many Americans are realizing  We The People have to stop the dismantling of America. This spontaneous grass roots movement was waiting for a leader and Trump stepped into it.   The Tea Party and Bernie Sanders movement have demonstrated that citizens on both the right and left are fed up with the ruthlessness of the ruling class.

The people have a right to expect government servants to work for us in America. This election in the USA is not about Democrats or Republicans but about being free to talk again without PC police and self-censorship. Americans are privileged to have the right under the constitution to be protected from a “rigged process” that favors the rich and powerful elites. This continuously pulling the chains of power to enslave us can only end by citizens standing up and voting to say enough to the ruling classes creating a world without borders.

This election will speak volumes. The election of Hillary or Trump is not the issue. Both are flawed people like all of us. The focus should be who gives us the greatest chance to break up this hideous gangster-like ruling class. The ruling class’s audacity of pushing the envelope of progressive repression has to end. Our citizens will determine America’s future and the future of the world.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Maturity does not necessarily come with growing older. There are young people who are appropriate beyond their years while older individuals can make ridiculous choices.  Life experiences give a person the opportunity to learn how to handle the frustration and unexpected incidents of living. 

When there is something unfortunate that happens to a mature person he focuses and comes up with a solution. They do their duties effectively and efficiently without complaining. On the other hand there are middle aged and elderly people who solicit or demand a bailout whenever things do not go their way. They literally fall apart and are unable to pull themselves together when things get tough.

A mature person regardless of his age realizes that life is often unfair. When an individual observes reality he learns every person is unique. Some are bigger or smaller, some have photographic memories, others run like the wind or have a physical handicap. Differences can initially be weakness that teach the person through disciplined hard work that he can transform it into a strength or a strength can be relied on too much and it becomes a liability. Too often over relying on strength can become a deterrent to the overall development of a person.

An illness or injury can be a great learning experience. Instead of wallowing in the present circumstances a mentally strong person uses the setback to do something productive such as reading, developing a new interest or skill. Many severely injured war veterans are an inspiration to anyone who has the privilege of meeting them. These people employ their ingenuity to find a beneficial outcome to a personal catastrophe. A winner learns to “roll with life’s punches” rather than to “take it rigidly on the chin” making it a knockout punch. They may even have to “get off the canvas” and regroup in order to turn a defeat into a victory.

Many of the set backs and even tragedies in life can be enlightening experiences. The loss of a loved one can inspire a person to live a better life in their memory. An illness can help an individual appreciate the things they have as compared to others less fortunate. “There but for the grace of God goes I.” It can increase an individual’s empathy for others.

A self-centered individual feels sorry for himself for anything he no longer has or never had in the first place.  They are never satisfied with what they have attained. These people have not taught themselves to bounce back rather they “hug the canvas” in embarrassment or self pity. Their perseverance and gratefulness is poorly developed due to being over indulged. They demand rather than give back.

If we are observant of reality it teaches us tough love works. When we overcome adversity we are stronger and wiser. We have learned the lesson that when we concentrate our minds on overcoming an obstacle we will find a way around it or through it. We become more self-reliant to improve the hand we have been dealt by turning it into an advantageous situation.

Maturity is the knowledge that life will get better through the power of accepting the present while preparing ourselves for even more challenges in the future. There is a great advantage in gladly accepting the next challenge. Conquering problems results in increasing skills and competencies for solving future ones. The person accepting the possibility of the worst scenario is more likely to appreciate the actual results. Expecting and wanting too much for oneself in the future is to set up for disappointment and resentment. Being grateful for what one has brings contentment and peace.  

Too many of us have not been exposed to the hard reality of life that most people worldwide have had to confront in order to survive. The lack of knowledge of our own and ancestor’s history has deprived us of appreciating the incredible bubble of peace and prosperity Americans have recently experienced. America has been blessed but this will not last forever.

Life is harder than many people have been taught. Preparing for the inevitable hardships, accidents and setbacks that are part of everyone’s life is another sign of maturity. As each of us ages every one experiences a loss of physical stamina and strength. We experience the death of loved ones, the birth of new family members and the realization that life will go on.

 In the late stages of life a person with wisdom will accept and prepare for the inevitability of death in order not to be a burden to others. The person puts his financial house in order. The peaceful acceptance of one’s inevitable demise is the ultimate indicator of a self-actualized person. Life’s journey teaches the wise how and why to roll with the punches and finally when to let go.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

Many American people have bought into “free healthcare” hook, line and sinker.  Currently many politicians are peddling the idea that everyone has a “right” to free college tuition, food, housing, vacations, cellphones and most definitely health care. This extensive list of freebee promises has always been the magnet used by Marxists to win the allegiance of naïve, noncritical thinking people.

Things that are “free” are not appreciated, are abused and overused. People stop taking any responsibility for their self-destructive behaviors. Gluttony, alcoholism, drugging and physical laziness become more widespread when government states you will receive free healthcare regardless of your own actions. They have the incentive to inoculate their bodies from disease naturally boosting their immune system.

In the case of “free healthcare” people’s undisciplined lifestyles lead to greater disease, which overwhelms the system. The knowledge of how to heal their own bodies vanishes. Patient visits to doctor’s offices become rituals with a long wait and a short five-minute visit. New drugs are exchanged or added to others to suppress the symptoms but not directly deal with the health issue.

Government services have always earned the reputation of getting things done as poorly and inefficiently as possible. Americans are witnessing the debacle of the Veteran’s Administration’s inability to deliver timely quality service to our honorable and deserving warriors. The returning veteran have certainly earned it more than merely elected politicians.  The Veteran’s Administration is in such shambles that seriously ill veterans have died waiting more than six months without seeing a government doctor to save their lives.

Healthcare will truly not be free as advertised since the recipient will pay for it by confiscation of their wealth, less freedom to choose and no opportunity to rise in the socio economic ladder. The citizens quickly learn the government has established protocols, not by wise doctors or what is good for the patient but by the bureaucrats. They determine the direction and extent of treatment the physician must follow or they will suffer lower or no reimbursement for their services. An individual’s body in a “free healthcare system” becomes the property of the government. It is no longer your own.

After years of ridicule of the most advanced medical system in the world, many Americans were propagandized that major changes had to be made to reduce the cost while increasing the quality. Government mandates and free healthcare services for illegal immigrants and restrictive competition of health insurers across state lines were not addressed.

Opponents of purchasing one’s own healthcare of this existing healthcare stressed there were 9 million uninsured citizens many who chose not to budget for it or wanted to use this money elsewhere. President Obama made exaggerated promises that he was going to solve this problem and put $2500 back in the hands of the average family. He boldface lied when he stated that you can keep your doctor. Obamacare was corruptly bribed through congress without debate and without a single Republican vote to approve it.

However, we currently are being forced to accept exorbitant out-of-pocket costs, which have risen dramatically. Any co-pay requirements have to be met before the insurance kicks in. We should honestly evaluate this radical change before it is too late to turn back.

Tax money robbed by the government healthcare system will be redistributed to other government programs like robbing the Medicare trust fund. After the majority of it is wasted on the bureaucratic maze it is unaccountable and open to corruption and unaccountability. The quality of the delivery system decreases due to this waste and mismanagement of government revenue producing an unacceptable product.

No government or physician has the right to dictate what you have to do with your body except in “free” government healthcare. The healthcare system will define illness, treatment plans, length of hospitalization and funds available for your particular issue. The termination of your treatment will depend on your age, severity of condition and statistical data of potential success. It will be a cut and dried procedure based on cold, easily manipulated data not on the value of one’s life.

Most citizens inherently comprehend the exchange of money for service is a more honest transaction that better insures excellence than a bureaucratic system. You have the power of the purse to ask questions about the prescribed drugs while receiving all the information you need in order to make a good decision. When you like the healthcare you receive you tell others about it. The control of the money in the hands of the consumer forces the businessman, in this case the physicians, to perform quality service or lose their patients and thus their practices.

Self reliant, free Americans currently should have the right to choose to care for themselves without penalty. Many do not want to be a burden on others. Citizens have a responsibility to choose a healthy lifestyle or be at the mercy of others. The only way to take control of your own healthcare needs is to make good, disciplined choices in your own life. Eating healthy foods, sleeping a sufficient length of time, exercising, all in a structured and balanced way to maximize your immune system in order to stay healthy.

When a person becomes ill, he should research the best health options to restore his health.  He then needs to follow through on his strategies including paying out of his own pocket for the best medical services he can afford and show gratefulness to family and friends who assist him. He then could pray for God’s guidance and intervention.

Expecting “Big Daddy” government to care for your health from cradle to grave is more than naïve and selfish. It is ignorant and disgraceful.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

While you use your bully pulpit to lecture us on your version of reality and reasons for white privilege bigotry towards blacks Americans have been a captive audience. You constantly go back to slavery as if the United States was the only nation to practice it when the nation was founded. The truth is having slaves was and is a worldwide phenomena that was common throughout history and exists even today. All major civilizations and religious groups such as Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus were enslaved and enslaved others.

Progressive revisionist historians have maliciously portrayed our founding fathers as evil slaveholders. The cultural context belies that many of these wise men were adamantly against slavery on religious and moral grounds but were unable to convince other leaders, especially in the south due to powerful economic reasons. It was such a inner conflict for many that whites on both sides of the issue fought a Civil War killing more Americans, mostly whites: 620,000 soldiers, more than any other war we were involved in.

Institutional racism in the US has been systematically eradicated with the end of Jim Crow laws, the 1965 Civil Rights Laws, affirmative action laws, reparations, election of blacks in positions of political power and the election of you as president of the United States, the most powerful position on Earth. However, it did not end resentment, prejudice or viewing oneself as a victim for too many African-Americans. A person can choose to develop personal maturity, responsibility and morality by appropriate actions, have a willingness to suffer, sacrifice and walk a righteous path but you cannot legislate it.

President Obama, your focus on racism is one of the major causes of African-Americans feeling resentment towards whites. It is dead wrong and counter productive. There are many African-Americans that are living the American Dream through their own efforts. New immigrants from Africa are economically advancing at a faster rate than African-American citizens who have been here for generations. If a person wants to climb the socio-economic ladder, he has to work hard, live right, spend judiciously and keep the family intact with both parents. This can be accomplished by anyone.

We have learned your own road to success, like all of us, was not easy. Your father was a black man from Kenya who left your white mother from the Midwest, USA when you were only two-years old. You have a mixed white and black racial background. You lived as a child in Islamic Indonesia as Barry Sotero, where cultural confusion must have been mind-boggling. As a university student you wrote that you dealt drugs witnessing firsthand the police and the judicial system’s strict treatment of criminals. Your lifestyle and the psychological and emotional difficulty of being from a biracial family shaped your unwarranted empathy and support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Your decision to advocate for this movement and honor race baiters, Al Sharpton and Rev. Jackson in the White House, has increased- not eliminated racial problems. You are president of all the people in the USA not just African-Americans. Your stance of blaming all Black peoples’ issues on racism is giving dysfunctional blacks an excuse for not being accountable for their choices.

You are doing a disservice to naive African-American supporters of BLM by legitimizing their shameful behavior. You have jumped to conclusions about police officers hurting or killing blacks before the facts have been established. Michael Brown did not have his hands up submitting to police when he was killed. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was shown to be a lie by our justice system. You never tamped down the irrational anger of blacks by sharing the truth of this incident. Michael Brown was not an aspiring college student. The completed investigation showed he was a hostile thug who had just robbed a convenience store and unprovoked attacked the police officer in his car.

Situations where you immediately voice your opinion such as “the police acted stupidly” during the Harvard Professor Gates incident, was a false narrative. Prejudging that Treyvon Martin was an innocent victim who could be your son and the crumbling Freddy Grey saga, showed again your tendency to jump to conclusions before the judicial process was even begun. Morally equating the five dead Dallas police officers and Micah Johnson, a Nation of Islam follower’s, behavior and death at the memorial service was disgraceful. Then you had the audacity to bring gun control up in your speech by ridiculously stating, “It is easier for a teen to buy a glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.” This pronouncement was beneath the office of the president and another obvious falsehood.

President Obama, every time you jump to conclusions about a black man being shot by a cop or change the narrative to confiscating guns to protect the people, you are not acting as a presidential healer, rather as an incendiary proponent of racial strife. Every time you invite BLM or Nation of Islam leaders to the White House for discussion of race you are placing your government stamp of approval legitimizing black racism and condemning law-abiding whites. You should be calming, not fanning the flames of hate.

All lives matter, aborted babies’ lives matter, Chicago blacks killed at the hands of black gangsters matter. Policemens’ lives matter. Bringing people together, quelling the fears of all should be your role. President Obama, you need to educate America to the facts, not falsehoods. You should acknowledge what Harvard Professor, Roland Fryes, a black man, found that cops are 20% less likely to shoot blacks than whites not state information that is grossly inaccurate. More blacks kill blacks then cops kill blacks. You should be advocating for incarcerating violent criminals and for more effective mental health services for all Americans not just release them onto the street to wreck havoc. Mentally ill individuals have perpetuated all of our recent.

President Obama, your perspective of the racial divide is extremely one sided. A true dialogue with all Americans will teach you to move from an advocacy to an unbiased honest broker of advancing all Americans. United we stand, divided we fall. All lives matter.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

Our founding fathers became outlaws of King George III’s regime. Many had strong allegiance as some emigrated from England while most were American born. They were citizens of the colonies but were driven into becoming revolutionaries that disregarded the laws that were imposed from England. King George III’s selective enforcement of his decrees and unfair taxes without representation to the people of the American colonies created contempt for his government’s arbitrary treatment of the colonies.

The law should be enforced justly and without favor to any. This process builds a respect for law and order. The arbitrary enforcement of the law encourages instability and distrust. Without the rule of law there cannot be peace or liberty. Our freedom is based on the vast majority believing that following the laws is necessary to maintain order.

When law is executed to protect the ruling class, law becomes a tool used only to repress the people. Law and order people become despondent while the ruling class become emboldened to view themselves as above the law. This wedge between the average American and the special privileged breeds disunity.

In the elite’s PC controlled world there is selective enforcement of the law. A Muslim beer company truck driver is allowed to continue on his job and given the right not to deliver beer because of religious reasons while a Christian CVS pharmacist is not allowed to use religious rights to refuse to dispense an abortion pill even though there are many nearby pharmacies willing to do so. This biased interpretation of the law is repulsive to the majority of Americans who believe in the same rights for everyone.

The discriminatory application of the law by the ruling elites is the most destructive to the acceptance to the rule of law.  It undermines the law’s justification.  If a certain group of people is immune and privileged from the consequences of the law then the decrees of government creates a two-tier society: the privileged and the sheeple.

FBI director, James Comey’s 15-minute stinging indictment of Hillary Clinton’s actions concerning her private email server as Secretary of State certainly sounded like she was guilty of gross negligence. He found she had used multiple devices, 100 classified documents at the time, three clearly marked “top secret” and over 30,000 emails personally deleted by Mrs. Clinton. It was found she did use her private server for government emails. The FBI uncovered these facts; contrary to statements Mrs. Clinton gave to Congress and the media.  
Rep. Mark Meadows (R., N.C.) said, “it defies credulity that Mrs. Clinton didn’t know that a “(C)” by certain paragraphs in the emails meant the information was classified.” Mr. Comey disagreed, suggesting Mrs. Clinton wasn’t well versed in the classification system. “It’s an interesting question whether she was sophisticated enough to understand what a C in parens means,” Mr. Comey ridiculously said. “It’s possible—possible—she didn’t understand that a (C) meant, when she saw it in the body of the email like that.” Her position as Secretary of State necessitates her dealing daily with highly classified information correctly.
Stunningly, Comey said Ms. Clinton and her aides were “extremely careless” in their handling of classified information but did not lie or break the law. He did not recommend criminal charges be brought against Hillary. He never even questioned Ms. Clinton on statements that were made to other government institutions, which contradicts the conclusion that she had never lied.  Comey implied that anyone else of lower status that did the same thing should not expect to receive the same preferential treatment. They would be harshly punished for these types of actions.  Loretta Lynch, head of the Justice Department, immediately dropped the Hillary email case.

This outrageous acquittal is a black mark on the credibility of the FBI and the Justice Department’s fairness and impartiality in reaching a just verdict in administering the law. This is obvious, as a sailor took a photo of a nuclear submarine and was convicted and sentenced to up to10 years for illegally taking photos inside a restricted area. A potential political rival for president, General David Petraeus, was found guilty and punished for mishandling of classified material when his biographer and mistress was given access to his personal notes.

Americans are realizing a new normal is being established. The political elites like John Corzine, Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel, Harry Reid and numerous others, even President Obama are above the law. The flaunting of immunity of prosecution, including taking impeachment off the table by congress, is demeaning all our laws. It is eroding the structure and cohesiveness of society.

Lawlessness is becoming rampant. The Democrat Party and the Black race hustlers, whose existence depends on racial divisiveness, are encouraging Black Lives Matter murderous behavior. They are not condemning the call to kill white police officers while wholeheartedly supporting the BLM movement.

Disrespect for law enforcement is breaking down our sense of safety leaving law-abiding citizens feeling isolated and powerless. These peaceful citizens need to push back voicing their objections to Black Lives Matter as All Lives Matter. We cannot stand back fearing being called “Racist” when racism and violence now has become a strategy of the progressive movement.

Only through law and order judiciously administered will our leaders and institutions regain the credibility where everyone is working to bring back a peaceful America. We need leadership with integrity and love for all citizens.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at