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Thursday, October 09, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio, PhD. Traditional Realist

Many Americans are ignorant concerning voting. Few countries have honest elections. Voting is a responsibility and a privilege not a right. In many nations people have to be coerced into casting a vote for the leader of the nation.  They understand their vote is meaningless.  When the ruling class selects all the candidates on the ballot there is no real choice.

Participation of ninety percent of the vote for a candidate may impress the uninformed although it would most likely be a process of rubber stamping a pre confirmed person. People reluctantly cast their vote out of fear of government reprisal. It is not the voice of the people but a charade perpetrated by an all- powerful government that has no inclination to give up power to the citizens.

In the U.S. media there is a constant drum beat that we have a low voter turnout in elections. Many commentators interpret this as the disenfranchisement of minority voters. These intellectuals view a low turnout as delegitimizing the electoral process. At times it seems they would like a voter process similar to one used by American Idol: vote as many times as possible for your favorite candidate in order to show we have a “true democratic system.”

In Los Angeles, California, city officials proposed a $100,000 lottery prize to be used as an incentive to increase voter turnout. It never dawned on these officials that the difference between candidates was miniscule thus lowering voter turnout. Los Angeles is a progressive bastion where the vote is only based on looks and personality, not on policies.

When people are provided real choices voters will respond. In the recent referendum in Scotland on breaking away from or remaining a part of Britain there was an 84% turnout. The same significant voter turnout took place under threats and explosions in Iraq when the people proudly showed their purple thumbs for the democratic voting in the country. In the 2012 U.S. presidential election a higher percentage of blacks voted than whites dispelling the fear of disenfranchising minority voters. There is no need for prizes or missions in promoting elections when there are meaningful choices for voters.

Our nation has been blessed by having noble and intelligent founders. They created a governmental system that entrusted the people to determine the direction of the country through free, legitimate elections. Under the constitution our founders enabled the citizens to have the responsibility to study candidate’s character, thinking and previous actions before selecting a representative. These men and local leaders realized that voters had to have “skin in the game” in terms of owning property, being literate, law abiding citizens, be of good character and be known by the community.

Often these voters had to travel difficult distances to vote. Most of these original citizens of the United States understood their voice was important in maintaining  freedom. This was ingrained in them after fighting a brutal revolution against a repressive empire. They understood their vote was a privilege that was earned by the valor of citizen soldiers. They had a strong investment in the process by being informed to select representatives to this republic.

This is not the case with the tsunami of illegal immigrants who continue to dilute legitimate citizen’s votes. Our elections are becoming easier to manipulate by the ruling class. The billions of state and national dollars poured into the election and the monolithic media controlled by a few rich individuals allow the elites to influence the outcome negating the voice of the people.

This duty to vote by citizens has changed drastically. Many elites argue that everyone should have an equal right to vote at their convenience. Voters should be given mail-in ballots and given as many days as possible to vote not to be reduced to the traditional one day to cast their ballot. Besides increasing the possibility of fraud, it leaves many voters without all the events and information that would have been available if they had voted on Election Day.

It also means anyone should be able to vote. This translates into even hardened criminals, illiterates, non-citizens and people of poor character should count equally with honorable, educated voters. Many people do not feel a person should have to show any identification when  voting to curtail fraud even though they are often required to show identification when they are using a credit card or merely checking into a hotel.

Our freedom as a nation is being jeopardized by an out of control voting process. The diluting of our standards and regulations for proper voting safeguards is a cancer eroding our responsible citizen’s ability to have their voices heard. Every uninformed and fraudulent vote cancels out a well-informed one.

Citizens who believe in our constitution have a sacred duty to vote. Being aware and informed protects our nation from exploitive power-seeking government officials.
Our heroes of the past will be smiling down on us for our sacrifices. Their legacy of free elections is worth our civic effort in order to pass on stability and freedom to our next generation.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Thursday, October 02, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio Ph.D.  Traditional Realist

The setting of high standards and expectations is a traditional means of encouraging an individual to increase his performance. When a person reaches a certain level the authority figure would nudge the level higher to incrementally increase the proficiency in a skill or task. This has been successful in motivating people to obtain their optimal level of performance and has kept the person focused on continuing to improve.

This approach works as long as the adult does not overwhelm the youngster with too much, too soon. When the approach is done gradually and realistically the person has the ability to reach the objective, building the competence one step at a time.

Students are all unique. There are socio economic and physiological differences that contribute to early or late bloomers and relationship incidents that affect test results. Some have time management issues working too fast or too slow. Others have problems with organization, socialization or behavior. Overlying these behavioral and skill issues are different innate abilities and interest in academic areas that influence student performance.

The reality is that children develop academically, socially and emotionally at different rates and times. This is being ignored on comprehensive testing even in kindergarten. These tests take away from children’s learning time.

It is ridiculous to mandate high standards and expectations for every student of a particular chronological age where it is not the only criteria that should be considered. The educational establishment’s Common Core Standards have arbitrarily set standards for each level that might impress the uninformed although it is setting up a substantial number of students to become frustrated and develop a defeatist attitude.

The establishment of unrealistic standards and expectations for an individual is detrimental to the self-concept of individuals. No matter how hard they try, they are unable to reach this impossible goal. They begin to view themselves as losers. This experience only reinforces the person’s urge to protect himself by shutting down and not trying.

The person’s resentment to their perceived failure can be turned inward towards himself or outward towards other authority figures. Since the parent or boss seems never to be satisfied, he learns to play games like looking busy rather than focusing on completing the task at hand.  Often others become perfectionists, which results in procrastinating out of fear of failure rather than tackle the deficiency and overcome it.

When extremely pressured by parents, teachers or an employer, a youngster can give up all together or have outbursts of hostility towards the authority figure. Eventually the person stops even pretending to want to reach the unrealistic expectations set for him not with or by him.

Any person’s present skill level has to be determined in the process of setting goals. The more readily attainable the goals the more likely the person will be motivated to reach them.  The more the person consistently reaches his mini objectives the more he develops a “can do” rather than a “can’t do” attitude.

Through this process the individual begins to internalize the steps necessary to attain his goals. His frustration tolerance increases. He realizes that when he follows a certain sequence of behaviors he will gain the results he wants. This becomes a habit in setting all sorts of minor goals in daily life. When these check lists are completed they bolster the person’s self-competence. This allows them to stretch and expand their standards and expectations for their own future success.

These individuals understand they have to mark a path with milestones that end where they want to be. These mini objectives guide and encourage them to finish the particular task. The person himself knows if he gets to a certain point, the next juncture will require a little more focus and energy but he knows it is do-able. There is no reason to give up. He has accepted the fact that he can be independently successful.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio, PhD., Traditional Realist

It is easy to rely on others to take care of us.  Dependency takes less effort but as soon as the people caring for you are no longer willing or able, the circumstances of one’s life deteriorates. However, being accountable for your own life decisions takes energy and time. Learning to be independent and responsible minimizes the vulnerability of being helpless when facing the hard knocks of living.

Confronting and overcoming difficult situations in life takes courage. Many times people dealing with problems become immobilized due to fear of failure. Those with strong moral values are compelled by honoring their beliefs to do their duty regardless of the possible adverse affects. Practically every time people do a heroic act by putting their lives on the line to save someone else in civilian life or in combat, they usually express the same thing. They did what anyone else would do. It was their duty to assist the person in need. This is not phony humbleness. It is the thinking of an honorable individual.

When people are convinced they have a right to be free, anyone or anything that attempts to restrain or usurp that freedom immediately gives warning that there is something wrong. It might be a governmental bureaucrat who informs them that private property is no longer theirs to use. It may be a business that calls individuals day and night disregarding their privacy or billing them for services not rendered. It might be a professional’s office that makes appointments and keeps the clients waiting for hours. It might be an institution like education, health or military that treats people without dignity or respect.

People not only have a right but a responsibility to stand up regardless of the degree of hassle or retaliation. They should voice their objections about the inappropriateness of other’s actions. This tends to inhibit a person from continuing their obnoxious actions. Standing up to disrespect and discourteous behavior  protects others from suffering the same fate.

Even national leaders should have the honor and courage to go to war rather than to surrender to an overpowering tyrant. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, inherited the unenviable position of being the leader of the British Empire. It was the only power left in Europe to fight for their freedom against Nazi Germany in WWII. Other less resolved nations were overwhelmed by the blitzing power of the German war machine.

Prime Minister Churchill refused to surrender to a superior armed force even after numerous devastating defeats. Churchill’s sense of duty to his nation led him to do incredible acts of valor. He put his life on the line taking long and secret dangerous trips across enemy positions to communicate personally with allied leaders. He made memorable speeches highlighting past heroic British people. He inspired the English people to face insurmountable odds and persevere to victory. The honor and duty of Englishmen emphasized by Churchill did not allow the people to be frightened into submission. He led his people every step of the way to endure the brutal extended periods of bombing of London and crushing defeats by the Nazis to retain their nation.

The responsibility of national leaders is to present a consistent disciplined, honest message to the citizenry. Churchill’s sincere, dignified behavior influenced the people to follow suit in their actions with others. The leader’s role modeling sets the tone of the nation.

The behavior of authority figures does influence the citizenry. The actions of the people rise to the high standard set by them. It is the duty of every citizen to insure being treated as a person with dignity. This requires conviction that overrides our fear of reprisal. In the same manner it takes vigilance to counter the small daily attacks on reducing our ability to think and do things we believe are in our best interest as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others.

When people believe they have the unalienable right to be free bestowed by their creator they rightfully resent individuals, groups or governments who limit their freedom. This powerful articulation from our founding fathers is one of the most important truths that have been the bedrock of America’s exceptionalism.

The enslavement might begin with political correctness by government leaders but the media, educational and business institutions will follow the leader in squelching people’s freedom.

Without courage to do the morally right things we gradually see our inherent freedoms evaporate one by one until we become docile sheeple living under tyranny.  As Edmond Burke warned us, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Thursday, September 11, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD., Traditional Realist

Abdicating one’s power is an irresponsible act. It is easy to sit back and relax rather than worry about preventing future problems. Effective actions usually take planning and execution that requires the person devoting time and effort to do it right. This increases the stress level of someone’s life but it pays great dividends.

Our lives would be less hectic and simpler in the short run if we disregard our responsibilities. But in the long run it will create crises that would require greater time and energy to resolve with less likelihood of success. Once the genie is out of the bottle it is hard to get it back.

Our modern culture is instructing us to relax, self-medicate and be happy. We are not supposed to be preoccupied with children’s misbehavior, potty training, speech or even character development. The same philosophical notion holds true for the child’s unwillingness to contribute to the home and master subjects they do not like in school. When the child has issues at home we blame the other adults in the family. In school we attack the teacher and administration for children’s inappropriateness and laziness.

As citizens we do not keep ourselves informed about our local representative’s legislative actions. It takes too much effort. We love our own representatives since we are saturated with their PR efforts. On the other hand we have no regard for representatives in other parts of the country, especially if they take a controversial stand to do the right things. These patriotic behaviors are usually ridiculed in the media. We are too lazy to research the story under the headlines by using other sources.

Our nation’s view of foreign policy has been that we are the leader of the free world. However our political elites want to relinquish the responsibility of this leadership. The world should take care of itself. The USA’s lack of use of its power (leading from behind) will force other nations to do more. This will eventually create a Utopian world of peace.

Because of this unrealistic fantasy drivel many nations have tested the waters to see if they can obtain what they want through intimidation and military force. Many “two bit” dictators have grandiose ideas of becoming the leader of the world. They are not constrained by concern for other nation’s rights. They presently have no fear of American power stepping in to stop their aggression. This is the same scenario that occurred when America withdrew its power as the world leader under the Carter administration in the late 1970s.

Whenever the benevolent power of a parent, teacher, judge, representative or the president of the US is withdrawn, inappropriate acting out and evil will eventually fill the vacuum. Undisciplined parents, judges, teachers, local, state and national leaders, who are not judiciously administering power will create resentment, lawlessness and ultimately open rebellion.

Responsible use of power to develop moral values and punish wrong doers establishes societal order. Appropriate behavior becomes the standard to judge others. Courageously standing up to overt aggression is a formula for developing internal and international stability.

Eternal order and peace will not be achieved given the imperfections of humans and the willingness of some to cross the line into immorality and perversion. Avoiding taking a principled stand shows weakness, not strength. Appeasement of our subordinates creates an environment for future insubordination.

Improving our children’s potential, our institutions and national leadership require long-term conscientious day in and day out positive role modeling by all authority figures, especially parents. They should not shrink from their responsibilities but embrace them. A leader leads with a strong moral conscience

Righteous people need to stand up to evil to save us from it. The wisdom of their decisions will shine the light to guide the people to a high level of exceptionality as a nation.

In our short history as a nation we have been graced with leaders of moral character. Americans need to execute their responsibilities with dignity on a personal, familial and professional level.  America should elect representatives on every level of government whose main goal is the self-interest of the nation rather than just their own. 

Once we perform our duties with utmost morality in our everyday lives we will be more aware and sensitive to choosing better leaders on every level. These people will courageously act to teach and protect their charges rather than sit on their hands due to laziness, selfishness or personal gain.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

America was founded as a religious haven for Europeans persecuted for their religious beliefs.  What many of the first settlers wanted was freedom to practice their religion without repercussions from the government. Our nation has been a beacon of religious freedom throughout the world for the past three centuries.

Our founders were God-fearing men. They convened all their political functions with a prayer. References to God are in full view inside and outside our historical government buildings. The personal and official authors spoke openly concerning the Supreme Being. The first amendment to the Constitution states that all people have the freedom to practice religion equally and openly under the law. There is no wall of separation between church and the federal government mentioned in the Constitution, nor is there any disallowing the freedom to discuss or practice Christianity or any other religion. There is a direct prohibition against establishing a national religion.

In our post 1960 progressive, secular revolution a frontal attack has been unleashed on Christianity. Recently in the United States we have seen a spectacular rise in atheism and a repression of anything Christian. Public prayer has practically become an illegal act. A prayer no longer introduces most government meetings. Mentioning God in a commencement ceremony has become shockingly controversial national news.

Ministers and pastors are being intimidated by the IRS as to what they can say. The military has removed references to God from their training manuals. Military chaplains are not allowed to counsel using Biblical references. Atheist “chaplains” have been established and given the same rights by our military as those religiously trained.

 “Freedom from religion” is really repression of Christianity. Some are calling atheism the new secular religion. The federal government’s promoting of atheism and significantly limiting Christianity is approaching the violation of our First Amendment rights. The belief in no God signals that government alone thinks it has the power to create a plentiful, peaceful and just world. This is promoting allegiance and reverence for an all-powerful government, which has been an essential element in all communist and fascist dictatorships.

Antonio Gramsci, a prominent Italian communist intellectual, noted in the 1920s that Christian moral values had to be undermined and eliminated for communism to take root with the people. It is for this reason; communist nations eventually deny citizens the opportunity to practice Christianity openly. Christianity had to be repressed for the state to replace it as the ultimate force of what is good and bad for the people.

Currently the freedom to express and practice Christianity worldwide is under attack. The United States is silent about hundreds of thousands of Christians being persecuted and killed in the Middle East and Africa. The United States has contributed little military assistance, humanitarian aid and no verbal outrage against the atrocities that have happened.

Atheists are targeting the symbol of Christianity, the cross, across the nation. Crosses that have been present for decades in national parks are being forcefully removed. Even crosses in cemeteries and roadside shrines are being called discriminatory against non-believers. Christmas and Easter have been significantly undermined as religious national holidays. They are currently being referred to as “Happy Holidays” and the “spring holiday.” Even Christ has been removed from Xmas. The nativity displays have been prohibited in public space by often just a single request.

The Affordable Care Act is a nationally imposed health program. It is requiring Christian organizations and businesses with strong Christian convictions to buy services although they oppose it on religious grounds. These services include abortion on demand, contraceptive device distribution and progressive sexual education. It is an obvious ignoring of their First Amendment rights.

Non-spiritual men did not found the USA. They did not seek a society based on a belief in no God. All religions were welcome to lawfully practice the beliefs of their choice, including atheism. The concept of religious freedom was inclusive, not exclusive. The founders were wise men that often called upon God for guidance.

Our progressive national government has no Constitutional right to inhibit Christianity. Neither does it have the right to sanction and facilitate the establishment of the belief in “no God”- atheism, or promote science as a quasi religion. Albert Einstein, one of the most revered scientists in history, and many other prominent scientists, have noted the hand of God in their sophisticated investigations of the inspirationally beautiful interconnections of the universe.

A vigorous free nation does not attempt to control the speech and thoughts and beliefs of its people. A so-called “secular society” whose national government suppresses Christianity or imposes any one religion on its people, is not secular. It is either a theocracy or a totalitarian government.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Parents are the Primary Teachers

BY DOMENICK J. MAGLIO, PHD. Traditional Realist

A child’s education begins at home. Functional parents naturally provide role modeling that is fertile ground for the child’s moral, emotional social and educational development.  Children spontaneously imitate speech patterns, vocabulary, thinking and the value of continual learning of the parent. 

In the past families was a cohesive group that did almost everything together. Sitting down to meals, working around the house, recreation, visiting relatives, church attendance were practically rituals for the family.  It was the most important social unit in society.

Modern parents are often AWOL in crucial areas. Although parents work hard chauffeuring their children to extra curricular activities they miss the exposure to many of the child’s important behaviors.  Infants are often left in centers to be cared for by “professional” strangers. The majority of parents enroll their children in preschools instead of keeping them at home. Both parents often work long hours and are lucky to spend a few quality moments with their child.

Many parents take for granted the school is educating their child. This can turn into an educational disaster that can threaten the child’s abilities and opportunities to succeed later in life. Parents are the primary teachers. The abdicating of this responsibility is dangerous to society.

Parents are so preoccupied with their own careers that they assume their child is doing well in school since the report cards from early elementary normally indicate he is an A-B student. Often he is granted Honor Roll status. The child usually is a compliant child who stays out of any trouble at home and in school. 

This typical child’s academic, social and emotional issues are not being adequately addressed. Eventually in the transition to middle school or after a comprehensive state exam the parent becomes aware of a significant two-year or more deficit in one or several academic areas.  These problems prompt them to put the child in another classroom setting or school to avoid the stigma of being labeled or held back a grade.

Then reality hits them hard, the mother’s tears flow and the child realizes that his inflated grades can no longer hide the truth. The child does not know simple math no less algebra and/or is unable to write a coherent paragraph.  The student and parents are crushed knowing their options are not going to correct the errors of the past without a lot of work and pain.

Students being held back or labeled are only the tips of the icebergs. Both the parents and student have to accept they have been delusional. The child has to accept a drastic change in behavior and thinking to have a chance to rehabilitate himself as a student. The parents have to restructure their lives to make a total commitment to assist the child in filling in his academic and work ethic gaps. 

These incidents can be drastically reduced if parents would take the time to observe the child’s initiative, work habits and become aware of what the child actually knows. Reading the child’s reports and essays as well as reviewing math tests enables the parent to evaluate the child’s knowledge. Through daily monitoring and questioning the parents must maintain awareness of what the child is learning. There is no excuse for the parents not assessing their child’s education.

Modern parents can no longer rely on our dysfunctional education system to take over most aspects of their child’s life. We are supposed to protect and teach our children the things they need to know to prosper in life.

Casually leaving our children’s education to the schools is not a wise decision. Too many adults are more concerned with their pet’s grooming than with their child’s education. In school there are many social temptations, many opportunities to take short cuts such as cheating and little follow-up by teachers and administrators concerning academic deficiencies. Parents should more closely evaluate their child’s academics, social abilities and skills.

Parents can either shirk their duty to pass on their wisdom suffering the pain of a dysfunctional child or witness the child creating his own success.

The ability of their child to be self-reliant and successful lies primarily in the hands of the parents by training them to have positive habits, skills and values. The parents’ focusing on the children when they are young will reap them the satisfaction of participating in their success.  The legacy of their children is determined by how well they were able to train them when they were young.

It is not about spending more money on education but parents placing a great value on learning. Parental observation as well as direct involvement with the child’s academics and after school activities is powerful antidotes to preventing an inadequate and disabled human being.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio Ph.D. Traditional Realist

The democrats are noted for their belief in an all-encompassing government, a government that is supposed to meet the needs of all its citizens especially the poor. On the other hand the republicans are supporters of big business.  “When big business does well, the whole country prospers” is a Republican notion. These supposed specific party values have become the conventional wisdom passed down over the years from political leaders and pundits. 

“Too big to fail” is an anti capitalist policy of assisting large international corporations with billions of US dollars, easing of regulations and limiting competition for certain corporations and not others. Goldman Sacks was chosen while Lehman Brothers was not.  This protecting of certain international corporations was supposedly to prevent a Wall Street meltdown and global financial collapse, instead it was a reward to politically connected cronies.

Both presidents, George W. Bush (the Compassionate Conservative) and Barak Obama supported this policy. This exposes the fact that these supposedly diametrically opposed politicians both favored big business and big government. During his 8 years in office President Bush significantly increased the size of government while President Obama doubled down on assisting Wall Street and government bloating.  Obama established a close relationship with particular corporations by granting federal money and special regulation exemptions to keep them economically viable. General Motors became Government Motors for several years while the stockholders and dealerships were shortchanged and the unions were rewarded.

Both parties pick winners and losers to increase their power to receive political donations and future high-level positions for themselves and their cronies.  Big government and big business have gone hand in hand to develop a base of power for both. Yet both parties and commentators act as if the expressed differences were actually religiously practiced.

This false dichotomy has become more obvious to thoughtful independent voters. People on the left and the right of the political spectrum are realizing that campaigns are nothing more than kabuki dances. Each party uses its particular catch phrases to win allegiances and votes but once in power only rule to increase the bureaucracies in government and business to maintain their office.

Centralized power in business and government has lead to greater exploitation of citizens and workers. The Tea Party and young leftists are becoming more aware that decentralization of power going back to local communities is the best method of keeping independence, freedom and increasing economic opportunity for the people.

There has been a political enlightenment among many of the American voters. Centralized power in government encourages large corporations to join with big government to eliminate competition with smaller businesses. Government picks winners though passing specific laws and regulations. They insure an unfair playing field to prevent start-ups from ever stepping on the playing field. The winning corporations support the enlargement of the government bureaucracy. Everyone else, especially the people, lose in this charade.

The American people should demand capitalist principles be practiced in the USA. No longer should small business be burdened with ludicrous paperwork and unnecessary regulations. This does nothing to protect the public but does everything to create more government positions and stifle new business start-ups.
Government should remove its crushing boot on the throats of smaller companies and allow the free market invisible forces to operate. 

When companies regardless of their size become inefficient to operate at a profit, they should not be bailed out but be allowed to cease. This process cleanses the economic system of mismanagement. Other better managed businesses, although small, will fill the vacuum.

A major dividend of government keeping its hands off a free market naturally encourages more competition, which prevents large inefficient companies to perpetuate themselves. The increased competitive businesses will heighten accountability that sets a standard for government operations limiting the opportunity for blatant graft.

Both parties have played ball with their greedy hands held out for big business to fill. The only way to beat back and break up this fascist marriage between big government and big business is to vote for representatives from either party who are more concerned with citizen’s liberty than personal power and money.
This will curb the unholy alliance. Our freedom as a nation depends on it.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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