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Wednesday, November 18, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio Ph.D. Traditional Realist

There should not be anyone against the raising of standards especially educational standards. Usually when standards and expectations are more demanding, it motivates individuals to reach them. The person or organization is supposed to be energized.

However, the motivation turns into a disincentive when standards are so unreasonable that only the chosen few can possibly meet them. Resentment skyrockets when no matter how hard the person or group tries, the objective cannot be accomplished. The fundamentals of training the individual have to be examined before we expect the impossible.

Any leader or administrator should provide the training, skills and discipline needed to obtain the prescribed standards. Many of our schools do not have discipline but rather are in chaos. This and the lack of laying the necessary foundation before establishing high standards are foolhardy. It is as if asking youngsters to accomplish Olympic records in running speeds when they have not physically developed and have not been trained in running techniques.

Our ruling politicians and educational experts have arrived at a ridiculous consensus. They think by the magical act of proclaiming high educational standards our entire national educational system would become competitive with other nations. PISA (Programe Internationale Standard Assessment) has ranked the United States 24rd in science, 21st in reading and 31st in math compared to other developed countries. This is nothing to brag about.

“No Child Left Behind” under President Bush and “Common Core” under President Obama were federally directed attempts to raise student performance by establishing higher national education standards. They coordinated with individual states establishing their own unrealistic standards. The results of the state experiments have not and will not significantly increase the performance of the students.

The essential reason students’ academic performance varies from one country to another is their preparation. Students need a strong foundation in the lower grades to build upon. Individual students mature at different rates. They set their goals differently and may decide they want to finally excel academically. Unless they work hard in a safe environment to fill in the voids in their skills and overall knowledge they cannot be successful.

The earlier the filling in the gaps process takes place in the elementary grades the better the chances of their meeting their expectations of doing well. In the classroom the teacher must accurately evaluate the student’s ability in each area. The emphasis must be on reading, writing and arithmetic.
The 3Rs are necessary to move forward. Without the ability to read the child cannot do mathematical word problems or follow directions.  Basic calculation skills have to be mastered in order to be competent in more advanced math. A student has to learn how to express himself orally and on paper in all disciplines to obtain higher levels of academic performance.

Developing the motivation to do something without these necessary skills is foolhardy. It sets the child up for failure. Young children think they can do almost anything until they try. Then and only then the reality check of not being able to do it helps them listen and follow the adult’s directions. This happens with a parent at home and a teacher at school.

Too many students and their parents have been duped by grade inflation. Both think high grades mean competency in the subject. This is not the case. It is a politically correct means of deceiving the parents of the poor quality of education. This ploy might temporarily satisfy most although it will not reverse the decline in education. Throwing more money at the problem has not worked. We are already spending more total money on education than any other nation.

The ruling class should not continue to put the cart before the horse.  Instead we need to encourage changes that have to start in the early years. First, grade integrity based on performance has to be reestablished. The mastery of the 3Rs should be the basis of the curriculum instead of social engineering programs that avoid the individual student needs. Schools have to be reduced in size to make them more manageable.

The federal government should stop kicking our dysfunctional education system down the road but allow local communities to regain their power to solve the low school performance in their unique circumstances. Local school boards should take the initiative to bring back the common sense changes that were in place when we were at the top of the education pyramid. Our constitution left education to the states through the local government for well thought out reasons. 

Citizens should start by electing levelheaded, concerned people of character not people who want to begin their political careers. Changes in our educational approach need to emanate from the classroom not the bureaucracy in Washington,

Domenick J. Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


By Domenick j. Maglio Phd. Traditional Realist

A small group of aristocrats supported King George III of England. This elite group was a minority that exploited its citizens and their colonies. Our founders realized they would not be treated with reasonable laws by this despot. Even when the majority of free colonists voiced overwhelming desire for certain changes in the destructive laws they were not heard. The minority elites dictated to the majority of the colonists, even when they were certain to provoke even the most loyal ones. The majority did not have a voice.

Our constitutional republic was based on the majority rule of its representatives. The Bill of Rights was added to forbid the government from restricting the individual’s Creator endowed rights to be free. The amendments were to stop the new government’s oppressive actions.

Forbidding the government from denying individual rights has been distorted to allow a minority of people, sometimes a very small percentage, to negate majority rights. The tyranny of the minority was the opposite of what our founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Individuals and small secular groups have gained more power than the majority. The First Amendment to our constitution is being attacked by a minority of atheists with backing from the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union). The 10 Commandments, Christian crosses, Christian chaplains and Christian business people’s symbols and rights are no longer being protected by the courts.  Public prayer that was widespread behavior of our founders is being forbidden in public meetings and even in public school events. There is a war to silence Christianity by the progressive-secular ruling class.

The legal system has been abused to give non-existent rights to minorities that hinder the freedom of the majority. Local cities and school districts across the nation comply with the laws that discriminate against the majority. These entities realize they do not have the resources necessary to win a legal battle that would be financially ruinous to them.

This surrender by local officials to powerful legal interests also allows mentally ill people to be free ticking-time bombs. Most of the mass killers of innocent spectators have long histories of mental illness. The legal rights given to the mentally ill to protect the confidentiality of their mental status and behavior endangers the majority.

In the past the dangerously insane have been institutionalized to protect the innocent and themselves. Disregarding the safety of the majority through progressive regulations has limited mental health professionals from reporting their findings. Status evaluations that recommend the institutionalization of a patient have become very rare. The fear of violating confidential laws and appearing inhumane has resulted in insane people committing horrific mass and individual killings.

Empathy for criminals and violent students in our schools has reached absurd proportions. President Obama used an executive order to summarily release thousands of drug pushers back on the streets to lead many more young people into an addicted existence.

Thug behavior of students is being appeased through a policy by the Department of Education and Justice Department’s new enforcement of “restorative justice.” This “so called” anti discrimination policy is meant to intimidate school districts to develop a quota system to decrease suspensions of disruptive and violent students. This policy lessens the consequences for out-of-control and dangerous students, which negatively impacts the majority of students who are being threatened and abused daily.

Illegal immigrants flooding the USA also are treated to extraordinary privileges that surpass those of citizens. Most illegals in various states are given free K-12 education, free higher education, free healthcare and dental care through mandates prohibiting hospitals from turning them away. There are free legal services, food stamps, housing and childcare vouchers and mental health services. Under the expanding of the Affordable-Care Act that announced future presidential executive orders , which may eventually give all illegals these free services. These welfare benefits are taxing all of our institutions especially our solvency as an nation.

These and other special interest groups such as LGBT have made deep inroads into the First Amendment rights that are splintering and pitting one group after another against the majority. These special interest minority groups are given rights the majority of people no longer have but will have to pay for through their taxes. The majority of citizens are suffering the loss of physical security, justice and the rule of law, which is un-American. This has to be reversed to have a stable, well-functioning society.

This oppression and exploitation of the majority by arrogant elites creates resentment and alienation from the ruling class. It breaks down the cohesion of society and can lead to an uprising.

US citizens are fortunate to have a release valve to redirect the out-of control ruling class. Our constitutional right to stagger elections every two years is the best method to restore the silent majority’s power. Please use the vote to regain sanity in our nation.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Wednesday, November 04, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

We are living in a period of time where too many people are self-absorbed. The possibilities are endless in this electronic age. People play on their cell phones instead of conversing with family and friends who are right next to them. They choose to live a virtual existence on their Facebook pages rather than solving difficulties and enjoying real life. We have become the “me generation” on steroids.

Modern parents are devoted to making money. Their duty of raising their family and caring for their parents and relatives has taken a back seat. The elderly parents of their adult offspring are put in nursing homes. Most modern parents use daycare, school and afterschool programs to teach and train their children. These parents are “givers of things” to win their children’s favor. Even children’s family obligations such as chores have been abandoned or are paid for with substantial allowances for assisting with the simplest activity. Modern children are unconsciously being taught to be slackers/takers not producers/givers.

It is little wonder new generations are less likely to pitch in when they see a person in need. Although many people look the other way when they see people in need there are some who rush in to do the right thing. There are incidents where a small child is locked in a hot car and is seen by a stranger. The person informs the officials and proceeds to break the window to save the child’s life. Other heroes put themselves in danger by rushing into a burning building or car to save someone. Some people are willing to do the right thing to help others regardless of the consequences to themselves but are becoming progressively rare.

It should be the duty of every human being to help each other. There is no way any government regardless of the number of employees can substitute for people doing their duty. The most good intentioned government employee is restricted by time and bureaucratic red tape to spontaneously decide on their own to assist the person in need. They have a heavy predetermined caseload to manage.

Great civilizations such as the Incas, the Roman Empire and Chinese dynasties understood the need for citizens to do their duty. The emperor, great military strategists and philosopher of the Roman Empire, Marcus Aurelius, understood the importance of citizens internalizing the concept of duty. Decadence and disorder arose when people became self-absorbed. As the leader of the most powerful civilization of the world he instituted a campaign to help people understand their duty, acceptance of one’s faith and well being of all the people. It revitalized the empire.

Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher codified and taught to establish and maintain social order people had to be responsible to each other. Leaders should lead by positive virtues rather than by force. Confucius stressed superiors should set good examples for inferiors while inferiors owed loyalty and obedience to their superiors. He found these plus other moral values of honesty, hard work and concern for others in highly functioning societies. Confucius’s ideas spread throughout the world.

Our founding fathers realized government could not legislate morality. They understood the importance of the belief in God and relying on God in everyday life of citizens. These educated men learned from studying history that men needed moral and ethical values generally communicated by religion to do the right thing when no one was there to look over their shoulders.

Wise leaders intuitively realize that when citizens lose the interconnectedness to others the glue of the society disintegrates. The self-centeredness of citizens of developed nations has weakened the family and the social order of the nation. The citizens of these nations expect the government to care for them instead of caring for each other. This entitlement mentality has dissolved the social fabric of these societies and has led to dissention, the breakdown of law and order as well as random acts of violence.

As President John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural speech, “It is not what your country can do for you, it is what you can do for your country.” Current advanced nations need to reassess their out-of-control welfare policies. Government robbing productive citizens through confiscating their assets only alienates them from the non-productive people who are receiving handouts provided by those who produce.
This divides people by eliminating the ability of doers to willingly assist welfare recipients.  The all-powerful state divides the doers from the takers robbing the doers’ assets by taxation making it financially impossible to do their duty to the less fortunate.

For any civilization to thrive people need to support and help others to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. It starts in the most powerful social unit in a society: the family. The revitalizing of the family will result in citizens doing their duty in all facets of life. This makes society function smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

On October 22, 2015 President Obama again made a statement defending the “Black Lives Matter” movement. He described the movement as highlighting specific issues that are only happening in black communities. However, the issues should be focused on how everyone should interact with authority figures now, not about past discrimination. All communities need to respect law enforcement to maintain stability and peace.

According to President Obama’s narrative the movement sprung up after unarmed black men such as Trayvon Martin in Florida, Michael Brown in Ferguson and others elsewhere who were killed by the police. There was no mention by him that after an exhaustive legal process the judicial system found that the accused were innocent in both above cases. These verdicts were substantiated by additional federal justice department reviews of the cases.

This and other statements of President Obama have legitimized, empowered and expanded this movement, a movement that is chanting “F—the Police,” “Pigs in a Blanket- Fry ‘em Like Bacon,” “Race Bastard” and other incendiary comments all over the country. The Internet has exploded with hateful and taunting videos towards the police. They are undeniably beyond the pale, vicious calls for attacks on police. The day after President Obama’s above-mentioned statements there was hate speech and violence against police in a three-day “Black Lives Matter” rallies in New York City.

These blatant incidents provoking and killing of police are becoming epidemic. This is not a free speech problem rather these protests are attracting people to come together to form a mob mentality to intimidate the public, restrict police power and push the limits of civil behavior. It does not address grievances but creates disorder to incite and agitate violence towards all police regardless of religions, ethnic or racial backgrounds.

President Obama said in his defense of these violent gatherings “we as a society particularly given our history have to take this seriously.” He further justifies the movement “rather what they (BLM) were suggesting there is a specific problem that is happening in the African-American community that is not happening in other communities. This is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.”

President Obama does not believe the nationwide spike in violence and crime in black communities has anything to do with the “Black Lives Matter” movement although his FBI director, James Comey, has indicated that it does. Mr. Comey has concluded that the extraordinary rise in black crime is partially caused by the restraint of police from being more aggressive because of the riots in Ferguson and the vile anti police videos that show the cops are not receiving sufficient backing to do their job.

We should remember the job of the cops is extremely dangerous and thankless.  They are sworn to do their duty to uphold our laws but not supposed to be social workers. All officers, regardless of the shade of their skin, deserve the respect of their authority. Any overt resistance or harassment of a police officer’s commands is and should be a prosecuted offense.

President Obama should remember he represents all citizens so his words matter. He should articulate and inspire all citizens to respect the institutions and laws of our nation and not make excuses for any special interest group. The President of the United States is the chief executive officer of the nation and all its citizens.

Every individual has grievances and injustices they have experienced. Most citizens regardless of ethnic, racial or religious identification and socio-economic background have stories of being stopped for a violation. Many have experienced sternness, rudeness and even unfairness meted out by an officer of the law. There are legal remedies to illegal police behavior.

Usually it is best to look towards the future rather than stew in the past. It is not in the long-term interest of any groups to disregard authority figures especially those assigned to maintain order. This respect for authority figures only increases resentment and uncontrollable anger. The gratitude for the wonderful opportunities and gifts this great nation offers them is lost.

Encouraging anarchy is not a solution to decreasing police discrimination. When confronted by police, an individual should listen and comply with the direction not challenge and resist. It will create a tinderbox for rampant chaos that causes a destructive rage gone wild. Riots are not an appropriate venue to discuss viable changes. People should look at problems rationally, not be frightened into appeasing violence.

Let us treat every man, woman, and child with the respect they deserve including all authority figures such as parents, teachers, elders and law enforcement.  Order, respect and inclusion leads to harmony while disorder, disrespect and exclusion end in anarchy. “Black Lives Matter” riots do not do anything to improve the lives of the people in those communities.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Giving children too little responsibility and too much help to solve simple problems is disabling their ability to think. The electronic world is encouraging children to think they are smarter than they are. Learning to think well for oneself is a lengthy and arduous process.

Several generations ago children were an integral part of the family. In cities they helped the family by shopping in local stores, doing chores around the house and caring for their siblings. In agrarian areas the children had even more opportunity to learn responsibilities not only related to the home but to the family business. They had to do it correctly or answer to the owner: their parents.

These parents expected their children to contribute to the family. Children were told to do tasks and listen well to everything their parents said. They knew the parents meant business. The children understood if they got confused it was up to them to figure out how to complete the objective on their own. There was no option of going back to the parents with made up stories. The child was not considered a baby and it was up to him to get the job done. He had to think and find his own way of doing things.

In school the same process happened. Students were given assignments and were expected to do them. Excuses were not acceptable. Parents backed the teacher’s authority and demanded the child do what the teacher said. Youngsters were required to get it done on their own or receive a failing grade. The student had to figure a positive way to complete the assignment. It forced them to think.

Today you only have to ask Siri or Google it. There is no need to think.

Modern children are not interacting with other people as they have traditionally done. There are few opportunities for them to join neighborhood peers in play outside the house. Usually children’s activities are scheduled by their parents who chauffer them from one expert led extracurricular activity to another. Supervising adults handle any incidents between children that occur in a scheduled activity. Youngsters no longer have the opportunity to solve social disagreements and altercations with their peers.

In the modern family everyone seems to be in his own world. Parents are involved with their business responsibilities often throughout the day and even at night. Family dinners are difficult to schedule every evening and when they do occur involved discussions with the family is rare. It is almost impossible to have intense conversations about the day when everybody has been doing his own thing. Every family member’s fallback position is to take out his cell phone and entertain himself.  Self-absorption is no longer considered rude in many social situations.

Families working, speaking, playing together or doing simple chores to contribute to the family are becoming passé’. These were times parents could influence the child’s skills, beliefs and thinking through casual or spontaneous teaching moments. Those moments are becoming extremely rare as children spend less quantity time with their parents.  Loved ones and other authority figures are not teaching their children how to think right and reason through the problems they face.

In school students are constantly tempted to search the web for all answers to academic questions rather than research and think until they solve the problem. Any history, literature or science questions can easily be Googled. Even math textbook problems can be handled by finding the answer key online.

Thinking to solve one’s own problems is a waste of time to modern pampered children. They do not have the skills, inclination or confidence to even attempt to do it on their own. Learning to deal with problems they will inevitably confront is essential to become competent, self reliant and motivated people.

The overprotected, untrained adults should have been allowed to face the pain of learning from their mistakes. Learning to accept failure helps propel children to improve. Not giving grades, not keeping score and giving unearned positive reinforcement results in high esteem, non-thinking, mentally disabled younger generation.

A society that does not encourage an independent thinking citizenry is destined to become a totalitarian welfare country. This handicaps today’s children who are deprived of the experiences children in the past learned from to cope with life. Modern children have no need to figure out problems because parents will rush in to do it for the child. This is happening even after they reach adulthood. Instead of young adults feeling an obligation to care for their parents in their old age, their modern parents feel a responsibility to care for these children by setting up trust funds. These self-absorbed young adults are recognized as “trust fund babies.”

Coddled children are not prepared to face the harshness of society. They wind up angry and disillusioned not being able to reach their unrealistic objectives. These non-thinking people become a burden that will negatively impact every aspect of society. These missed opportunities to face reality should frighten us all.
It is the duty of parents to provide reality tests and opportunities to stimulate the thinking processes of their children. It is rarely being done now.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

To energize the female voter democrats have once again pulled the “war against women” out of the hat. The inept republican response has been to remain silent instead of refuting the argument by presenting the statistical facts.  This cowardly party does not want to be seen as being anti-women although it does not have the gumption to set the record straight. The family unit and male students are sacrificed on the altar of political expediency so as not to alienate the largest interest group.

When they see, hear or witness absurd female demands many women’s interest groups do not denounce them. A study attempts to demonstrate that low
corporate office air conditioning temperatures are supposedly another sexist conspiracy against women. Instead of showing empathy for males being required to wear heavy suits and ties in the corporate world to comply with corporate expectations, women are complaining that low temperatures are a way of punishing and discriminating against them. Many females wear short sleeves and skirts following the seasons but men’s clothing never changes. This is not a male plot to punish females. It is a ridiculous argument to advance women’s grievances to attempt to add another arrow to their quiver to show how persecuted they are.

A woman in Washington, Pennsylvania picked a fight with an unsuspecting businessman. She demanded that she should have her hair cut in his men’s only barbershop. This establishment is known for high-end haircuts, hot shaves, free drinks and a place for men to relax and have camaraderie. The owner graciously said he did not know how to cut female’s hair. He recommended a beauty shop down the street and was willing to pay for it. Instead he received a $750 government fine for discrimination. There were no female voices to object to this owner being told by government how to run his business. This was not about women’s rights and equality; it was about women’s gotcha power against men.

Even barbeque grill cooking by men is seen by feminists as a plot to keep women in the kitchen.

Government and large corporations have overly and unfairly been pushing the women’s agenda to the detriment of males. In the employment market, men are facing obstacles to impede them while many females are being fast tracked in our large corporations. There are pressures placed by the media and government agencies to meet quotas showing increases in the number of females in executive positions.  Female workers in the “Great Recession” were less impacted than males in becoming unemployed.  This has increased under-employment of stay-at-home husbands that has weakened their status as the primary breadwinner and the unintended consequence of reducing the maternal influence children need for healthy development.

Many women appear to never be satisfied with their incredible gains in the marketplace. After factoring in all the elements that impact lifelong income and promotions females have reached pay equality with men. The employment gaps for choosing to raise a family, limited working hours and avoidance of any physically demanding and dangerous positions account for the pay differential between the sexes.

The pendulum has swung too far in promoting female students unjustly putting male students at a decided disadvantage. The results have been profound. Male students are realizing that there are too many potential pitfalls for them on college campuses

Women are now up to 60% of the undergraduate students and even a higher percentage of graduate students. This change has taken place as male enrollment in college has drastically diminished to 40%.  The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) initiative of recent years has emphasized female recruiting although this academic concentration has been a preference and an ability area for men. This STEM female initiative to increase their participation is only adding to this trend.

“Title 9,” a federal law prohibiting discrimination originally against college sports programs has not only leveled the playing field in college between men and women’s sports, it is being used as a means of prosecuting male students. It is significantly tilted towards females and against males.  The US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights has 106 colleges under investigation for sexual assault cases. On college campuses male students are guilty until proven innocent.

The Duke Lacrosse incident demonstrated that affluent white males could be railroaded in this “war against women” environment. In the Rolling Stone article about the University of Virginia the author accepted a totally fabricated story of rape. After the character assassination of the young man the magazine admitted it was untrue. Men can claim the war in this culture is against men not women.

Individual and groups of people are never totally treated fairly and equitably. They can be close on a certain variable like socioeconomic opportunities. However, they will self-define what their preferences are and how to reach them. These choices are like any that have costs and benefits. No individual or group should feel they are so privileged as to be entitled to it all.  America should give us equal opportunity not special privileges.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio, PhD. Traditional Realist

Presidents of the United States are supposed to be above blatant petty politics. The person who is elected to the office is immediately given the reins to the most powerful position in the world. The people expect him to deport himself with dignity and wisdom. He is supposed to inspire the people’s confidence by focusing on do-able solutions that represent the interest of the people not extreme fringe groups.

President Obama did not wait for the facts to surface before he shamefully appeared on national television to denounce the lack of gun control as the culprit in the Umpqua College shooting. His MO throughout his presidency has been to politicize an event to push his radical progressive agenda. “Never waste a crisis.” We saw this with his community activist advocacy with questionable behavior by blacks being accepted over law enforcement officer’s actions. He made his comments before official investigations were completed. He used the bully pulpit to voice his personal emotional reaction to the arrest of Harvard professor Gates, Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray before the initial legal process was completed.

The day after the Roseburg rampage he again went on television to double down on his edict that the massacre of ten with seven wounded was due to the absence of stricter gun control. He stated he is going to continue to politicize this issue until gun control restrictions were enforced but again offered no realistic plan to remedy the problems.                 

His speculation was a rush to judgment. The emerging facts that the killer asked at the point of a gun “tell me your religion.” Those who said they were Christian were shot in the head and those who answered differently were shot in the extremities. The only guard was unarmed in this “gun free zone.”  The assassin was half black not a white supremacist and came from a broken family like almost every other one of these mass killers. People who knew him acknowledged that he had serious mental problems. The president did not consider all this evidence when he made his premature remarks.

The conclusion of President Obama’s emotional plea was not rational. The shredding of citizen’s Second Amendment rights would not have prevented this or other horrific mass shootings. Evil, demented people have used poison gas, fire, knives, hatchets, bombs and chain saws to kill and abortion instruments to destroy innocent lives.

The culture of evil has always existed and will continue to despise good people who get in the way. Guns are weapons that can kill. Criminals will not follow laws that will stop them from obtaining guns. They will illegally obtain them. This is evident in states like California and cities like Washington, Baltimore, New York and Chicago that have some of the highest per capita homicide rate in the country even though they have the most stringent gun laws. Gun Free Zones like on college campuses and movie theaters are not preventing terrorists or insane people from their acts of evil, instead are attracting them.

The mass killing of innocent people is a complex issue that will not be stopped by the removal of guns from law-abiding citizens. Guns in the hands of good people allow them to protect themselves and others. This is the reason why politicians and celebrities who rail against guns have personal security guards armed with guns.

The curbing of out-of-control violence will only happen when we return to a stable, moral society. This requires that we punish evil and honor life. We must again eliminate political correctness; teach morality at home, at school and in the halls of our government institutions. We need to empower law enforcement; change mental health confidentiality laws in order to encourage professionals to report and institutionalize people who are a danger to self and the community and incarcerate incorrigible criminals not release them.

The elimination of guns in the hands of good citizens will only be an invitation for government tyranny. It is not a policy to eliminate evil, it is a license for evil people to expand and become even more destructive in a society that disarms its citizens.

The president needs to think more profoundly before shooting off his rhetoric. These national press conferences divert us from his current international failures but do not lead to resolving crucial issues.

As Benjamin Franklin noted, those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. Disarming the American people will disarm our ability to protect ourselves and lessen our security.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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