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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Global Warming Swindle has Imploded

Global warming has moved from a previously held theory now to a scientific fact Osama Bin Laden has proclaimed that the USA with other industrial nations are the cause of climate change. He advised to boycott American goods and stop using the US dollar.

All the “scientific experts” including Bin Laden have formed a consensus with an airtight argument proving global warming. The consensus is called climate change. When it is unusually warm or even frigidly cold, like this winter, the “experts” proclaim it is indisputable proof of global warming and they are not joking.

The only thing American skeptics must do is ignore the “climategate,” Himalayagate, Amazongate debacles and the fact that climate has been changing long before man walked the earth to be converted to true believers. This will be tricky since 57% of the American public- and more every day- believes there is no solid evidence for global warming.

Climategate, the suppressing and manipulation of data was disclosed in thousands of emails going back 13 years. Phil Jones, the head of the British Research Center, had to step down after it was found he used “tricks” to “hide” the decline in recent global temperatures. The correspondence also demonstrated how he and others kept critical articles out of peer review journals, an essential element of the scientific process. This maneuver demonstrated how they kept any dissenters out of the scientific discourse.

On February 14, 2010, the same Phil Jones produced a new chapter of climategate. He said he could not produce data for the hockey stick graph that was the pivotal evidence of global warming. He related that the world was possibly warmer in medieval times than now and said that there has not been statistically significant warming since 1995. Amazingly he said that global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change (IPCC) 2007 report has been factually discredited by the Himalayan and Amazon debacles. Indian glacier expert, Syed Hasnain, said he was misquoted about the Himalayan ice cap melting by 2035. He reluctantly admitted it was included in the IPCC report to put pressure on world leaders.

“Amazongate” relied on a World Wildlife Fund, an environmental advocacy group, report rather than on a scientific study. The IPCC used this political environmental group to make the assertion that global warming could reduce 40% of the rainforest. This was an anecdotal observation not in any way scientific.

Dr. Rajendra Pichauri, the chairman of the IPCC is not the world’s top climate scientist, he is not even a scientist. He is a railroad engineer and has a PhD. in economics. It was discovered he knew about the misinformation of “Amazongate” two months before the Copenhagen conference and chose to withhold it until after the conference. When you follow the money it is obvious he would profit immensely from the global warming hoax.

These three strikes and you’re out should end the fiasco of global warming. Add the additional fourth, fifth and sixth strikes and it becomes a joke. These consensus people were yelling about global cooling in 1974 in Time magazine, India outright quit the Copenhagen conference and China does not accept any of the conference regulations that would limit their economic growth.

Yet our executive branch does not listen or hear the people’s voice concerning the overwhelming evidence smacking them in the face of the fraud of global warming. They cannot make a rational decision; instead, these progressive politicians with all the damning revelations will stay this ridiculous course. The motivation of these self-serving people is redistributing money nationally and internationally as well as political power and socialism through any means possible.

The Cap and Trade bill is supposed to be dead. Our executive branch is making an end run on science and the American people. On December 9, 2009, before the Copenhagen conference, the EPA concluded greenhouse gasses are endangering American’s health and must be regulated. This was a signal to the leaders of the climate change industry that we were going to be serious about Cap and Trade.

The New York Times has reported on January 5, 2010, that the CIA is now to use spy satellites and other sensors to document global warming instead of doing their job of protecting our country through gaining intelligence. They are diverting valuable resources by this ridiculous new executive order. On January 29. 2010, Mary Schapiro, head of the SEC, made a veiled threat to intimidate public companies to join the Cap and Tax bandwagon. She issued “guidance” to them about reporting to the SEC about their operation’s risk to global warming.

Now on February 9, 2010 the administration has established the Climate Service under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It will be promoting politically motivated predictions for global warming.

These executive decisions makes our government actively involved in the global warming deception.

The global warming fiasco has awakened the American people. Science practiced with objectivity and integrity has advanced mankind. Politicians disguised as authentic scientists are charlatans who want to subjugate the people of the world for their own personal gain.

If meteorological predictions of local daily weather and hurricanes are any indication of the accuracy of the field of science, why would anybody buy into this inconvenient politics except to honor Nobel Peace Prize “scientist,” Al Gore and IPCC “scientist.” Rajendra Pichauri. There is no definitive proof of global warming or CO2 emissions being a cause. But we now know there are many political factors driving this charade. The jig is up.

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