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Thursday, July 18, 2013


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD., Traditional Realist

George Zimmerman was stated in the press to be a  “white Hispanic” to gin up the racial overtones in his encounter with Trayvon Martin. His mother is Peruvian and his father is Jewish. He could have been described as a “swarthy Jewish American” but it would have confused the simplistic black vs. white narrative that is in vogue.

The same reasoning could have described presidential candidate, Mitt Romney as a “white Hispanic.” His father, George Romney, was born in Mexico, making him Hispanic and his mother was white. The media would have done him a great service by calling him a “white Hispanic.” It could have made a difference in the Hispanic vote and possibly the election. Words do matter.

President Obama announced that if he were to have a son, “he would look like Trayvon Martin.” Since President Obama’s mother was white and his father was Kenyan. He is as much Caucasian as he is Negro and could be described as a white- black. His son could have looked as much like George Zimmerman as Trayvon Martin. It logically does not matter if a person looks like you whether that makes him guilty or innocent. Justice is supposed to be blind.

The same mainstream media that frames issues into racial themes has boldly and proudly proclaimed that America will no longer be a white nation in the near future.
This “fact” is supposed to indicate that America will be transformed by the new racial mix into a radically different nation. The country’s principles and beliefs will march forward ushering in a big government statist society.

This darkening of our complexion is now on shaky grounds. Skin tone or region of the world a person comes from does not dictate their political belief system. When the millions of southern Italian immigrants arrived in the early 1900s many were classified as “colored” because of their “olive skin.” Even with this ancestral experience American Italians melted into society becoming productive Americans who wholeheartedly accepted the competition in the free market system.

Hispanic Americans are people who possess white, Indian, negro or Asian blood. Their white ancestors came primarily from Spain although a significant portion came from other European nations. Sixty percent of the Argentine population has Italian ancestors. Like people all over the world they are not “pure” but are a mixture of races that go back to the beginning of time.

When we state that George Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic” then millions of other South Americans should be counted in the census as white rather than Hispanic. The designation “Hispanic” is a geographical term not a racial one. This correction in the framing of a person’s race would alter the perception that America is becoming a   centrally controlled government where non-whites are happily dependent on government handouts.

Regardless of whether we are a primarily “white” nation or not, America is not about it’s composition of races. It is about the ideas of our founding fathers limiting the power of government in our constitution.  This gave us the freedom to live our lives as we pursue our self-interests.

The racial makeup of the US is not germane for the political direction of our nation. We the People of the United States regardless of race, ethnicity or religion have the power to direct our government representatives to go further down the path of a welfare state with minimal individual freedom. OR, We could choose to uphold our constitution as a limited government with the people having the freedom to be self-reliant individuals.  The direction of our country is in our hands regardless of the color of the hands.

Our choice is based on our moral values, principles and beliefs and has absolutely nothing to do with the racial composition of our people.


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