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Wednesday, February 05, 2014


By Domenick J.  Maglio Ph.d. traditional Realist

No matter how much the progressive media, the university and political indoctrinators attempt to convert America to a progressive perspective, it is unable to close the deal. Changing our culture can only be accomplished by citizens forsaking traditional morals and values for a modern non- judgmental egalitarian society.  This does not seem to be happening regardless of the media claims. The  majority of citizens are adhering to the traditional views and resisting radical change.

The progressives are realizing that their politically correct strategy has resulted in traditionalists taking a low profile to fight a guerilla war. This struggle to maintain their beliefs is occurring in their minds and with their families and friends. They are resistant fighters who against all odds have retained strong traditional beliefs.

The media’s reaction to Duck Dynasty’s patriarch, Phil Robinson, has been an illustration of the perseverance of America’s traditional values. Television network company A&E like most progressive media organizations, thought by suspending Phil Robinson indefinitely they would win brownie points with other progressive elites.  At the same time they would cause Mr. Robinson to squirm, denouncing his Biblical views and beg for his job back.  They thought he would fold to continue to rake in the “holy dollars.”

The American people powerfully voiced their objections to A&E censorship of his free speech right, on and off his comedy/reality show.  They petitioned and bought Duck Dynasty products to show support for his right to express his traditional beliefs. They turned the tables on A&E.

This spontaneous support surprised and infuriated the company’s brass for nine days. Quickly they realized they were quacking up the wrong duck stand. They had to do an about-face and surrender to keep the number one cable show in their flock for the big bucks.

Phil’s reinstatement resulted in a spastic media meltdown. They quibbled with a story line until they settled on making it about corporate America’s right to make money. All of a sudden A&E’s inexplicable reversal was heralded as a smart and rational business decision not a surrender to the staying power of Judeo-Christian moral values. The company had a right and a responsibility in our corporate structure to maximize their profitability for their stockholders.

The rest of the media cabal did not like this business cop-out on this significant cultural issue.  They could not allow this Neanderthal to continue with impunity to express these vile Biblical references. They increased their attacks by referring to a magazine interview where he states he is “with the blacks: I’m white trash.” He stated that they worked side by side. He summarized that, “the blacks were godly, they were happy and no one was singing the blues.”  This, according to the media pundits, was played up as an insensitive racial remark. These observations of Phil were from his working alongside blacks who possessed the same moral values and behavior as he did. This was an inclusive, not a derisive statement.

After a short period when the saga was losing traction, the media attack dogs introduced a four-year old video to contrive another controversy.  In his speech to a group he made a joke about marrying a teenage woman instead of an “older” 20 year-old woman who would be looking to pick his pocket. This was pointed out as further verification of his “character perversion” of liking young girls. This statement was an attempt to discredit him for his attraction to younger women since he married his wife when she was 16 and he was 20.

The fact that they have been married for decades was irrelevant to the cartoon characterization of Phil Robertson they are trying to create. This strained line of demeaning him only reinforces how out-of-touch the media is with the average American audience.

The only way the Robinson family loses this battle with the media is to sell out their values and beliefs to appease the media elites so they stop the attacks on them. They would lose their credibility as Freedom of Speech heroes. Duck Dynasty members would become just another in a long list of weak, hypocritical entertainers.

No matter how much the media relentlessly derides traditional values, the American people continue to stand by them. Duck Dynasty’s continuing success shows the American people will not be brainwashed to abandon what they know is right and decent.

Americans may remain silent or not answer polls the way they really feel so as not to be seen as politically incorrect in front of progressives. Nevertheless American people will continue to support and believe in traditional moral values. The culture war is silently being fought in the minds of the majority of American people. The end might shock the elites that they cannot snuff out traditional American no matter how sophisticated and pervasive their use of Marxist propaganda.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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