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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Big Brother is Even Under the Christmas Tree

According to the December 5th 2006 Rock Hill Herald, a mother in Rock Hill, South Carolina called the police to have them arrest her twelve-year-old son for unwrapping his Christmas present, a Nintendo game, without permission. The police came into the home to arrest the child for petty larceny.

The mother gave over her responsibility of disciplining her son to the state. This scenario of a parent relinquishing her role is being repeated throughout the nation. The vacuum created by dysfunctional parents is continually being filled by government workers. The state has been allowed to intrude into many aspects of our personal lives.

Instead of informing the parents that the situation is merely a family matter, the police wasted manpower and money to invade what should be the sanctity of the home. This diminishes the rights of all parents to raise their children without the state’s interference.

The more adults act like children, the more we are treated as children by our ever expanding government. We are being commanded by the government what to say, where to smoke, how to transport ourselves and our children and what we can eat. There are hate crime laws, smoking laws, safety seat and seat belt laws and laws regarding food with trans fats. The mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomberg, championed a recent law to make trans fat illegal in city restaurants. He apparently believes the state should prevent us from choosing what to eat.

As long as we do not impinge on the freedoms of others the US government has no constitutional powers to strip away our liberties. We have to continually battle to maintain them.

Behaving in a decent and concerned manner to ourselves and others would eliminate most of the pressure for government to impose these restrictions on our ability to choose. However we are abdicating freedoms by not doing what is right for ourselves and others.

Too many of us are obese. Many possess little personal discipline eating too much of the wrong things. Instead of our acting rationally or loved ones informing us of our destructive ways, our government officials are aggressively inserting themselves to perform the functions of protecting ourselves from ourselves.

We cannot blame government for becoming “Big Brother” in our personal lives. Even though many bureaucrats are prone to be social engineers creating ever increasing programs to correct the frailty of human nature, the real culprit in the loss of our personal freedoms is us.

We are often unwilling to fulfill our obligations and rarely willing to stand up to voice our objections to the loss of our right to be free. Most laws are not protecting us rather they are limiting our freedoms.

Believe it or not, if we do not stay vigilant we can anticipate environmental activists to pass laws taxing our breathing to cut down on CO2 emissions.

These obscure laws will continue unless we speak up. It is our fault for not restraining government from its natural inclination to expand into every facet of our lives until it becomes totalitarian.

We the American people can take the following steps to keep government in check:

  • Fulfill our responsibilities in our home, business and community.
  • Learn history and teach it to our children. Government schools are either teaching revisionist history or none at all.
  • Teach and demand our children meet obligations at home and school.
  • Be aware of local and national current events to fight against further erosion of our power.
  • Make your opinions known to government representatives by contributing money, telephoning, emailing, and voting to let them know what we demand.
  • Object to others when you feel their behavior is inappropriate or harmful. Politically correct thinking and behaving is lowering our national standards by causing self-censorship.

Keeping our rights and freedoms takes work. Regardless of utopian promises there will never be enough quality governmental workers or innovative programs to perform all the functions of the parents. Socialistic governmental programs have not and will never surpass the level of even mediocre families.

Living moral responsible lives and voicing our objectives is the answer to keeping government off our backs and out of our homes.



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