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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Worldwide Jihad Good for America

America has lost its historical moral bearings that guided us to be the world’s superpower. We are a nation morally decaying from within. All of us can see this including our enemies.

The Islamic Fascists are right. Western civilization is weak from worshipping materialism. It is self-destructive and immoral on many levels. It is ripe for defeat.

America as the leader of the world needs to learn from our enemies or lose it all.

Believers in God, regardless of their religion should be grateful to these terrorists. Not for the evil of killing innocent people, most of them followers of Islam, but for pointing out the moral decay to which we have become oblivious.

Deceitfulness has come to permeate our society. We are exposed daily to false advertising, fine print in contracts to weasel out of implied responsibility, and politically correct speech that censors our thoughts and beliefs and confuses what we are trying to say. Parents lie to children, children lie to parents, pedophile priests to parishioners, politicians and even the president lies to the people and the media lies to us all.

Lying is no longer a defect of character or a sin. It has become acceptable. We are becoming numb to immorality. We heard ex-governor McGreevy of New Jersey and Ted Haggard of a mega church of 30,000 members publicly describe their secret, immoral and sexually transmitted disease life style in front of their humiliated wives and children.

There is no shame on the part of our leaders obliterating the standards of right and wrong directly influencing their follower’s lives. In spite of their attempt at apologizing the damage is done.

President Clinton, ten years ago, Senator Mark Foley, recently and teachers and ministers continuously are using the power of their office to satisfy their carnal desires and hurting those they are supposed to protect.

The abuse of illicit drugs, alcohol, gluttony, spending addictions and the inhumanity of abortion are rampant in our nation. This must be addressed or we will implode as a society.

No honest and rational American can deny the truth of many of the terrorist’s observations of the decadent state of western civilization.

The people of the USA have a choice. We can be tolerant of our immorality, continuing the slide into the decline and fall of our civilization. We can continue to live self-centered materialistic and uncaring lives not focusing on our commitments to our children, family or nation. Expecting our military to win the war on terrorism without changing our self indulgent, corrupt life styles is naive. The increasing debauchery gives us a limited time before these fanatics get their wish, bringing mankind back to the 7th century.

The alternative choice is to listen and respond to our enemy’s accurate appraisal of our true vulnerability. According to the terrorists, our Achilles heel is not our powerful military. It is our moral corruption that has weakened our commitment to expect and maintain dignified behavior from others and ourselves. The terrorists are relying on the lack of our citizen’s strength for self-preservation. This will ensure their victory and our defeat.

Standing up to demand our children, teachers, businessmen, political and religious leaders but most importantly ourselves, do the right thing is the way to preserve the sovereignty of our nation and civilization.

The vast majority of Americans are decent people who can no longer be silent. We are self-righteously demanding the overwhelming number of peaceful Muslims risk their lives against fanatical murderous terrorists while we remain passive against our own moral disintegration. This is unfair and wrong.

All Americans must raise their voices in unison to clean out the corruption in our country or waste the wonderful inheritance of our forefathers. We must reestablish a “black and white” standard of morality and reject moral relativism.

This worldwide war will be won or lost not by military technology but rather by the moral strength of our people. The battles that will lead us to victory over terrorists will be courageously fought daily in our own souls, families and communities. Returning to a high standard of moral exceptionalism is the answer to jihadists and evil doers within our nation.



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