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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Tyranny of Minority Special Interests Over the Majority

We Americans must sacrifice time and effort to do our homework in order to be knowledgeable voters. Being too busy to do our civic duty is not an acceptable excuse. Educated citizens must give direction to our government representatives.

When the majority of Americans were educated on the eminent domain, Dubai port take over and illegal immigrant issues, left and right came together to direct our politicians. Through emails and telephone calls to our representatives we demonstrated we meant business. Politicians turned their backs on the special interests of international corporations, developers and financial institutions and turned towards the voice of the majority of Americans.

In these instances the smug arrogance of special interests was wiped off their faces by the average American. When we come together, our message is loud and clear. Politicians listen, perhaps for no other reason than to save their jobs. We stood up to some of the most powerful elites and were victorious for the benefit of us all. The majority should trump the powerful minorities.

The only reason special interest has dominated our political process is because we have become complacent and let them. Various interests have used the power of money to organize their efforts to push their sel- serving wish list. George Soros, of has spent millions of his own dollars to manipulate people into adopting more progressive, secular viewpoints. The oil, financial, NEA, ethnic, homosexual, racial and other special interests hire public relation firms and lobbyists to get what they want passed into law.

Special interests have been immensely effective in controlling the political machinery that many Americans feel they are powerless to compete against. The vast majority of us are acting as if it is inevitable that America will be deviously controlled by the new aristocracy of international corporations, non-profit groups and celebrity elites. We recognize special interest groups can get laws enacted even when it harms the national interest. We know the playing field is getting less and less level for small business and the average American.

Instead of demanding that our representatives are responsive to us, we just sulk and complain to each other. We know that legislative loyalty and allegiance can be purchased by the highest bidder. We ought to use the natural tendency of people to do what is needed to keep and promote their own power. We must reclaim our ability to form the ultimate special interest group called the "American people." By frequently showing our power through our numbers and monetary donations we will mandate our government to work for instead of against us.

In the computer age knowledge of any issue is at our fingertips. We can research, formulate our positions and mobilize large numbers of citizens to show our resolve and will to our politicians. By lighting up the phone lines at their offices and inundating them with emails we can instruct our representatives to do what is right. This will eliminate the feeling of impotency in the political process. The Internet's rapid research and communication gives us the tools to show our representatives how to do the people's business.

The salvation of our freedom lies not with passivity but with but educated, joint action. By showing a force of numbers we will encourage our representation to be motivated more by their moral and noble inclinations than blatant greed.

We will be reenergized by seeing the results of being victorious through our coordinated efforts. A representative government takes effort on the part of the citizens.

We can rekindle the spirit of our founding fathers extraordinary revolution by doing our part. Only through our hands-on involvement in politics can we combat and defeat the tyranny of the minority over the majority.

Dr. Maglio is the author of Invasion Within and Essential Parenting. He is a psychotherapist and the owner/director of Wider Horizons School.

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