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Monday, July 02, 2007

The Internet is Vital to Avoid Becoming a Nation of Sheep

America has gone from a nation of hard working independent individuals to an educationally credentialed bureaucratic people. These modern Americans are so harried trying to impress each other in order to gain acceptance and advancement that they have no time to think about long term personal issues and less to think about local and national ones. Following the latest fads in dress, entertainment and celebrity political causes is easier than developing one’s own opinion based on facts.

We are a nation of people who are vulnerable to conform to the power elite’s agenda. Unfortunately America is fast evolving into a nation of pseudo-intellectual sheep.

Most of our immigrant ancestors had involvement with and knowledge of the land with strong family ties. We are changing. We have become “book smart” moving away from doing most things for ourselves. We now hire nannies, landscapers, mechanics, pool cleaners, handymen and others to take care of us. We are losing our ability to be the “jack-of-all-trades”.

Our careers have moved from generalist to specialist. We work longer and harder in our narrow positions to stay afloat in the material rapids. Most of us live in the fast track with little time to learn from the earth, our elders or history.

Moving up the ladder used to mean learning a trade or a profession through on-the-job training. Many professionals in the pre 1960 open college admissions era rarely had to obtain a college degree to prove competency. Their job function and performance entitled them to their professional position. These professionals were goal not credential driven. Office politics were overshadowed by one’s accomplishments. Getting it done was an indicator of competency rather than who you knew and to whom you “kissed up.” Young people were supposed to immediately compete in the adult world.

Today many young adults are perennial teenagers. These aspiring young people have to spend years on the university level before they can even begin to practice their chosen career. They have to attend many hours in opinion classes, which turn into years. Instead of the instructors talking about how things work and are used in their specialty they opine about how the world should be. In other words they are B.S. courses.

Students are required to go along with the ranting or risk failing the course. The drip-by-drip drivel is the price of indoctrination. It does not encourage critical thinking. It dulls the brain, preparing individuals for passive acceptance of propaganda.

The pervasive media through headline news, polls and dubious studies continues the process of “group think”. The secular brainwashing is constant. God, family, marriage, the work ethic, personal responsibility are bad. Rehabilitation, no punishment- only positive reinforcement, zero population, the UN, Castro and Chavez, hedonism, criminal rights, abortion on demand, homosexual rights and illegal immigration rights are unquestionably good. Anyone who doubts that mental health rehab and drugs cannot erase evil acts or that man is the main cause of global warming is committing blasphemy in our modern secular world.

Americans are becoming less people who make judgments from observation of reality, and more people who make judgments based on the emotional response to a sound bite. Analyzing factual evidence and logic take too much work. It is easier to rely on choosing viewpoints that make us feel good rather than having to determine if they will work in the real world.

Most of us have become passive gatherers of information from 3-6 minute headline segments of news with a specific secular message. We hear the same agenda distortions night after night with little to no analysis of opposing thought. This lack of counter perspective conforms to the definition of indoctrination.

Many of us may consider ourselves intellectuals because we have obtained a credential of higher education. If we do not examine all the evidence available on an issue and reach our decision on a repetitive emotional appeal we are no more than pseudo-intellectuals or even better, a flock of sheep.

It takes time and effort to discriminate between propaganda and the truth. We need to be open to hear and research all the major events of our time. We need to set aside time to keep abreast of a rapidly fluid world.

The internet in the hands of a truth seeking people, not the government, is the most powerful 21st century innovation to counter mass propaganda. As long as individuals can use the internet to have a free exchange of ideas, secular elites will not be able to dull our intellectual powers. Many Americans will be able to avoid becoming pseudo-intellectual sheep.

Keep the internet free from the clutches of the government.



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