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Monday, April 09, 2007

Shrewd and Crazy People are Shaping Our Culture

Unbelievable as it may seem, it is no longer acceptable to hold irresponsible people accountable for their crazy and immoral behavior. Instead we are magnanimously changing our culture to prevent them from hurting themselves and all of us. It is eroding our freedom and robbing our pockets of our hard earned money.

States with no-fault auto insurance force the hard working people to pay extra for uninsured drivers. Even though the injury rate has substantially decreased, our auto insurance has gone up. Barbara Langland-Orband, “Blame Higher Car Rates on Pricing, Not Accidents” Tampa Tribune, Friday, March 23, 2007.

Affluent people build mansions on the edge of the ocean. They have every right to do so but we have no personal responsibility to bail them out after a storm. The fact is the insurance industry is paying them off for their insane gamble with Mother Nature. The insurance companies have no problem reimbursing these risk taking homeowners. These companies through donations have bought favor with the state regulatory agencies who reciprocate by raising the rates of the majority of the low risk insurees to pay for the few who are abusing the system.

Guess who is paying for the “no money down sub-prime” loan’s avalanche of defaults? Again, we are, not the mortgage company who made these ticking time bomb loans. Our interest rates for new loans are going up to keep the loan industry afloat. The middle class gets hit again.

We now have elaborately fenced over-passes at great taxpayer expense on our highways and bridges to prevent suicides and hateful people from throwing heavy objects down on innocent drivers. After spending time and money apprehending these fools, our judicial system dismisses them or at the worst gives them a slap on the wrist.

We use this shortsighted “humanitarian” philosophy of changing the culture to protect nutty and deviant people from receiving logical consequences for their irresponsible behavior. Child sex offenders, rapists, home invaders, terrorists and other violent criminals are shielded. The defense attorneys play to the jurist’s sympathies by directing their comments to their serial abusers less than ideal childhood. These deviant’s past circumstances are supposed to erase their evil deeds. The good and rational taxpayers pay the price for these hideous acts over and over.

Our lives are negatively altered to protect the deviant’s rights. We Americans are forced to not allow our children to play outside in the yards of our homes, place security cameras and alarms around our homes, carry mace or pepper spray and wait in long security lines at our airports.

Richard Ried, the “shoe bomber”, who was a failure at exploding his shoe on an airplane has been immortalized every time a traveler is required to take off his shoes to have them x-rayed to get through security at the airport. This “loser” is a cult hero amongst terrorists not for what he successfully did but how America has responded to him.

Our elites continue to dilute our quality of life to appease the clever cons. We now have to place all liquids in bottles no bigger than 4 ounces, use security wands on humped-back 80 year-old ladies and wait for the next bizarre bureaucratic command handed down. This is to divert the public’s attention away from rational “profiling” and issuing of a security card for low risk honorable U.S. citizens. Instead we pass unnecessary hours in the airport playing charades to pretend everyone is an equal risk possessing the same constitutional rights. We must discriminate between psychopaths and law-abiding citizens to preserve our heritage.

We are creating a bureaucratic culture that is protecting evildoers while punishing the good ones.

We the people are allowing utopian, international elites, a small percentage of the population, to corrupt our way of life. Accommodating shrewd and crazy people by sacrificing the freedom and rights of responsible people is a losing proposition.

Enough is enough. We must stop allowing our freedoms and rights to be chipped away to placate people’s insane actions. We must:

  • Vote out special interest parasitic officials and replace them with patriotic, responsible and moral Americans.
  • Stop supporting immoral and indecent entertainment.
  • Teach our children historical facts that have made America great not place the deviant above the law-abiding citizen.
  • Demand high moral standards from ourselves and others.

This is a culture war that must be fought to win. Sitting on the sidelines will result in defeat. Winning will only occur when we decide to stand up as traditional Americans.



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