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Friday, February 16, 2007

America's Internationalists are Traitors

There are many elites in our country who support international corporations above the interests of the United States. These powerful people, often elected officials, are making decisions for the benefit of multinational companies while undermining our sovereignty. Their allegiance is to increase power and money and not to their nation. Many of their actions are treasonous to the welfare of America.

Our leaders should do their job of protecting us rather than selling out America for personal gain. This elitist support is understandable given the multi billion dollars that international corporations have to spend on lobbyists, campaign contributions and advertising. These powerful entities with the assistance of politicians, practically dictate our domestic and foreign policy.

International corporations are outside the control of any one nation. They are mini states. They have no allegiance to a particular nation since they operate in most countries of the world. These entities are amoral with their sole purpose being to make more and more money and gather more and more power.

We Americans have the most to lose from the international’s push for globalism. America has earned the position of the world’s super power through our ancestors and our sacrifice. It is not in our interest for internationalists to redistribute our wealth.

Although the U.S. is the “king of the mountain” we are witnessing before our very eyes international corporation’s dismantling the mountain bit by bit and shipping it overseas. Whole industries have been moved to other nations because of cheap labor, resources or the lack of environmental restrictions all to increase their profit margin with no concern for the negative impact on the public. Their self-serving actions have long-term serious impact on America’s financial and military security.

In the long run the citizens of the USA suffer from our government’s silence. The internationalists use their immense power in politics and the mass media to assist global corporations make the laws. This direct access to affect the wellbeing of America makes them a nation state within our country reminiscent of the city states of feudal times.

Instead of advancing the United State’s interests these elites are manipulating certain aspects of our constitution and heritage to increase corporate power. They are creating a new world order based on global economics rather than national self interests. This makes many rich and powerful people more rich and powerful while making us poorer by leveling the mountain we have worked so hard to build.

Even President Bush, elected as a traditional nationalist has proven himself to be an internationalist. He supports amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants and unbelievably does not support his own border patrol undermining the national boundaries he was sworn to protect. Many politicians including President Bush, our state department, and dignitaries of foreign countries are fighting to eliminate our national borders through agreements such as NAFTA and CAFTA. These accords are only the tip of the ice burg made by ranking bureaucrats behind the backs of the American people.

The Supreme Court of the United States has begun to cite international law to justify the shifting of our established national law away from our political tradition. This altering of our federal laws by elites’ decree serves the purpose of establishing a new world order.

It is a deception by the internationalists to decry that the global economy is inevitable. We Americans have the most to lose. Besides being the number one economy and military power, we have the most representative and free nation on Earth. If the internationalist corporations, through the bidding of these treacherous elites, use their power to determine the direction of the country, our national independence will be lost.

We will wake up one day to learn that America has lost its sovereignty in a coup unless we take the following steps.

  • Place a 10-year ban on any ex-politicians becoming lobbyists for multi national corporations.
  • Elect patriotic people who will vote against international corporations receiving unfair competitive advantage through tax incentives.
  • Change the campaign finance laws to eliminate the immense influence of national corporations.
  • Vote for laws that will create a level playing field for competition amongst businesses.
  • Support closing borders to maintain our sovereignty in the same manner that Mexico does on its southern border.
  • Reward small corporations, that creates most of the new jobs, for staying here and employing Americans.

As we return to a national economy based on national interest, our standard of living will temporarily suffer. In the long run we will regain our economic strength and spirit.

Americans can govern ourselves through our constitution better than being controlled by a world order based on global economic profit. It should not be what is best for international companies or the global economy. It should be what is best for the USA.

American internationalists who revise our politics and culture are sabotaging the vitality of our nation. They must be seen for what they are: non-violent traitors to America.



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