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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fighting is Necessary to Limit Evil: The right to bear arms is an American value that must be preserved

Fighting has gotten a bad reputation. Anyone who fights is wrong in our modern culture. Both the aggressor and the person attacked are equally culpable to our authorities. The image of warriors fighting for good too often is perceived as malicious rather than noble. In the recent past standing up for goodness especially when it meant putting one’s life on the line was considered a courageous act that deserved admiration not condemnation. It still should for the peace and welfare of our country.

In a recent highly publicized incident in New York a mugger had the audacity to snatch the purse of Rose Moret, a 101 year-old lady, in the lobby of her apartment house. When she tried to hold onto it he punched her in the head. We were shocked back into reality that the older generation has more guts than the younger generation in responding to evil with indignation. This heroine knew right from wrong and automatically did what was right. In our hearts we cheered for her and at the same time felt ashamed we have lost our courage.

It is safer and easier to ignore injustices and brutality that occur smack in front of us. In this politically correct society we have been conditioned to turn our backs on people in harm’s way. We have become a society of self-centered wimps. We need to regain our courage.

Combat on any level is a dangerous proposition. No rational person wants to risk his life and limb in a fight. However, fighting is justifiable when it is done to protect ourselves, loves ones, family or nation.

In America each person has a responsibility and a right to protect his body, his family, innocent people and his property from unjustifiable attack. People are evil when they force others to do things against their own self-interest and will. The satisfaction of their desires drives them without any regard for decency and the rights of others. Evil people have always and will continue to exist as part of the human condition. Self-defense against evil is a responsibility of any spiritual person. Placing oneself in a dangerous situation to help another is a kind act.

Mugging, home invasion, rape, childhood sex abuse, stealing, domestic violence and killing of the innocent exists throughout the world. Depending on the time in a country’s history evil acts will be minimal or they will be rampant although thet will never be totally nonexistent. The level of evil is determined by the willingness of good men to take a stand. When courageous people fight against any type of evil it retreats.

We need to teach our children and remind ourselves that weakness in confronting evil causes it to flourish while strength results in its diminishing. Too many Americans have forgotten this historical reality and believe appeasement will magically bring an end to destructive behavior. This is false. It only emboldens evil.

Every humane person who desires a peaceful and good world has no right to do nothing when confronted by evil even if they fear bodily harm. Doing nothing is the surest way to lose our freedom and a just world.

Strongly fighting against evil is a less dangerous approach to insure our country’s existence than attempting to negotiate with it. Diplomacy with evil men buys them time to successfully launch lethal attacks that can culminate in our defeat.

Most Americans have no idea of the real consequences of losing the war to a belligerent civilization. Rape, pillaging and occupation will result in the eradicating of our freedoms, rights, prosperity and the optimistic spirit that has defined us for the past 250 years.

No greater legacy has a man than to sacrifice his life to protect the liberty and life of others. Being a victim or dying a coward while watching innocent people being abused or killed is a disgrace to the individual and a sign of moral decay of a society.

No civilized nation can depend totally on its police force and military to control and stop evil acts domestically and internationally. The people of the nation must be encouraged and allowed to stand up to evil acts. Without high societal expectations of valor on the part of all citizens a chaotic and violent world prevails.

Our founding fathers put their lives, families and personal fortunes on the line to fight the British abuse and exploitation of Americans. The novel Bill of Rights was created to list our inalienable rights as citizens of America. The second of these amendments clearly affirmed our responsibility and right to bear arms to keep evil people at bay. Let us return to the root values of America to preserve our nation.

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