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Friday, February 26, 2010

No Profiling is Poor Government

The number one function of federal government is to provide protection to its citizens. This is clearly spelled out in the preamble to our constitution.

The events of the past three administrations have shown a lack of resolve in defending the USA against terrorism. The Clinton administration had an inability to see and define the terrorist threat and treated it as separate criminal acts. There was the 1993 attack on the Twin Towers, the Mogadishu incident, the killing of 17 sailors on the USS Cole. There was the establishment of the Wall of Separation between the FBI and CIA preventing any sharing of intelligence information, which made it impossible to connect the dots to identify terrorists and to plan to counterattack them.

The 9/11 attacks on the US did consolidate our forces in a plan to actively thwart Al Qaida. Unfortunately throughout the Bush administration there were security leaks from the State Department, Department of Defense and the Justice Department, which hampered the war effort. There were no public announcements of tracing, firing and correcting the lack of loyalty of career bureaucrats.

In a year’s time the Obama administration has gone back to re-establishing the Clinton’s pre 9/11 approach of de-emphasizing the threat from terrorists. A terrorist act was sugarcoated to a ‘man-made disaster.‘ On December 20th, five days before the crotch-bomber incident, this administration sent five Gitmo terrorists back to Yemen knowing the recidivism rate is 20% or higher for terrorists from that country.

This is not a breakdown of the intelligence community; it is the failure of our leadership to give a consistent message. We are either fighting an enemy at war with us or we have foreign criminals coming to America to do suicidal acts for no specific purpose.

Behavioral profiling does work. Israel’s airline, EL AL, has not had a security breach since the 1960s. Our entire government has stubbornly prohibited profiling even with passengers at airports. Being aware and scrutinizing high-risk passengers is nothing more than self-preservation ,yet the administration ignores this common sense method to stop haters of America from entering our shores.

Homeland Security took the lead in wishing away the War on Terrorism and minimizing security. The Christmas Day Miracle revealed a surprising number of red flags that had to be disregarded by an incredible number of agents. The 23 year-old Nigerian, Yemen trained terrorist was placed on a “watch list” and was denied a visa from Great Britain. He boarded a flight in Nigeria, purchased a one-way ticket with cash and had no passport or luggage. His own father, a highly respected banker, personally reported to the CIA on several occasions, his son’s radicalization and involvement with Al Qaida.

Janet Napolitano initially appeared on television and told America that this colossal security failure showed that our security system worked. The next day she completely changed her story. President Obama’s said 72 hours after this event that it was an isolated terrorist. The next day he related that there is evidence 25 other terrorists were waiting in line for their chance. After this information was revealed this incident became a systemic failure of security.

The real cancer is much more deeply imbedded in our federal government than one or two officials. Their response shows incompetency or an attempted cover-up. The systematic nature of their approval of this downgrading of our safeguards as soon as this administration came into power is much more problematic.

The story keeps on changing according to the facts that can no longer be hidden. We can no longer accept an internal review or blue ribbon commission cover-up with no specific actions taken. We must demand to be given a full explanation of who authorized these changes in policy and the methods that will be used to hold them accountable.

There has been incident after incident that indicates there are people in our government who are more dedicated to protecting our enemies than our citizens. Charging these heinous acts as criminal acts allows the enemy combatants to ‘lawyer up’ and prevent any real interrogation. We are being stopped from reaping important intelligence information.

Attorney General Eric Holder has to reverse his policy of closing Gitmo and treating enemy combatants as criminals with all the rights of American citizenship or be held accountable for its disastrous results. All parties that impede the investigation or fail to swear allegiance to the constitution should be sent packing.

It is becoming clear; the only way to make sense of these illogical and counter productive policies is that there are officials in important positions that have little interest in protecting our citizens. Before the advent of political correctness their behavior would be considered treasonous. This type of behavior can no longer be tolerated without accepting further serious attacks and horrific consequences to our economy and the morale of our citizens.

It is time to clean house or face greater suffering.

Dr. Maglio is the author of Invasion Within and Essential Parenting. He is a psychotherapist and the owner/director of Wider Horizons School. Visit:

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