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Thursday, October 13, 2011



By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist.

The Wall Street rage started on September 17th, 2011. Most of the original occupiers of this festival of alienation were college students, the unemployed and individuals who wanted to revisit the sex, drugs, filth and arrests of the 1960s counter-revolution that their teachers glorified in high school and college. They are joined by union organizers, celebrities and some participants who reportedly get $300-600 per week to attend.

There was the same freaky communal democratic chaos and feelings of the 1960 hippies being surrounded by like-minded people. These predominately young adults were disenchanted by their unfulfilled dreams. They continue not to have a specific focus to correct their many grievances. These concerns are all over the map from animal abuse, global warming, racism, corporate greed, and personal financial issues.

These protestors had plenty of gripes. A college student wanted her college loans and rent paid for by the government. A well-dressed young man in his early 30s complained he worked as a lawyer. He said he was overworked and underpaid. A protestor was asked why he was there and he said he was against capitalism. When asked what he would replace it with, he was unable to reply.

The origins of the Wall Street protests was derived in the 99% Movement that went through Europe. Many progressives fanned the flames of class warfare such as Van Jones, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. This movement was planned for over a year to arrive in the USA on September 17th as the Day of Rage. This is an international effort to bury capitalism.

The anger towards bailouts of financial institutions and picking winners and losers is a mantra of these anarchists. However these “educated” students did not seem to understand that picking winners and losers was contrary to capitalist principles.

These malcontents did not know the difference between a centrally controlled economy and a free market economy. They did not seem to know the Tea Party was against the government interfering in the free market forces to determine who would succeed and who would fail. They seem not to understand unregulated competition is a capitalist concept or that President Obama’s administration picked winners and losers. They did not know that President Obama received significantly more money from the financial corporations than did candidate McCain during the 2008 presidential elections. Do they know that many 1960 radical hippies joined the establishment becoming corporate big wigs and educators?

The ignorance of the Wall Street protestors is understandable when you realize American civics and history are often not taught or taught from an anti American perspective in our public schools. They have been indoctrinated to believe that Marxist ideals are viable while are shielded from the facts that every nation that followed this path throughout history has resulted in economic and human rights


Most shocking is they accepted the propaganda that they are entitled to start at the top once they receive a degree. Many of these “educated” adults believe their credential is more important than their productivity on a job. They have been sold a bill of goods that sitting in a classroom insures a great job and the United States is greedy. They believe they have a right to receive the wealth of others to put them on the same footing with the rich and famous.

This naïve, unruly mob wants financial equity with the rich without earning it. This is a dream scenario when entering the work force but a nightmare when you worked yourself up the capitalist ladder. This immoral approach of robbing (redistributing a person’s wealth) is the reason our brilliant founding fathers insured the right of the individual to his private property.

The exceptionalism of the USA has to be emphasized in schools instead of magnifying every blemish to diminish America’s great accomplishments. This anti-American bias has to end.

American education is doing a great disservice to our children by perpetuating over inflated evaluations, false high self-esteem and encouraging students to live in an alternate, utopian fantasy world.

The 1960s hippie experiment was a pathetic failure. This latest attempt of the radical left to hold America hostage will help our young citizens gain insight into the thinking of these delusional people.

This fiasco of attempting to destroy our free market economy has to be exposed. The international 99% Movement will come to light with time. The free marketplace of ideas will put the United Stated back on firm footing. America pragmatism will again give us the edge in the global economy to lead the world out of chaos towards stability and prosperity.

Dr. Maglio is the author of Invasion Within and Essential Parenting. He is a psychotherapist and the owner/director of Wider Horizons School.


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