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Thursday, October 18, 2012


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Being president of the United States is more than a political figurehead position.  The presidency has real power. Our nation expects and deserves an individual who will devote all of his energy and time to doing a competent job in the most important and powerful free nation in the world. He has to say what he means and carry it out.  The position of President of the United States is not supposed to be a walk in the park or an extended vacation.

The presidency is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. He is supposed to represent all Americans.  It should be a humbling experience to sit behind the oval office desk knowing the decisions you make with have an affect on the lives not only in America but all over the world.

Although the president is not the head of one world government, he has enormous influence throughout the nations of the world. When President Obama recently appeared before the United Nations in New York, he should actually have conveyed the latest intel information concerning the Libya incident. Instead he pandered to the United Nations audience as if he was campaigning for world leader.

President Obama did not say it was a premeditated attack by an Al-Qaeda inspired group. His address took place two weeks after the State Department clearly stated the attack on the embassy in no way had been a spontaneous outburst incited by an anti Mohammed video. He mentioned the video six times implying it was the impetus for the killing and destruction that took place.

During his debate with Paul Ryan, Vice President Joe Biden, insisted the president and he had no knowledge of a planned and organized attack on the embassy. This statement by the administration shows at best incompetence and at worst a significant cover up. It was disgraceful for the administration to distort the incident to preserve a false narrative that Al-Qaeda is no longer a viable terrorist group.

Leaders take responsibility for failures and give credit for successes to their subordinates. They do not take credit for the assassination of an adversary and certainly do not reveal the exact details of the operation. Detailed intelligence would be exploited by the enemy and put our people in jeopardy. “Spiking the ball” is not what a leader does. This self-promotion is a failure of character.

“Leading from behind” is an oxymoron. People who lead are always in front. Once they are behind the people, they are following. Most great military leaders put themselves in harms way to inspire their troops.  A leader is not going to ask his men to do anything he is not willing to do himself. Leaders are after results not adulation.

Any administration should have a host of planned contingencies for dealing with nearly every eventuality. A president does not make excuses. The status of America’s foreign and economic policies should not be blamed on natural disasters or other country’s difficulties as it makes the nation appear weak. 

A leader does and should delegate responsibilities to underlings but should not hide under the desk when things go wrong. He should stand up and take responsibility as he put together this staff. As Harry Truman famously said, “the buck stops here.” Meaning, as president of the federal government, he is at the head of the organizational chart.  The president, not the Secretary of State is ultimately in charge of all policies emanating from the White House. He alone is responsible for any cover up or failed policies. It is his duty to correct them ASAP.

In our representative republic the president is limited by the other two branches of government. The president cannot legally and should not unilaterally make a decision by using executive privilege to arbitrarily create laws without following the rule of law. Establishing a shadow government with 30 or more czars attempts to circumvent our Constitution and is a subversive act. These un-appointed “advisors” may expedite presidential policies but sacrifices the legislative deliberation process that safeguards American liberties.

Our presidents have to be held accountable for their actions. In an international crisis like Libya it is unconscionable for the commander and chief to choose to head a fundraiser in Las Vegas and appear on television shows like “The View” instead of attending intelligence briefings or addressing the American people. Citizens have a right to know the planned course of action after another terrorist attack on the American soil of our embassy.

There is more to being the leader of the free world than perennially campaigning for the office, partying with Hollywood celebrities or playing golf. Respect for the office demands the president commit all of his energies to do the best job protecting Americans, not self-indulgently ignoring his duties.

We the people should make it clear to any person holding the office of the president that he has to actually govern for the interest of all the people not for special interests.  Picking winners and losers for personal political gain is a corrupting influence. The office demands a unite-er, not a divide-er. A true leader gets the job done without bragging or complaining. A strong, courageous, honorable and moral character is essential for a good leader.


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