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Thursday, November 01, 2012


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

Occupy Wall Street Slogan: “One day the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich.”
Karl Marx, “The theory of communism may be summed up in one sentence, abolish all private property.”

Class warfare has been a major component of a Marxist revolution. President Obama said, it was “patriotic of well-to-do Americans” to pay higher taxes.  These higher taxes are needed to finance government bloating of failed programs and increases in federal staffing gone wild. These programs supposedly are to assist the less fortunate but their goal is to increase dependency on the government. The wealthiest 1% should think that their present 37% share of all the collected income tax revenue even if doubled to 80% or more would be “their fair share.” Redistribution of a person’s income would only be ended when all was taken.

This notion is like a teacher swiping a hard working student’s A grade and transferring it to a lazy D student’s report card. An A student would consider it outrageously unfair however when the American workers are robbed of their assets through exorbitant taxation we are supposed to smile and ask the feds if they would like to take more as it is what patriots do. Being mandated to give a large percentage of income to the federal government is supposed to be seen as a privilege while receiving those redistributed funds is a right.

This 2012 election will determine the direction of our nation. We will continue to either remain a Constitutional Republic with a free market economy or we will be a centrally controlled government with a Marxist economy moving towards one world government. The contrast could not be clearer.

The Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 was fought against the Romanov czar regime. These Bolshevik Marxist intellectuals used differences between interest groups to divide and conquer. Women, class, ethnic and race were exploited to fan the flames of despair. The hope of change in this chaotic climate motivated the people to put the Marxists in power.

The purpose of this calculated uprising was to implement a Marxist utopian society. “From each according to his ability to each according to his need.” In this Marxist political environment, the rich are supposed to gladly fork over their hard earned income. The absurdity of this reasoning is the person that works hard to perfect his marketable ability is penalized by the government. His assets are confiscated through a ridiculous tax structure or by edict. Eventually the person realizes that sacrificing and striving will not enhance his own existence. These people become disheartened and by default become slacker-takers. The country becomes a dispirited Godless society.

Our founding fathers were reality oriented revolutionaries. They sacrificed their livelihoods, homes, families and their lives to be free to follow life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These patriots established a free nation not only for themselves and their families, but for future generations- if we can keep it. They were men of God and wisdom who understood the history of past nations for guidance in creating our sacred document, the US Constitution.  Time-tested truths were logically and reasonably put into place to create a representative republic.

These revolutionaries believed that freedom of individuals to raise their families  and their livelihood would insure a morally strong nation. Adam Smith’s, Wealth of Nations, became a major factor in developing the capitalist economy. They understood that the productivity of free individual buyers and sellers would allow both to profit as well as the nation. Since no outside government influence was forcing the transaction, the individuals themselves settled on a satisfactory contract.

 The capital these producers accumulated was their property to use as they chose. The decentralized citizen’s assets would be the fuel that would drive the economic engine.  There was no centralized government 5–year-plan or stimulus plan that picked winners or losers, just businesses small and large creating opportunities for employers to apply their abilities to make the business an honest profit.

Trickle Down Government is diametrically opposed to what our founders proposed when developing a free market economy for our limited government republic. Citizens freely chose opportunities taking personal risk to better themselves. In present day America the poor do not have to eat the rich, they merely have to work. Our society has been one of the most socio-economically mobile nations in the history of man. The successful entrepreneurs increased in social and economic status while those who were born into wealth but were not productive fell on the social and economic totem pole. We have a fluid social class structure not a static one.

Americans would not accept confiscation of their land, homes or money. except at the barrel of a gun. Our government is supposed to stay out of the way letting individuals make their own contracts with each other. Other than taxes for maintaining national security such as the military and infrastructure our founders did not assume the government had a right or even an expectation to a citizen’s money.

Our government is supposed to work for the people’s interest, not the people working for the government’s. Our country was based on the freedom of the people not on dependency or enslavement to the government.

It is unpatriotic to accept an inefficient, bloated government demanding and expropriating your money to continue failing programs while going deeper into debt. It is time for true patriots to stand up and vote these un-American shysters of both parties out of their plush positions of power. We must clean house and sweep out self-serving politicians and entrenched bureaucrats who use their offices to enhance themselves rather than serve the people.


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