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Thursday, March 07, 2013


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Local, state and federal governments are proceeding with business as usual. This is the same business of spending the taxpayer’s money without any concern for the citizens having to pay for their recklessness. The problem is we are drastically out-of-balance from years of mismanaging our coffers as if there was no limit to our treasury.

Politicians should no longer parse words to pull the wool over voter’s eyes. After years of over spending we cannot continue to increase the size of government. In the past decade our federal government has doubled in size and is quickly approaching $17 trillion in debt with no end in sight. The USA is heading toward financial collapse.

Our local, state and federal politicians continue to hire entry level workers and administrators at top dollar.  The county and government school administrators are not choosing to increase the responsibilities of administrators to cut the number of staff needed. The “bottom line” does not seem to matter. Instead these career school administrators and career politicians increase their kingdoms, which justifies their compensation packages.  They remain popular with their staff because of their featherbedding of public workers and many other citizens by continuing to spend taxpayer’s money on unnecessary services and give-away programs.

At least the federal government can print more money to cover their spending addiction. Local and state government can only hold out their hands for a bail-out by the feds. Through “quantitative easing”, the Feds printing of billions of dollars is devaluating our dollars and robbing frugal citizens of their assets. Anyone who buys gasoline experiences the real impact of our deflated US dollars. It is a major cause of the extraordinary high prices of a gallon of gas and almost everything else.

Our insane spending spree is not isolated to one political party. It is both republicans and democrats who belong to the ruling class that have taken the expedient route of giving their constituents what they desire to win the votes to continue in office.

To get things back in balance we must cut spending not increase taxes that are already strangling our economic growth.  We should unleash small business by decreasing government regulation and taxes that will grow our GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

We should demand the end of the symbiotic entanglement between government and international corporations. These large corporations provide donations to gain the ability to influence the writing of laws to favor them and crush competition from smaller businesses. Government that can pick winners and losers is destructive to maintaining our middle class. The revolving door between the federal government and corporate executives has led to rampant corruption and inefficiency.

We do not need more taxes but fewer taxes. The local, state and federal policies of increasing taxes on citizens during a depressed economy to maintain or increase the size of government is the ultimate insanity.  The Soviet Union’s leaders denied the financial collapse in the late 1980s in their military buildup. We are on a similar trajectory. Our elected officials need to make the hard choices to reverse the out-of-control spending of money we do not have. Our spending is unsustainable.

We should be incentivizing the private sector to grow, reduce the federal government and save money by cutting the redundancy, inefficiency and outright fraud in our bloated government. Citizens will experience some inconveniences as we shift the money to get the most efficient use of it.

We need people in leadership positions with vision and courage to do what is necessary to put us on solid financial footing. Americans need leaders like Scott Walker of Wisconsin who put his job and life on the line to put his state on solid financial ground.  He cut back on benefits to public workers even after violently staged demonstrations and threats.

Business as usual would again mean a return to responsible fiscal policies. We must cut ridiculous give-away programs such as free cell phones for our nation to survive and once again prosper. We the People must stand firm and speak loudly in order for government officials to get it.

Dr. Maglio is an author and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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