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Thursday, December 20, 2012


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

The "new normal" has been repeated throughout the media. This slogan is supposed to ease the pain of ushering in America's demise.

When expectations and standards are lowered, mediocrity follows. People without goals of achievement are not motivated to try harder. They sink lower and lower into habits of “getting by” rather than excelling. They become dispirited and disgusted with the hand life has dealt them instead of attempting to improve their present situation.

Accepting "the new normal" is paramount to surrendering to hopelessness. It is what addicts tell themselves everyday to continue their self destructive lifestyles. It is the slogan of the defeated not the victor.

The United States is fast becoming a society of too many losers. They falsely complain they cannot find a job when they are unwilling to look for or accept positions below their vaulted expectations. They do not want to work back up the socio economic ladder. Rather they demand a similar or better position than they had before even in an economic turndown.

These unrealistic employment expectations result in increased frustration, anger and envy toward people in better circumstances. When these people realize their ideal position is not going to miraculously materialize, they think of other ways to beat the system. After many months and now years on unemployment they search out and accept a mental health diagnosis of a disability. This legitimizes their excuses for being a victim of unemployment without having to admit that his obstinance to take a lesser position has backed him into this lifelong debilitating lifestyle.

Our public school policies of dumbing down academic standards for several decades has created a “new normal” of ignorant, functionally illiterate, disabled students. Government schools are producing high self-esteem, non-thinking celebrity worshipers who are easy prey for indoctrination. The curtailing of the teaching of history, vigorous math and sciences, classic literature and even cursive writing has resulted in pathetic professional and skilled worker applicants with a dismal work ethic. Many American corporations are providing foreign professionals with powerful incentives to relocate to the United States for highly skilled employment.

American child rearing standards of appropriate behavior have been reduced to tolerate the most bizarre and counter productive behavior. Punishment for transgressions has become unusual. Non-parenting parents have become the role models of today's childrearing. This has led to family anarchy where all members go their own ways. Without parental leadership single parent families have exploded bringing down their standard of living and increasing the vulnerability towards negative lifestyles.

The churches of America have become non-judgmental institutions that have abandoned Biblical teachings. Christ has been removed from Christmas and moral values have been sacrifices so as not to alienate habitual sinners. Too much of our clergy is focusing on the financial bottom line and is failing to live Godly lives. Teaching God's word regardless of people's reaction is their professional duty rather than appeasing their congregation. Morality is the underpinning of all of America's exceptionalism and our nation is moving away from the power of God.

Even our leadership in the military has fallen. Instead of generals speaking the truth concerning military strategies and tactics, they are repeating politically correct talking points to further their career advancement. They are living “la dolce vida”, which has weakened their moral standing making them just another hypocritical leader.

America needs strong leaders and role models in all walks of life. Parents, teachers, ministers, businessmen representatives, military personnel and ordinary people doing extraordinary things have to bring us out of accepting decadence. Raising the moral bar at home, school, church, business and the military will change the direction and the spirit of the nation.

America will again become a can-do instead of a cannot-do society. Normal will be an ever increasing standard of excellence instead of a declining one. We will bring the best out of each of us.

The USA can no longer accept leaders and people preaching to the lowest common denominator to gain allegiance and converts. Most of us should do our best to upgrade all facets of our lives to build a ground swell to lift the level of righteousness. This is the only way to re-establish America’s exceptionalism. 

Dr. Maglio is an author and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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