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Thursday, November 29, 2012


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Our nation's independence from British repression heightened our founder’s insight to the dangers of a large government. These patriots personally experienced the injustice of official’s illogical policies that alienated law-abiding colonists. They learned first hand that any government must be limited for citizens to be free.

The United States has followed the principles of our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that these wise men produced. We have been blessed with a free and prosperous country. Since the Civil War Americans have always known what it means to enjoy the benefits of freedom.

The rapid expansion of the federal government is giving us a heavy dose of regulation and politically correct indoctrination toward self-censorship. These new policies are restricting our choices under the guise of security and entitlements. Political correctness blurs moral values, which legitimizes immorality. It is eroding what we can say and think.

The fear of illness and death has been exploited to pass an encompassing entitlement, which restricts people’s access to specific medical treatments. It will decrease our ability to determine the best methods to treat ourselves. We are supposedly not to eat, drink or smoke certain items that bureaucrat experts think would adversely affect a person's health so not to burden our healthcare services. Our bodies have become wards of the state.

Our homes are no longer our castles. We need a permit to improve our own property and even to do necessary maintenance. Incentivizing local government by the federal central planning of land usage limits freedom of property owners to use their land as they see fit.

These restrictions of our freedoms will continue to expand making our first amendment a farce. Religions, especially Christianity are being harassed to stop preaching Biblical beliefs and practices. This is to increase tolerance towards immorality. Deviance is being liberated while healthy, stable living is ridiculed.

 Our schools and media are indoctrinating our children and young adults to unwittingly accept progressive slogans. Parents are no longer inculcating their children with values of right and wrong. We are becoming a "live in the present, give me” society without a grasp of the need to prepare for the future.

Self-centered hedonist societies do not end well. Economic and moral collapse eventually bring weakness that results in either an oppressive central government that enslaves citizens or in a foreign military conquest.                    

Civilians serving government is incompatible with freedom to create one's own destiny. There are few individual choices in a totalitarian society. Eventually the government owns your life.

A free man can think, do and believe whatever he wants as long as it does not harm someone else. He can use his wealth and property as he chooses. He is not required to give anything to anyone but he is not entitled to receive handouts. A free individual is independent not dependent on government.

Being free means you have to be self-reliant. The government does not guarantee your personal health, happiness and welfare because they are your responsibility.  You are supposed to take care of your own health and eat and drink what you know is good for you. Each person decides how to live and takes full consequences for his lifestyle.

Every free person has the right to succeed or fail, which everyone does throughout his life. He has the right to use his own talents and abilities to the fullest. A person will experience the pleasure or displeasure of his own decisions. He is able to meet his maker knowing his life was the creation of his own free will.

Standing up to keep our freedom is the only way to maintain our selfhood and our dignity. Freedom takes vigilance to fight against the gradual erosion of our rights and those of others. Tyranny is the outcome of weak thinking and dependent people no longer willing to defend themselves or others against government’s oppressive policies.

Dr. Maglio is an author and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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