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Wednesday, August 14, 2013



The food stamp program (SNAP) has increased six fold since 2000. In May 2013, 47.6 million people received SNAP cards. Citizens are being encouraged by bureaucrats to milk the system.  Our federal government is using emotional appeals in advertisements to recruit even more Americans. In 2011 $41.3 million was spent advertising this program. Accepting this and other government handouts has traditionally been shunned because of the embarrassment and shame attached to not being able to provide for yourself and family.  Citizen’s pride in being self-reliant is being systematically annihilated.

The entitlement mentality culture has indoctrinated our people through child rearing practices, schools and media for the past several generations that individuals would receive what they desire. Their basic needs and even wants such as food, health and modern housing should be provided by the federal government even when citizens do not put one iota of effort into attaining them.

This is the “ progressive” formula relentlessly being hammered into our minds. Dependency on big government will take care of your needs and wants. The only thing a person has to do is vote in the shysters and “presto” the government will give you whatever.

This is the antithesis of the American experiment. It is un-American because it is a direct contradiction of Biblical teachings that are the moral fiber, which binds the principles of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

America’s incredible success from the beginning was based on the hard work of the people not an all-encompassing government’s care for the people. Freedom takes responsible effort. Our founders understood the freedom of the people would unleash productivity and stability while waiting for government to take care of the people leads to poverty and eventually slavery.

Throughout the Bible inner discipline and self-reliance are heralded while laziness and accepting unrealistic promises are shunned. In Proverbs these creators of the constitution read, “Work hard and you will be a leader. Be lazy and you will end up a slave.” In just one small section of Proverbs there are many references to the virtues of work and the evil of laziness.

6:6  Lazy people can’t learn by watching an anthill.
6:7  Ants don’t have leaders
6:8  but they store up food during the harvest season.
6:9 How long will you lie there doing nothing at all? When are going to get up and stop sleeping.
6:10 Sleep a little, doze a little, fold your hands and twiddle your thumbs.
6:11 Suddenly everything is gone as if it had been taken by an armed robber.
10:4 Laziness leads to poverty. Hard work makes you rich.
10:5 At harvest season it is smart to work hard but stupid to sleep.
12:11 Hard working farmers have more than enough food.
12:12 Daydreamers are nothing more than stupid fools.
12:24 Work hard and you will be a leader. Be lazy and you will end up a slave
12:27 Anyone too lazy to cook will starve but a hard worker is a valuable treasure.
20:13 If you sleep all the time you will starve. If you get up and work you will have enough food. (Holy Bible, Contemporary English Version)

Americans should no longer accept corrupt politicians and progressive elites spewing their demagoguery without pointing out the falseness of their claims.

Remaining silent will bring America closer to our demise by eradicating the importance of work in our citizen’s minds. This purposeful attack on the work ethic leaves us vulnerable to accepting the power of government to control every aspect of our lives. We should not forfeit our most important gift of being Americans: our freedom for a few worthless trinkets.

Work liberates people from the chains of the dependency of the false promise of charlatans who infest government. People who care for their loved ones through their own efforts do not need to accept any redistribution (robbery) of their money. Through their hard work these honorable citizens are free to share their bounty with anyone they wish.  It is theirs to distribute not the government’s.

Dr. Maglio is an author and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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