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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio Phd. Traditional Realist

From its beginning America has attracted millions of immigrants not because of government handouts but because of opportunity. People did not find the streets paved with gold. They understood that when they started to work they generally started at the bottom of the ladder and would be able to work themselves up. Many of yesterday's children of immigrants are today's middle and upper class citizens.

Social mobility and the melting pot did work. There were no handouts, each person had to earn and save to move up to the next rung. It was hard climbing but a rewarding one. Along the way there were individuals who gave a helping hand out of the kindness of their hearts.  The government then understood that charity began at home and in the worst case scenarios local churches helped out.

Today in the era of Big Government Welfare, the entitlement mentality has mushroomed. It has resulted in people commanding, "My Brother is My Keeper." Too many people expect government to provide for them. It is a self-centered attitude totally alien to the American way.  In reality the takers are financed by the productive citizens not by government.

Proponents of a progressive state encourage citizens to believe government should be responsible for everyone's needs as well as wants. This belief is a game changer to our society. Citizens have to wake up to the transformation of the USA from a free market to an essentially controlled economy. There may be international corporations who work in conjunction with political elites although small business owners are more vulnerable to central government control. They do not have lobbyists or the time to deal with government bureaucracy. The USA has gone from the world’s most free economy to 10th in the world according to the Index of Economic Freedom.

The cozy revolving door relationship between large corporations and government elites squeezed smaller competitors out of business. Since large businesses have no incentive to provide quality service, they are drastically cutting back on their number of workers. The unemployed have been temporarily treated to government disincentives such as unemployment insurance, food stamps, minimum wages and supposedly “free” healthcare.

This has permitted government to become bloated with minimal resistance. As long as a large group of "takers" is formed, the politicians have cover to rob money from the middle and working class to redistribute it to the takers. The 1%-ers and large corporations are thriving.

In the short run, the unaware middle class "producers" do not consider the implications of these policies to their own freedom and wallets. Eventually some of the middle class are seduced themselves by the easy life and cross over to the government dole. The power and numbers of the middle class will begin to dwindle.

Striving to better oneself in life will become less attractive. The more government robs "Peter to pay Paul" Peter becomes unmotivated to work hard and Paul eventually gives up his pride, strength and freedom to receive government bribes. This redistributing of wealth continues until everyone except government officials and their cronies have lost their wealth. Everyone else including well-established self-made individuals will eventually be equally poor and miserable.

There has never been a society including the first Plymouth Bay Pilgrims and hippie communes who were able to sustain an egalitarian community. Nations in the past and present have tried and failed to create a utopian society. It is an idealistic dream that disregards human nature. People are motivated by self-interest not the decrees of government or wants of the lazy.

America needs to quickly learn that the progressive redistribution is an attempt to enslave citizens through economic sleight of hand. We will lose the essence of the American dream if we continue down this economic path. Americans are beginning to learn the game plan of transforming our society into a totalitarian state.

This realization should motivate citizens to vote out of office any representatives who have been proponents of socializing the United States even the low profile ones. These politicians give voters whatever they want regardless of the negative impact to the country as a whole.

Confiscating other people's property does not lead to a utopian state. These elites swindle the people by manipulating the law. The elites will gain power and assets while the majority will lose. 

We the People have to peacefully but firmly voice our message. The message is, “You take care of what is yours and I will take care of what is mine. ”Everyone should have an opportunity to sow but all should own the harvest of their own labors. Sharing the production of their labor is the individual’s decision not a collective one.

“I am my brother’s keeper” is a voluntary decision.  Government has no moral ground to take away the assets of one citizen and give them to another. The phrase, “My brother is my keeper” is an indication the government is attempting to indoctrinate people into a socialist/communist philosophy. The end game will be involuntary as it always is in a communist takeover.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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