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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio Ph.D. Traditional Realist

In our politically correct culture men are always guilty until they prove their innocence. Any male student accused of rape on a college campus has to prove it was either consensual or the incident never happened. We saw this all too well in the Duke Lacrosse incident where an entire fraternity group of men were convicted in the media before any evidence was presented. Last November in Rolling Stone Magazine an article vividly described a fraternity gang rape of a University of Virginia freshman student. It was so descriptive that it caused an outcry in the media against male sexual assaults. Under scrutiny the report eventually fell apart because it was totally made up. This type of incident makes it 100% obvious the burden is on the male to prove his innocence.

Instigated by the bureaucratic “National” Department of Education and the Department of Justice through Title 9, many of the state universities throughout the nation introduced a sexual protocol. This protocol is specifically focused on how students should engage in sexual activity.  There is a series of inhibiting and ridiculous rules before and during their interaction. These legalistic requirements put the onus on the male to prove every one of his actions are approved by his partner.  The initiator, assumed to be the male, has to obtain affirmation, conscious and voluntary written agreement or cellphone video or photo evidence from the female throughout this entire intimate emotional engagement.

These consent contracts are supposedly the intellectual elites attempt to lower the alleged one in five females being raped on campus. It is in reality an attempt to change the natural sexual response of men and women by altering the rules.

Similar to the definition of “what is-“is” the question is “what is rape?” The definition has morphed from physical force against the will of the victim to “I changed my mind,” “I was coerced,” “I was intoxicated” to “you should have known I really did not want to do it.” The definition of rape has been expanded to whatever the female feels is rape at the time.

This consent contract will supposedly empower young females to report more incidents of rape without loss of social reputation or ridicule. It will place every male entering any level of intimacy with a female in serious jeopardy. Obviously only a paranoid or obsessive person would stop at every heightened emotion to get approval to continue.

Most couples in the heat of the moment will not follow all the steps of affirmation. Unfortunately for the male, he has been put on notice that no matter at what stage of the sexual act, even in the middle of ejaculation, he is supposed to ask his partner whether to proceed or not. This is beyond the pale being contrary to the natural sexual response of release. In the back of every male’s mind that has completed a sexual encounter would be “could I be accused of rape or blackmailed?”

These consent contract rules put every male that is involved in sex with a female student in a dangerous position. The “he said-she said with no physical or other verification was usually insufficient to convict a person of rape. This new rigmarole of compliance and the lack of following this inane and unrealistic process makes it easier to convict an innocent man of rape. The burden is on the males even in situations where the females chose to become intoxicated and clearly gave verbal and non-verbal cues to continue. The male will be held accountable for not getting the okay from her. This would be very difficult with the “hookup relationships.” This compliant stipulation holds true even for long -term relationships, morally confused females who might regret their decision and sexually permissive students who are looking to make a few bucks by suing someone.

This only tightens the noose on the male’s being guilty until proven innocent. It is an incredibly stupid and unnatural set of sexual expectations that place more males at a higher risk of being accused and convicted of rape.  It is the politically correct social engineering elite’s world of “you are guilty until you show us the consent contract with crossed t’s and dotted I’s completely filled out with signatures for anything the female alleges.” This is not politically correct. It is incorrect micro managing of students’ personal affairs. It is political dictatorial overreach.

This entire consent contract is preposterous in a free constitutional republic.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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