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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio, Ph.D. Traditional Realist

Our nation was established with understanding and respect for natural law. The founders realized that attempting to change human nature was futile.  This non-reality orientation would evolve into a non-functioning society. Perversion of nature produces guilt, frustration and self-loathing in an individual.

These wise men are probably rolling over in their graves looking down at our upside-down nation.  Productive citizens are financially penalized while dependency is rewarded. Our police are portrayed as evil-doers while killers and looters are seen as innocent victims. Illegal immigrants are given priority over legal immigrants. Traditional men and women’s roles are obsolescent while changing your sex has become cutting edge.

In the recent past when toddlers pretended to be a dog or a superhero like Superman, parents and others traditionally set them straight. There was no way to legitimize this behavior.

In the new progressive culture we are promoting bizarre choices. On the application for college entrance, students are asked to identify themselves as male, female or “in transition.“ What ?? There are too many ridiculous choices that are warping normality. 

The recent fad of two young girls walking arm-in-arm down high school halls kissing each other created instant celebrity status. Identifying oneself as the opposite sex is becoming the vogue of today.

A Fairfax school district has passed a transsexual rights bill that would allow any student to self identify its sex without consulting the parents. Girl Scout USA is now accepting transgender boys on a case-by-case basis. Parents of children in grades k-3 in Kittery public school in Maine have just learned their children have been taught from a transsexual indoctrination book. “I am a young child with a boy’s body but a girl’s brain” is the theme of the book. There is a miniscule group of parents who are beginning to seek reassignment surgery for their youngsters. These naïve parents feel it will make their child’s transition from one sex to another less traumatic.

There are many parents and college students who think it is caring to be accepting of any person with weird and confused feelings. A student can express that they think they are a squirrel and be taken seriously. Our culture has coined the term “otherkin” to describe the person who identifies partially or wholly with a non-human or an inanimate object. Instead of correcting the child that she is not a bird, vampire, elf, or an inanimate object, they are going along with these fantasies.

A few parents are using a similar approach when a child states he feels like he should be the opposite gender. Modern parents are not reinforcing what the child was actually born as but are appeasing the child or making an avant-garde statement by pretending he or she has the right and ability to just choose his/her sex. The parent who wants the child to self-express to get in touch with himself or herself is being an accomplice to more confusion and a traumatic lifestyle.

Many parents are unwilling to nip the child’s identity confusion in the bud. The reality intervention of telling the child to cut out this nonsense would be considered by some to be intolerant and mean spirited. Telling the truth is a kind act.

These utterances, thoughts and feelings, were supposed to be tolerated as a temporary phase. Now too many psychological/education experts are arguing it is even a human right to be whatever a person wants to be.

Parents were the anchors that laid down the parameters of acceptable and unacceptable thoughts and actions. Boys do not have babies, girls do. Boys grow into courageous men who protect others. Girls nurture and shape the children to whom they gave birth. Boys cannot be girls and girls cannot be boys. Even with reassignment surgery this is a partial anatomical change but the person’s DNA remains the same.

The creation of antidiscrimination laws to make transgender a protected class does not solve the mental and emotional dilemma in the head of the person.

The majority of citizens might be bullied by political correctness and punitive antidiscrimination laws to conform but this will not appease these dissatisfied individuals. In college where tolerance/PC is religiously practiced even sympathetic students get annoyed with transsexual students who are offended if someone calls the person “he” when he wants to be called “she” when the next day he might want to be called something else. This is an insane situation for the most empathetic person to handle day after day.

The majority should not be punished for the few who suffer from this. This confusion and dissatisfied person should be directed to psychological therapy for help. Our progressive “experts” should not use punitive discrimination laws to force the majority to placate the disturbed few.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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