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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio, Phd. Traditional Realist

Going along in life without worrying makes it much easier. A person can live in the moment without having to be concerned about anything invading his bubble of self-centered blissfulness. However, ignorance may be temporarily satisfying but can leave the person unprepared and vulnerable.

This approach to life assumes that everyone around is a harmless, moral and a peaceful individual satisfied with life. Also, there are no natural or man-made disasters or accidents that would bust our protective bubble. These assumptions are foolhardy knowing current and historical reality.

There are wonderful people out there who would give you the shirt off their back and others who would rip it off yours. Anyone who knows a little history knows evil exists. People who have no moral conscience are able to deceive others, use and abuse them for their own power and sadistic pleasures. These sociopathic people prey on the naive and weak minded by making promises they have no intention of keeping. 

It is a dangerous act for an individual or a nation to unconditionally trust someone who has not earned it. When a nation makes it taboo to make honest assessments of other's actions, it is asking us to suspend our survival instincts. Being judgmental has become politically incorrect which makes all of us more vulnerable to evil.

Adolf Hitler was not taken at his word. Mein Kampf was written when he was in prison and spelled out his plan for gaining worldwide power. The Aryan race was the master race and all other races were inferior. This meant all of the other races should be conquered or eliminated. He ridiculed democracies and praised the power of one-man rule dictatorships. Unfortunately almost everyone withheld judgment on these pronouncements.

England's Neville Chamberlain and Russia's Joseph Stalin signed agreements with Hitler, which he eventually ignored to his advantage. German Jews held high, powerful positions in government and business. They unfortunately accepted this outreach to them and did not seriously consider the possibility of his carrying out his written manifesto against them.

Many Jews remained blind to his evil. Perhaps they did not want the anxiety of understanding his ruthlessness and his plan for genocide. As a façade he kept powerful Jewish personnel in his party.

Hitler was not the first or the last national leader to indiscriminately torture and kill others. There are countless people in past history and now who fit this profile. ISIS is carrying such atrocities right now. These terrorists are incorrigible, twisted haters of goodness and Godliness.

When a culture encourages its people to accept others without thought and judgment is has suspended reality. The floodgates are open for immorality to flourish. It encourages evil to seduce the naïve and innocent without consequences.

Our nation should not lull us into the delusional state of false security by establishing politically correct speech and thought control that prohibits us from judging our own and others negative behavior.  This manipulation of our speech and our thinking is making us less able to critically evaluate personal and world events. The vacuum in language and thinking has left us more vulnerable to evil-doers.

This habit of holding a higher standard for ourselves will make it more likely for us to keep higher standards for our leaders. By thoroughly scrutinizing the promises, words and actions we get to know the individual. Empty promises, changing and distorting one’s statements should alert us that this person is dangerous. When there is a consistent disconnect between a person's words and behavior, we must be aware that there is potential danger.

Acceptance of being non-judgmental leaves people defenseless against destructive people. We need to be vigilant to guard against con-artists that are after our property, freedom or even our lives. Profiling, a form of prejudice (pre-judging), is necessary to keep evil in check and out of our lives. To lessen acts of terrorism the Israelis, for example, use profiling daily in law enforcement.

We should not appease leaders that have demonstrated evil actions in our international relationships with foreign nations. As President Reagan implied, one should only trust after verifying. This is a safer path than naively following the word of a morally questionable leader.

We are creating an environment where evil cannot flourish by keeping our moral standards and expectations high and expecting others to do the same. However, when we equate good with bad, immoral behavior explodes and makes decent God fearing people magnets for ridicule, hate and abuse.
Regardless of the personal pressure Americans should disregard political correctness by expressing in their own words what they think even if it goes against the group-think state media. This is the way to keep a critical mind and remain a free nation.


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