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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio

America is great because of the sum total of its parts- its people. These are people who believe in moral values, freedom, work ethic and merit, which have fueled our greatness. Our success as world leader was not given to us or robbed by evil ways but earned by hard work, doing what is right and works. The people, not the ruling class has made us a great nation.

The only way an oligarchy’s leaders can take total government control of the United States is by degrading the moral values of its people. This strategy of demeaning good and instilling bad as the way we should believe and think about ourselves, has been taking place since the 1960s. This gradual process has been greatly accelerated in the past six years. Good has been redefined as bad and bad as good not only in the pop culture or in our institutions but also in our foreign policy.

The progressives throughout our society have been undermining our virtues and highlighting our faults. As a people we are painted as evil even though we are for the most part sharing our generosity and our brave to assist those resisting brutality and fighting oppression.

Every US institution has been under attack by the progressive movement. Our child rearing practices have been ridiculed by emphasizing the extreme cases of abuse (the exception to the rule) and pseudo science to undermine it. Since the introduction of modern permissive materialism child rearing parental neglect and absence have skyrocketed. Parents have lost their authority over their children to the state, which has paralyzed them from doing their duty. Children no longer have respect for their handcuffed parents or other authority figures.

Schools have dumbed down standards and eliminated necessary courses for educating children in critical thinking and communication. Civics and history have been revised or eliminated while cursive writing and speaking grammatically correct English have lost favor. The schools have circumvented competition in academics and sports achievement to establish a more equal mediocrity not to establish excellence.

The armed forces and police are the most constrained, well trained and just in the world.  Yet they are often accused of war crimes and racism while the terrorist enemy, paid anarchists and partying looters that are without any standards of conduct are praised.

Over the past six years this radical Obama administration has jumped at every opportunity to imply that all white people are racist. They are supposed to be responsible for all the evils in this country and around the world.

Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama told Americans to “Get off their high horse,” when they criticize the barbaric actions of radical Islam. The burning to death of a Jordanian pilot in a cage was explained as no worse than what happened in the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition or slavery by whites. This was supposed to be morally equivalent to what is happening now by Islamic terrorists even though these ancient events were responses to the harsh reality of the time and none done by anyone existing today.

According to the rationalization of this inhuman behavior, Americans should get down from their “high horse” and wallow in the cesspool of evil. We should accept evil as a payback for all our past mistakes. Citizens should stop being judgmental and understand all people are equally evil. Being non judgmental and morally equivalent have been introduced into our culture by progressives to justify horrific behavior and degrade our belief system.

Most inmates use this ridiculously illogical reasoning. They ask civilians if they have ever broken the law and cite jaywalking and speeding. Of course the person answers, ”yes” which is supposed to vindicate the prisoner’s incredible evil acts as everyone is imperfect. Thus normal citizens should not bother to struggle against their base urges.  They should just do whatever they want.

It is true we are all sinners and evil has always existed. We have been imperfect as a nation but this does not mean we should not recognize and define horrendous acts as evil.  An “anything goes” attitude develops in a society when there are no black and white moral values and appropriate punishment. Ignoring evil encourages it to grow. Confronting it by shining a light on it and standing up causes it to retreat. Our “high horse” has protected millions in nations all over the globe since our nation’s inception.

We need to return to our role as the leader of the free world rather than negatively exaggerate our history and “lead from behind” encouraging chaos to usher in one world government. Instead we should inculcate the traditional moral values of the American way and live them. We should not stupidly lower our standards of right and wrong. Maintaining high moral values and standards will strengthen us to defeat evil internally and externally.

Our survival as a nation and the free world necessitates our staying on our “high horse, ” walking the walk of doing what is right. This commitment to good and right will unite us as a people. This will turn back the barbarians who know no limits to the use of evil to enslave us all.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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