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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

In our current culture traditional families are not only becoming unpopular, but are being viewed as a hostile unit to our social engineers.  These experts see the family as relics of the past that impede the transformation to a more equitable society.  The education and allegiance of the people should be to the state and not to the family. Families only hinder this process of establishing a conforming culture that glorifies the state. Families, meaning a husband, wife and children, are under attack on every front.

Families have traditionally inculcated moral values. These moral values taught that first you honor God, and then your mother and father leaving out any thought of a government entity. Government institutions have to be dealt with judiciously but certainly are not considered sacred. These attitudes are prevalent where the government serves the people.

As the “nanny-papa” state proliferates throughout the world, people have to be taught the antiquated notion that the people serve the ruler of the government. They do this by meeting basic needs and even by government promising elaborate give-away programs. The more centralized the government, the more it can take from certain parts of the population and give to other parts. This redistribution of assets from the producers to the non-producers eventually leads to common mediocrity. No one does more than they have to since there is no benefit to them. Only political leader’s selected friends, intellectual supporters and government bureaucrats stand above the insignificant “stupid people” through their power.

The nation’s inhabitants need to be led by insightful intellectual experts representatives of the ruler. They can inform the people how to act and think for the common good. Obamacare allows the government to dictate what are good and healthy practices supposedly to prevent illness to keep down the cost of this national health insurance. This encourages local, state and federal leaders to pass laws to dictate the way people should live for the people’s sake. This rationale allows the elites to decree in PC language, no 32-ounce sodas, no salt and sugar and calls for numerous vaccines that have to be given to our children. The parent’s power to be responsible for their children has been usurped by government mandates. President Obama recently went so far as to advocate women not be stay-at-home moms not to handicap their careers. He did not seem to have any concern with how it negatively affects the family.

At government schools lunch menus have been changed to meet the latest nutritional fads, types of lip chap and sunscreen have to be approved by the school board while sex education and pregnancy advice can be given to students without parental approval. Even where and at what age children can play in their own neighborhoods can be second-guessed by child protective agencies. This process of government intervention has undermined the power and sanctity of the family.

The social unit of the family has to be attacked to undermine the legitimacy of parental rights. Worst of all, child protection agencies and government schools have gradually eroded parent’s rights. They no longer feel comfortable disciplining their children. Sex education, dispensing of contraceptives and even state giving medical advice on unwanted pregnancies is done behind the backs of many parents. Some parents are being second-guessed about what their children can eat and how to get them to eat these foods and the types of physical activities that are appropriate for them. Even moderate spanking is becoming a government issue. A Florida man called the police to supervise the spanking of his 12-year-old child to avoid his daughter’s threat to call the police. The state is moving parents away from being responsible for raising their own children.

The biological and close social relationships of a family interfere with indoctrinating the individual.  People with close families have too many beliefs and viewpoints. Praying, eating, playing, helping and discussing issues together results in people resistant to government promises. These people with strong family ties do not make good candidates for accepting an all-powerful government. They are more likely to resent government stripping them of their freedoms.

The family has been the most essential social unit for free, civilized societies. It is the most aversive, radical social unit for any government trying to control the people. It has to be undermined, attacked and plowed under for government programs to have reason to grow until it becomes a totalitarian state.

This battle between parental rights and government telling parents how to raise their own children is fundamental to the direction our nation will take. Parental authority naturally limits government penetration into the hearts and minds of future generations.

It is no wonder why intrusive governments have a strong motivation and vested interest in defining traditional families as an absurd radical bastion of regressive thinking and believing. The open attack on the family is presently obvious for all of us to see. Realize that the breakdown of the family will initially result in less freedom and eventual tyranny.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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