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Monday, October 20, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio Ph.D., Traditional Realist

“Girl power” has blossomed into full blown “woman power.” Even though the media and the Democrat Party have promoted the “war against women” the actual facts paint a very different picture. Men have lost considerable power in this society while females have made great strides. The real war has been against men, not women.

Females have gained an enormous amount of political power. Single voting age females are a powerful voting bloc that many pollsters believe had a decided impact on the past several presidential elections.

Females comprise 60% of undergraduate and graduate students in college, while males are on a steady decline in undergraduate and graduate programs. The traditionally male dominated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiative is focusing on recruiting females instead of plugging the dike of males leaving the college ranks.

Females have been liberated from the home and motherhood. They have become independent socially and financially whether unattached or married. Although mothers do a higher percentage of domestic chores, fathers are doing more of them than ever before. Female salaries have increased to almost be on par with male’s salaries when you factor in similar positions and seniority.

Women’s rights have become so ingrained into our culture that even an allegation of sexual misconduct by a female will have significant consequences for a male. University of Florida quarterback, Treon Harris, not only was removed from the team but also was not allowed on the campus to receive his education. This was all done on the whim of a female without any hard evidence or investigation. She later withdrew her complaint and he was allowed to return.

Now males are being held accountable for any incidents of sexual interaction. On college campuses men have to receive female consent every step of the way.  California lawmakers are considering a policy of “Yes Means Yes” to protect female students. This “affirmative consent standard” is being tied to a university receiving federal funds. However lawmakers are insisting that consent can be nonverbal. This means a nod can be “yes.” “He nodded, she did not” gets back to “he said, she said.” This does not solve the problem of consent, it is only government overreaching by attempting to micromanage sexual affairs on college campuses.

President Obama has called sexual assault an affront to humanity. This is nothing more than pandering to single female voters. This has taken on the form of the “It’s On Us” campaign. He is asking men to become involved when someone subjectively thinks it might turn into an abusive situation. Of course anyone should attempt to stop an actual sexual assault, however, interfering in a social relationship of any couple is a dangerous practice as many law enforcement personnel have learned. The usual female “victim” often turns on the officer who is trying to protect her. President Obama is asking civilians to try to do this impossible task.

In our current PC world men are guilty until they can prove themselves innocent in physical and sexual incidents with females. In domestic violence situations when the police arrive they overwhelmingly respond by taking the male to jail. Even though studies show 40-45% of the woman striking the man initiates the cases of domestic violence.  The man is usually physically more powerful and regardless of the facts in the situation they are held to the old traditional standard that they should never hit the opposite sex.

In our PC legal system men are being denied equal protection under the law. Women are given preferential treatment. The decision to have or abort a child is solely the choice of the woman. The man has no legal right to keep the child when the woman does not want it. In reverse even when he does desire to keep the child he is held responsible for supporting until age 18.  Furthermore, men usually receive the short end of the stick in alimony decisions.

When you focus on political power men have lost the war. Men are seen as losers who are constantly ridiculed by the media as overly sensitive wimps or physically and mentally brutes. Men have been propagandized by our PC culture to hide their natural responses to strongly verbally counter when put down by a female in mixed company. Instead men have become conditioned to acquiesce to be seen as sensitive to the woman’s feelings. In essence they have become lap dogs- emasculated.

Women’s study indoctrination programs in universities are dividing females from males. The instructors of these programs throughout the country have become paid advocates of “women’s rights,” which has drastically skewed the political landscape. These educators have demonized males while elevating females to sainthood.

These radical feminists are poisoning the harmony between males and females and are weakening our social fabric. Enough is enough. Truth has to come before a narrow focused political interest group’s agenda. The present feminist agenda is unjust and mean spirited for half of the essential part of our population. The pendulum should swing back towards the middle where both females and males are treated with the utmost respect socially and legally to create a more united society.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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