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Thursday, September 11, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD., Traditional Realist

Abdicating one’s power is an irresponsible act. It is easy to sit back and relax rather than worry about preventing future problems. Effective actions usually take planning and execution that requires the person devoting time and effort to do it right. This increases the stress level of someone’s life but it pays great dividends.

Our lives would be less hectic and simpler in the short run if we disregard our responsibilities. But in the long run it will create crises that would require greater time and energy to resolve with less likelihood of success. Once the genie is out of the bottle it is hard to get it back.

Our modern culture is instructing us to relax, self-medicate and be happy. We are not supposed to be preoccupied with children’s misbehavior, potty training, speech or even character development. The same philosophical notion holds true for the child’s unwillingness to contribute to the home and master subjects they do not like in school. When the child has issues at home we blame the other adults in the family. In school we attack the teacher and administration for children’s inappropriateness and laziness.

As citizens we do not keep ourselves informed about our local representative’s legislative actions. It takes too much effort. We love our own representatives since we are saturated with their PR efforts. On the other hand we have no regard for representatives in other parts of the country, especially if they take a controversial stand to do the right things. These patriotic behaviors are usually ridiculed in the media. We are too lazy to research the story under the headlines by using other sources.

Our nation’s view of foreign policy has been that we are the leader of the free world. However our political elites want to relinquish the responsibility of this leadership. The world should take care of itself. The USA’s lack of use of its power (leading from behind) will force other nations to do more. This will eventually create a Utopian world of peace.

Because of this unrealistic fantasy drivel many nations have tested the waters to see if they can obtain what they want through intimidation and military force. Many “two bit” dictators have grandiose ideas of becoming the leader of the world. They are not constrained by concern for other nation’s rights. They presently have no fear of American power stepping in to stop their aggression. This is the same scenario that occurred when America withdrew its power as the world leader under the Carter administration in the late 1970s.

Whenever the benevolent power of a parent, teacher, judge, representative or the president of the US is withdrawn, inappropriate acting out and evil will eventually fill the vacuum. Undisciplined parents, judges, teachers, local, state and national leaders, who are not judiciously administering power will create resentment, lawlessness and ultimately open rebellion.

Responsible use of power to develop moral values and punish wrong doers establishes societal order. Appropriate behavior becomes the standard to judge others. Courageously standing up to overt aggression is a formula for developing internal and international stability.

Eternal order and peace will not be achieved given the imperfections of humans and the willingness of some to cross the line into immorality and perversion. Avoiding taking a principled stand shows weakness, not strength. Appeasement of our subordinates creates an environment for future insubordination.

Improving our children’s potential, our institutions and national leadership require long-term conscientious day in and day out positive role modeling by all authority figures, especially parents. They should not shrink from their responsibilities but embrace them. A leader leads with a strong moral conscience

Righteous people need to stand up to evil to save us from it. The wisdom of their decisions will shine the light to guide the people to a high level of exceptionality as a nation.

In our short history as a nation we have been graced with leaders of moral character. Americans need to execute their responsibilities with dignity on a personal, familial and professional level.  America should elect representatives on every level of government whose main goal is the self-interest of the nation rather than just their own. 

Once we perform our duties with utmost morality in our everyday lives we will be more aware and sensitive to choosing better leaders on every level. These people will courageously act to teach and protect their charges rather than sit on their hands due to laziness, selfishness or personal gain.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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