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Thursday, August 14, 2014


By Domenick J. Maglio Ph.D. Traditional Realist

The democrats are noted for their belief in an all-encompassing government, a government that is supposed to meet the needs of all its citizens especially the poor. On the other hand the republicans are supporters of big business.  “When big business does well, the whole country prospers” is a Republican notion. These supposed specific party values have become the conventional wisdom passed down over the years from political leaders and pundits. 

“Too big to fail” is an anti capitalist policy of assisting large international corporations with billions of US dollars, easing of regulations and limiting competition for certain corporations and not others. Goldman Sacks was chosen while Lehman Brothers was not.  This protecting of certain international corporations was supposedly to prevent a Wall Street meltdown and global financial collapse, instead it was a reward to politically connected cronies.

Both presidents, George W. Bush (the Compassionate Conservative) and Barak Obama supported this policy. This exposes the fact that these supposedly diametrically opposed politicians both favored big business and big government. During his 8 years in office President Bush significantly increased the size of government while President Obama doubled down on assisting Wall Street and government bloating.  Obama established a close relationship with particular corporations by granting federal money and special regulation exemptions to keep them economically viable. General Motors became Government Motors for several years while the stockholders and dealerships were shortchanged and the unions were rewarded.

Both parties pick winners and losers to increase their power to receive political donations and future high-level positions for themselves and their cronies.  Big government and big business have gone hand in hand to develop a base of power for both. Yet both parties and commentators act as if the expressed differences were actually religiously practiced.

This false dichotomy has become more obvious to thoughtful independent voters. People on the left and the right of the political spectrum are realizing that campaigns are nothing more than kabuki dances. Each party uses its particular catch phrases to win allegiances and votes but once in power only rule to increase the bureaucracies in government and business to maintain their office.

Centralized power in business and government has lead to greater exploitation of citizens and workers. The Tea Party and young leftists are becoming more aware that decentralization of power going back to local communities is the best method of keeping independence, freedom and increasing economic opportunity for the people.

There has been a political enlightenment among many of the American voters. Centralized power in government encourages large corporations to join with big government to eliminate competition with smaller businesses. Government picks winners though passing specific laws and regulations. They insure an unfair playing field to prevent start-ups from ever stepping on the playing field. The winning corporations support the enlargement of the government bureaucracy. Everyone else, especially the people, lose in this charade.

The American people should demand capitalist principles be practiced in the USA. No longer should small business be burdened with ludicrous paperwork and unnecessary regulations. This does nothing to protect the public but does everything to create more government positions and stifle new business start-ups.
Government should remove its crushing boot on the throats of smaller companies and allow the free market invisible forces to operate. 

When companies regardless of their size become inefficient to operate at a profit, they should not be bailed out but be allowed to cease. This process cleanses the economic system of mismanagement. Other better managed businesses, although small, will fill the vacuum.

A major dividend of government keeping its hands off a free market naturally encourages more competition, which prevents large inefficient companies to perpetuate themselves. The increased competitive businesses will heighten accountability that sets a standard for government operations limiting the opportunity for blatant graft.

Both parties have played ball with their greedy hands held out for big business to fill. The only way to beat back and break up this fascist marriage between big government and big business is to vote for representatives from either party who are more concerned with citizen’s liberty than personal power and money.
This will curb the unholy alliance. Our freedom as a nation depends on it.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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