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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio, Phd., Traditional Realist

In our modern society lying has become an art form that is admired rather than rejected. Most people elected or quickly advancing such as politicians, corporate businessmen and government officials are people who self-promote to further their careers. This often means the person weaves fiction and some grains of fact to create a “celebrity image” of himself.

The social media phenomena has facilitated and encouraged people around the globe to instantly become the person they want to be, a celebrity, instead of the person they actually are. In this virtual world there is a strong temptation to embellish and directly lie to make oneself more appealing. People alter their photos, claim accomplishments and skills they do not possess and associate with people they do not know. This phoney process through social media has given everyone, including youngsters, a great temptation to practice the art of deception to be famous at least in their own minds.

Telling tall tales about oneself and others in this anonymous world has become more commonplace and accepted. Lying has lost its stigma as a destructive behavior that leads people not to trust each other.

Today’s truth has become less important than the ability to convincingly state a false narrative to appear “cool.” Brian Williams was finally outed by US soldiers who were aboard the helicopter that he said was in direct fire from the enemy. This fictional story and many others were not disclosed for years. The NBC News anchor’s staff accompanying him had remained silent. Others in the largest nationally watched newscast in America were also accomplices. According to their perspective Mr. Williams was merely taking liberties with the truth.

The reaction of others in the media has been more revealing. The people interviewed in the news business expressed he was a likeable guy. They related they wished he would continue in his position even though most were uncertain that he would. There was not the slightest consideration concerning the integrity of the news profession and its impact on the viewers.

There was not the slightest outrage in the media concerning Mr. William’s outright lying, which undermines responsible reporting. Besides embellishing and exaggerating is a major component of most of today’s media. After all he was untouchable since he was a household name. The media too often views itself as elites who shape events rather than report them.  These so called reporters are more invested in their own celebrity or the progressive movement than providing citizens with accurate information where they can draw their own conclusions.

American citizens are becoming cynical of our media. President Obama admittedly lied twenty-one times saying, “you can keep your own doctor if you want,” “ the Affordable Care Act would save the typical American an average of $2500 in insurance payments.” This direct lying by the oval office was ignored as an insignificant event.

The Benghazi fiasco was a series of lies about our actions and the blatant attempt by many high ranking administrative officials, including the president, to convince us it was a spontaneous demonstration. For two weeks the press reported the claim that a little known anti Muslim video ignited a spontaneous attack on the American embassy. There was no investigative reporting to counter this administration claim. In Libya the people on the ground noted the attackers carried sophisticated weapons and were coordinating on radio the assault on the US annex.

The in-your-face fantasy scenario for six years about a miraculous economic recovery is based on smoke and mirrors. They refused to note that quantitative easing was devaluating our dollar, which caused a speculative stock market to skyrocket. There was no press challenge to dubious economic formulas and indicators.  This ridiculous charade continues.

In a September 2014 speech, President Obama claimed that the US strategy in Yemen had been a successful part of an anti terrorist strategy. In a year’s time the Houthi forces have forced us to abandon our embassy in Yemen. America is learning from the top down that lying works.

Lying is easier than telling the truth in the short run when there are no immediate consequences for this behavior. There is no longer a press acting as a check and balance on our political system. Instead the press has practically become a state run news organization that is trying to win favor with politicians to gain access to powerful political elites.

America is forgetting that lying does not pay. The press, politicians and businessmen could not get away with their deceptions and blatant lies if We the People did not practice and tolerate it in our own daily lives. We must eliminate lying in our homes, schools, businesses and government. In the long run lying does not pay.

Taking shortcuts by lying does not end well in any venue. Eventually the truth breaks through the web of lies. Once that occurs lives and careers are ruined since no one can trust a liar.  This fact that a liar will have to face his lies and receive  punishment in this world or the next has not changed throughout history.

As a people we must teach lying does not work by doing our duty to stamp it out. We need to give severe consequences not tolerate or ignore it. The United States is doomed to rapid decline if we do not get our house in order.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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