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Wednesday, September 02, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio Ph.D. Traditional Realist

President Obama campaigned for president in 2008 as a “uniter not a divider.” He was going to have a discussion on race to bring us together. This promise like many others turned out to be the exact opposite.

The discussion of race started with black Professor Henry Gates’ incident in July of 2009.  President Obama stated,“I don’t know not having been there and all the facts what role race played in that. But I think it’s fair to say: Number 1 any one of us would be pretty angry. Number 2 that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting someone when there was proof that they were in their own home. And number 3 what I think we know separate and apart from the incident is there is a long history of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”

This statement illustrates a pattern for president Obama’s prejudice against law enforcement personnel with emphasis on discrimination as an excuse for lawlessness.  First he speaks before all the facts are present, second he rationalizes the black arrestee in this case by dismissing Mr. Gates’ possible disrespect toward the police. Finally he ends his statement by constantly accusing the US institution of law enforcement of the discrimination of blacks.

This happened with the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman incident where he inserted “ Trayvon could have been my son.” This is a subtle warning. He emphasized African-American frustration over the verdict, which did nothing but undermine our legal system.

President Obama’s initial reaction to the Ferguson riots was to send this message,” Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to the family and the community at this very difficult time.” When a white cop is assassinated by a black man there never has been a White House official present at the funeral. This sends a message.

The President further stated “it was an oppressive and an abusive situation in Ferguson.” He noted the report of the justice department that “Ferguson used traffic citations as a revenue generator.” This is the case in many small towns regardless of race. He called Ferguson a “clearly broken and racially biased system.” President Obama stated, “We may never know exactly what happened. But Officer Wilson, like anybody else who was charged with a crime benefits from due process and a reasonable doubt standard. And if there is any uncertainty about what happened then you can’t charge them anyway just because what happened was tragic.” This statement does little to support the process of our legal system. The President never declared that, “hands up, don’t shoot” was false according to a thorough federal investigation. This omission encouraged black rage throughout the country and allowed the “black lives matter” movement to take root and fester.

The anger towards law enforcement spread to NYC where two policemen were killed in cold blood while sitting in their car. The killer, Ismaaly Brinsley, wrote, “I  am putting wings on pigs today.” This incident led to an organized march in the streets of NY. The anarchistic crowd chanted on cue. “What do you want? Dead cops. When do you want it? Now.” This is outrageous and repulsive to the members of law enforcement and strikes at the heart of law and order.

“All lives matter,” is what democrat presidential candidate, Governor Martin O’Malley stated and then retracted after bring shouted down by ‘black lives matter” radicals. This is not the open atmosphere where President Obama promised to share ideas that would improve racial relationships. We have moved from “all lives matter” to “black lives matter” to “all whites and law enforcement should be targets for death.”

In a carefully crafted statement President Obama condemned the Baltimore riots and decades of inequity against blacks by the police. This added more justification for the “black lives matter” frenzy. In 2013-14 there was an 89% increase in the killing of police officers. There have been 28 killings of policemen by blacks this year. Police Officer, Darren Goforth, was killed execution style. He was shot in the back 15 times, while pumping gas in Harrison, Texas. A Memphis police officer, Sean Bolton, was killed during a traffic stop. Both of these white officers were killed by black men. So much for President Obama’s calming the waters of racial divide.
The day after the assassination of Officer Goforth in Texas “black lives matter” paraded in Minnesota shouting “Pigs in a blanket- fry ‘em like bacon.” This is inciting the murder of policemen and a take-off on cop assassinator Brinkley’s statement above.

The radio show “Sunshine F---ing Opinion Radio” members of the FYF or
FUKYOFLAG and Blacks Matter movement called for the lynching and hanging of white people and cops. FYF911- “tonight we continue to dismantle the illusion of white supremacy.” This is race hatred that needs to be confronted by authorities.

After years of decline, more than 30 cities’ rate of violence has increased. More than double the number of whites are killed by policemen than are blacks. The number of blacks killed by police in the last few decades is down 75% yet the hate crimes against police have increased. President Obama’s words do matter.

President Barack Obama should recognize that if he wants America to unite he has to focus on positive racial achievements and integration not on stirring up racial disunity. Peaceful interaction, not vilifying rhetoric of whites and policemen will result in improved racial relations. The nationalizing of our local law enforcement agencies or racial riots will not heal the nation’s racial resentment. Only a strong condemnation by our leaders of these hate crimes will restore the ability to have a civil discussion, law and order.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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