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Sunday, July 17, 2011


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Americans are not stupid, they are just preoccupied with their personal lives. This is the excuse most of us use for our family and friends who are unable to connect the dots concerning our nation being on the brink of insolvency. The evidence is overwhelming.

Medicare, Medicaid, interest on our debt and now Obamacare are inflating our debt at a disastrous rate. These non-discretionary programs are consuming 76% of every tax dollar. By 2020, if we do not implode before, it will increase to 92%. Not immediately addressing non-discretionary spending will end America as we know it. Our national monthly debt is currently more than the entire annual deficit of 2007.

This safety net was put into place during the FDR era. It is on course to balloon into a comprehensive welfare state. We certainly knew that social security back in the 1960s and probably when it was initiated was a Ponzi scheme. Our unemployment insurance has grown to a two year benefit, 47% of citizens do not pay any federal income taxes, the number of people on Medicaid has skyrocketed, Obamacare is a boondoggle and the baby boomers are entering social security overwhelming the system. Too many Americans are expecting the government to take care of them. This mentality is not the self-reliance of capitalism but one that leads to totalitarian government.

The large corporations have used their lobbying power to give them unfair advantage through corporate welfare, again contrary to free enterprise. They are being allowed to privatize profits while socializing loses. Our government intervention into the corporate world like the financial industry, General Motors and Jeffery Immelt CEO of General Electric and head of President Obama’s economic advisors has been called crony-capitalism. The party in power picks losers and winners. In return the political party receives campaign donations and corporate favors. This cozy relationship bypasses the impartial free market competition. This insidious involvement of corporate executives and government officials results in consolidation of power and opportunity for rampant corruption. In the 1930s, this crony capitalism had a different name, fascism.

Another strategy of government grabbing greater power is to expand its reach and numbers. The politicians make outrageous promises and act as if they have the power to grant “new rights” to citizens. Each promised service and entitlement increases the justification for more government employees furthering government encroachment into our lives. The continual increase of local, state and federal agencies requires more public employees, which translates into more regulation, less individual freedom and more taxes.

We have to face the obvious that we are at a pivotal point. We are spending more money than we have. If we continue, we will lose our country as we know it. We are on our knees begging China for money to pay our creditors and Saudi Arabia to keep the price of oil down. The reality of America will radically change. Our country is heading towards a centrally controlled state economy whatever it is going to be called. This concentration of power in government always ends in tyranny.

We are not using our brains or common sense. These decisions to decree entitlements and rights without considering the long-term cost have created this mess.

The granting of rights and entitlements without having the funds to sustain them is driving riots worldwide including in America. The radical left filmmaker, Michael Moore, and community agitator, Reverend Jackson, praised union workers in Madison, Wisconsin for demanding outrageous salaries, benefits and the right to collective bargaining. They applauded the invasion and takeover of the state capital in Madison by out-of-control union members and sympathizers. Mr. Moore audaciously said, “America is not broke. Madison is not alone. Thank you, Don’t give up Madison … this is only the beginning.” Both these radicals are calling for revolution worldwide.

Fortunately the rule of law prevailed to prevent further chaos. In mid June the supreme court of Wisconsin ruled that Governor Scott Walker and the legislature were abiding by the law in limiting the collective bargaining rights. The court’s decision denied the unions had collective bargaining “rights.” Mob rule intimidation will hopefully not be tolerated in America.

Our constitutional republic has been the most stable, prosperous and longest existing one on earth. Our constitution and Bill of Rights limits the power of government to arbitrarily use power against citizens and protect minorities from the tyranny of the majority. Government exists to be a servant to the people rather than the people existing to meet the desires of government elites. America is based on individual freedom where citizens are allowed to be free and self reliant in a free market economy.

Gradually we have handed over power to the federal government. The concept of rights granted to the people to meet their wants and needs is part of the Communist Manifesto not our Constitution. People’s rights, collective bargaining, political correctness are slogans that have been used to transfer societies into totalitarian ones. Dependency on government feeds the growth of oppressive government.

Our citizens have to know the difference between a constitutional republic, a democracy or a dictatorial government. America will choose to reject the direction of our government in the 2012 election or accept the transformation into a dictatorial one.

Ignorance and non-involvement will keep the status quo of government ruling for the power elite’s self-interest. Remaining stupid ends in enslavement. Freedom from government repression involves understanding of what is happening politically. It will take personal involvement to reestablish our liberties. Truth and knowledge will give us the impetus to fight for our freedom.

The answer to our political future is up to us. Let us give real meaning to Independence Day.

Dr. Maglio is the author of Invasion Within and Essential Parenting. He is a psychotherapist and the owner/director of Wider Horizons School.


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