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Tuesday, October 25, 2011



By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Many nation’s malcontents and pundits are rooting for the demise of capitalism. The Arab Spring, the riots in Europe and its offshoot, Occupy Wall Street, are all angry with their national governments’ corrupt leadership and international corporate greed. The crucial issue for this turmoil is not capitalism but the insidious marriage between the power elites of government and that of the corporate world.

The leader of the free world, America, has received the brunt of the criticism nationally and internationally for the current economic downturn. We have played power politics to foster international and internal stability. Our support of certain dictatorships and international corporations over freedom seeking young people as in Iran and small businesses has rightfully been questioned. We need to reevaluate our foreign policy and allow the free market to work.

Governments worldwide and international corporations have entered into unholy alliances, which are contrary to capitalism. These corporations have funneled money to government representatives to receive special legislative favors that give them an unfair competitive advantage. The revolving door between government and nearly monopolistic corporations has resulted in what is called today “crony capitalism” and in the past was fascism.

In the United States both political parties have used the power of the executive branch to pursue policies to grow government’s power disregarding the Constitution and the people’s will. We are rightfully losing trust in our institutions.

Our leaders and culture have been corrupted by the notion that “it is all about money.” We have lost our moral bearing, the social backbone of our society. Our nation is indeed in a poor place in the economic and moral cycle, although we definitely can rebound.

There are plenty of things that are wrong but there are more things right about the U.S. History shows us that living is difficult in whatever period of time one examines. Somehow America has muddled along from the beginning making the necessary changes to put us on a steady course. During crisis after crisis, the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, WWI and WWII, the great depression, the Cuban Missile Crisis, assassinations of the 1960s, Carter’s Iran hostage crisis, 9/11 and this Great Recession many people have thought the USA’s end is near.

At those frightening moments Americans have thought about all we have to lose. September 11, like other major crises in our history united us all. We forgot about our differences and remembered what makes us an exceptional nation. These realizations of what we have to lose are similar to what families and friends feel at a funeral. The death of a person brings a flood of all the things we will never again experience with the person. The shortcomings are overlooked or forgotten, all the goodness flashes in front of the mourner. This brings on the regrets of not telling the individual when he was alive how much he was appreciated for his being and actions.

Today our appreciation for all we have in the United States is almost non-existent. We have a tremendous amount to lose if we turn our backs on our moral principles and our capitalistic roots that have allowed our nation to prosper.

Before we topple our entire system because some corrupt businessmen and politicians are exploiting it, we must realize all the advantages of living in the United States we would lose. Our free market has allowed people from all over the world the opportunity to keep the wealth they earned through their own efforts . The possibility of obtaining the American dream has made us a beacon to the world.

Americans have a responsibility to openly criticize their leaders and nation whenever the will of the people is not being represented by the government. Freedom of speech is a unique and essential element that makes us great. However, citizens do not have the right to resort to violence nor blatant deception. A significant majority of our citizens do not believe that the end justifies the means.

Many people in the past counted America as a society close to death. Our weaknesses have caused other nations to misjudge our internal strength. The only thing these attacks on our homeland have done is wake up a sleeping giant.

Anarchy and chaos do not lead to improvement but to destruction. No civilization, culture or person has ever been perfect. Man, by his nature is imperfect.

Creating a better world is much harder to accomplish than tearing down the old one.

United States citizens reject the road of redistributing wealth. Socialism, even in the milder form of European Democratic Socialism, is unsustainable. The combining of big government and corporations- crony capitalism/fascism – also will fail as the corruption is uncovered.

Americans need to insist on the free market where there is a level playing field to insure there is no favoritism of bailouts or picking winners and losers. Fair competitive capitalism needs to be the ideal not crony capitalism. This reestablishment of capitalism not arbitrary redistributing of wealth would resolve the major objections of both Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party to the present shenanigans of Wall Street and big government joining together.

It will take most of us to improve our country and benefit all of us. By being more fiscally sound, morally prudent and doing our civic duty we will improve the nation one person at a time

The return to a more moral and less intrusive government will unite America. It will revitalize our economy and citizens. We will enter an era of strength and prosperity. The rest of the world of nations will follow our lead.

Dr. Maglio is the author of Invasion Within and Essential Parenting. He is a psychotherapist and the owner/director of Wider Horizons School.


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