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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Difference Between the American Nation and Others


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

America has been a haven of freedom-loving people. It is not a nation of a particular race or ethnic group. The people who came to America from all over the world wanted the freedom and opportunity it offered them.

There never has been gold lining the streets but there are many immigrants who wanted a chance to raise themselves up by their own bootstraps. Hard work and sacrifice still exist as a formula to prosper in the USA. Look at any group of recent immigrants, they are competing to get ahead and are doing it.

These new immigrants and the existing doers among our countrymen are the role models who capture the indomitable spirit of America. Doers do not want anyone, especially government, to tell them how and what to do. They desire the freedom to live their own lives. These doers do not want to owe anyone, expect or accept government handouts. They are proud, independent people who reject government interference in reaching their self defined goals.

There is no difference between any other nationality compared to an American as most want the chance to climb the socio economic ladder.

In the past the vast majority of immigrants who came to the US did not seek government dependency; they were running from it. They detested it because they understood the cost. They abhor any strings attached to receiving welfare and refuse to be envious or make excuses for not being as well off as others. The only thing they seek is an entry level position or the chance to start a small family business.

American exceptionalism is not based on the ethnic and racial superiority of our people for we are from every corner of the world. It is clearly our culture and our historical freedoms that encourage every one of us to reach our goals through our efforts. America has been the land of opportunity.

Too many citizens of America have become un-American. They want a cradle to grave government existence. These weak and easily frightened parasites have every constitutional right to advocate for socialism, communism, fascism or use their freedom to leave for another country. These dissatisfied citizens reject traditional American ideals and are not believers in what is unique about our country. However, most want to keep their own status and money while crusading for redistributing the wealth of the middle class to assuage the guilt of their own material wealth.

We are an exceptional nation because of our self-reliant values, willingness to work hard and save for our families and our strong belief in God. There are many “have nots” in other countries who just want a chance to be “haves” by being allowed to earn and keep their wealth. They come with the strong family and moral values needed to succeed. Let them come because we need them more than ever.

We are at a tipping point in America of doers and takers. This 2012 election can be the end of freedom or the United States or an incredible rebirth. It will show whether Americans want a large government dependent society or a limited government with a free market society.

The choice is between two different approaches in governing: A central government that controls all aspects of one’s life or a limited government encouraging individual initiative and doer energy to propel the nation. Even if the people choose a limited government and a capitalist economy it will be up to the citizens to keep the ruling class of both parties from reasserting its power through devious means.

The choosing of a welfare state will turn the tide of productive people’s desire to come to America. We will become dispirited like almost all other countries in the world. Too many of our people will complain about the ineffective government programs and not hold themselves accountable for their own pathetic, lazy existence.

If the balancing point is passed where the takers outweigh the doers we will rapidly tumble into an immoral, disorganized, unproductive society. At this juncture there will be little inspiration or wealth to redistribute and our fate as “a has been” nation will be sealed. As the doers realize America has chosen the taker’s path they will jump ship for another freer and more prosperous country. America’s exceptionalism will no longer exist. It is doubtful another country will rise to take America’s place. All nations will become equally unexceptional.

Our founding fathers learned from England’s repression of the colonies, Adam Smith’s, Wealth of Nations and the study of history of past nations the most effective way to organize the government to insure the people’s freedom. These lessons gave them an enlightened perspective to forge a constitution that is not based on limiting citizen’s freedom but limiting government’s power to interfere in the lives of it’s citizens. This great experiment is the legacy that has made America the beacon oof the world.

People have come to America specifically for the freedom and opportunity our founders granted each and everyone of us. Let us not sacrifice this incredible gift on the altar of false government promises. America’s inspiration to the world should be preserved for the people of all nations.

Dr. Maglio is an author and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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