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Monday, January 16, 2012



By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

Our culture is encouraging males to be weak. The “wimpifying” of the US males was initiated during the 1960s by the Women’s Liberation Movement to create a society with gender equality, a unisex nation. The gradual cultural changes over the years is presently fully evident

The initial reason for the feminist movement was to gain gender equality. The accomplishing of the goal meant the boys had to be raised to be non aggressive and more sensitive while the girls had to become tougher and pushier. They have been highly successful in transforming both the gender’s behavior. The females have become more independent, assertive and achievement oriented. Males became more communicative and sensitive although there were unintended consequences of lowering male’s perseverance, expectations and abilities to accomplish their traditional functions.

A recent poll found 80% of males have little problem with their spouse’s salaries being higher than their own. This gradual relinquishing of their past bread-winning role has had a profound effect on the family. The househusband and couch potato males are no longer the butt of jokes, instead have become the ideal modern man.

The modern woman has gained greater independence at the cost of being required to fulfill more traditional male responsibilities and duties. Women presumably have been the more exploited gender in the recent past. Presently it is still the case only more so. Women have twice as much depression as males, which markedly increase heart disease. Modern middle age females have become overwhelmed because they are not genetically hardwired for the more acute confrontations of life while still handling the majority of the business of the home.

The additional burden placed on women can only be corrected or reversed when mothers and fathers encourage boys to be boys. Both parents need to be united in this mission. They need to prepare their sons for their natural destiny as men, not for a world that has never successfully existed.

When the going gets really tough, life and death tough, the tough men not the women are supposed to get going. This should motivate both fathers and mothers to encourage their sons to be strong. Boys need to be taught to fight through pain to accomplish their tasks.

These projects can be constructive assignments like chopping wood or cutting brush in a specific time period. The more a child learns to solve problems on his own, the more competent he feels with a corresponding increase in frustration tolerance. Anything that physically and mentally challenges boys to become stronger is beneficial to toughen them up. When the boy gets a physical bruise he should be expected to mentally control the pain not exploit it.

“Tear power” to get sympathy should be off limits for both genders but especially boys. In today’s America the girls are taught to stifle their crying while the boys are encouraged to appear sensitive by crying.

Girls rule while boys don’t try. Boys are now taught to be cute and charming while girls are expected to do well in all endeavors including physically demanding activities like martial arts and other sports but most importantly in school.

The result of the change in child rearing practices of the past 50 years is startling. Sixty percent of people completing graduate school are females leaving only 40% males. Women are successfully achieving while men are pleasing.

In the world outside academia, courage is needed to stand up to protect and preserve what you have. Standing up to do the right thing or keep what you have earned is not for the faint of heart. These are not traits that are held in high regard in an educational setting although they are instrumental in success in a competitive business world.

Giving up by crying by our male population is not an option if the USA is to remain strong. When things get tough our males need to be forceful by trying harder not folding up in self-pity. It is important for our boys to develop into strong men to build, protect and maintain our nation.

The women’s liberation experiment can be considered a success in terms of accomplishing their objectives of changing boys into whiners and girls into the more assertive gender. It is a failure when noting its impact on society as a whole.

These new sensitive males are too mushy and self-centered to hold their families together. They have not been trained to stand up to anyone including their own children who are often out of control. Their independent, strong wives have lost respect for their husband’s display of weakness. This weakness leads women to be attracted to stronger males. Divorce has become a viable option further downgrading the strength of the family.

Only by abandoning the modern pampered child rearing practices can we hope to increase the strength of our boys, the family and the nation.


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