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Tuesday, December 13, 2011



By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Modern society is being fed propaganda that we should treat everyone equally regardless of their actions and behavior. Progressives believe that a person who believes someone else is better than they suffers humiliation. According to their thinking this can be easily remedied by manipulating the situation to prevent excellence from rearing its ugly head.

In Melvin, AR an eleven year-old sixth grader, Demias Jimerson, was instructed that after making three touchdowns in a game he would not be able to score again if his team was 14 points ahead. He was considered by school officials to have an unfair advantage over other children in the league. Principal, Terri Bryant, said she is punishing him but wants other players to develop. “He’ll score almost every time he touches the ball.”

Demias was considered too superior to other young athletes in the conference. Even if he were placed in an older age group where it would be more difficult for him to shine, he would make others who may be older feel inferior since they were not as good as or better than this youngster. Demias must not be allowed to excel or other children will give up, not try harder to become better.

Our culture is failing to appreciate that anyone who performs on an excellent level elevates everyone around him. It motivates others to try harder. Instead we are protecting our children from the difficult lessons taught by reality.

This psychological and emotional coddling is happening throughout our educational system. We have established policies that promote grade inflation to assist unmotivated students to learn the rewards of laziness. We do not even keep score in children’s sports.

In the business world our government is prohibiting employers from giving honest evaluations of former employees. It is even being considered that asking a potential employee how long he has been unemployed would be discriminatory. The government rationalization is everyone should be given a new start by disregarding the mistakes of the past. We do not want people to be harmed by the harshness of the truth. Rather than allowing an individual to improve we are willing to pass on a flawed worker to another unsuspecting employer.

Even though our government is attempting to legislate fairness in the workplace, Occupy Wall Street, also called the 99% Movement, is about the unfairness of life. They would like to prevent a talented person in a particular field from using his accomplishments or high level performance to economically rise above the 99% of the people. Many believe the entrepreneurs need to be held back from receiving their just rewards or many less hard working will feel envy. The profit motive of capitalism is seen as a cruel and unusual consequence for the 99% unless they are involved in business.

The OWS believe the unequal distribution of wealth within a society is criminal to the less fortunate. This concept means 99% of the American citizens need to have their wealth confiscated by the citizens of poor nations. These poor Americans would be the 1% of rich people when compared to the entire world. In poor nations the average worker’s yearly salary is less than the average US poor worker’s weekly salary. For world equality the worker of a poor nation should have the right to a fairer salary provided by the “poor Americans.”

International progressives are philosophically against hybrid capitalism. China and Cuba are now using some legal and illegal strategies of capitalism to increase the national wealth. This should be stopped because they are encouraging an income gap between the slackers and the profit seekers. Cuba is encouraging home ownership and private business. China is employing economic incentives to foreign businesses to relocate to their country and price fixing to discourage foreign competition to increase their market share. Producing more wealth by turning a Marxist nation into a capitalist one only enlarges the gap between rich and poor.

There is one foolproof way to gain world equality. It is through One World Governance. Creating a world without national borders will make it easier for the ruling class to more evenly distribute wealth equally to all the workers. They believe it is imperative we create a global society to level the playing field. Equality in a poor country is much more virtuous than developing a rich country where there is a large gap between rich and poor in the view of progressives.

The current strategy of dismantling standards and expectation of excellence is too slow a process. Once positive incentives to work are banned, the nation’s spirit will deflate. Diverting the behavior of the masses to the lowest common denominator does achieve lower national standards of living while increasing dependency on the government will take generations.

American elites must lead the way to open the borders and to punish the capitalist 1% worldwide for being over ambitious, productive individuals. This would be done for all people except a small minority of ruling class intellectuals who would deserve all the privileges of wealth for making the masses equal. This will bring the people to a level of equal mediocrity, which will be distributed throughout the world.

This ruling class will have the moral dilemma of living in extraordinary luxury while maintaining their agenda for a total equality as the best method of living for the masses. Deep down the ruling class knows with all it’s heart that they are superior but they do not want the hassle of having to keep up with arrogant upstarts. They understand that mediocre quality for the masses is an inoculation against worker uprisings. It is best to squash all competition for everyone’s benefit especially for the chosen few.

Dr. Maglio is the author of Invasion Within and Essential Parenting. He is a psychotherapist and the owner/director of Wider Horizons School.


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