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Monday, December 19, 2011



By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

This may be harsh to many people but none of us are entitled to other people’s property. When people decide to give someone else part of their earnings, it is called charity. When the government takes money through taxes from an honest individual and selects another to receive part of it after skimming off some for friends and self it is extortion or crony capitalism.

The Wall Street occupiers are right; crony capitalism is a cancer devouring our spirit. Instead of allowing market forces to determine what are the best products and companies, government leaders decide. They pick winners and losers based on politics. Large donations to campaigns purchase access to leaders and repayment in the form of special regulations, contracts and bailouts. Quasi-legal bribes become the cost of doing business. It is called state capitalism in China and is a hybrid economy, which is controlled by the central government. It leads in the long term to inefficiency and an undermining of competitiveness. It is a form of nationalistic socialism that Hitler used in Germany.

About 10-20% of Americans are confirmed socialists. These people are often so-called “intellectuals” who are indoctrinated in our universities. Many professors, media elites, students, union leaders and progressive politicians have been reluctant to publicly express their beliefs. They are now comfortable in this political environment to declare their political preference. This should be an eye opener to the average American.

This political forthrightness is good for our country as long as we have an open debate on the pros and cons of a centrally controlled society. Without the mature discussions we are vulnerable to a revolution from within led by a small band of ideologues. These intellectuals are destined to fail in establishing a better society.

For our country to regain its strength, citizens have to be weaned off government handing our money to certain groups to win their favor. This means perennial unemployment insurance, Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid and other smaller give away programs have to be scaled back. The safety net has to be significantly reduced to save our nation.

There will be personal hardships that will have to be endured. Like any addict who has been seduced into a life style that leads to self-destruction, pain will have to be suffered before one can conquer the addiction. It will not be easy for many to return to reality.

Political officials parcel out the people’s money to others increasing these recipients reliance on government. This is the same way a pimp uses money and drugs to entice girls into prostitution. The caring folks help and encourage the addict to withdraw from a horrible existence. These mature people are not heartless. They understand to be free again a person has to give up the security and allegiance to false substances and promises spouted by charlatans.

Many charismatic leaders throughout history have created a vision based on falsehoods that have enslaved the citizens. Dependency on government inevitably is a path to slavery. Americans have to endure the agony of withdrawal from government bribes for their vote in order to gain freedom for themselves and their children.

Reality oriented people like those in the Old Testament and our founding fathers learned from human nature. In the Old Testament, Thessalonians 3/10, “If any man does no work, let him not have food.” In modern time these are the common adages that make the same point; “you don’t get something for nothing” or “there is no free lunch.”

Once we realize the historical validity of these common sense reality and economic observations it will help the OWS participants to understand why capitalism benefits the standard of living of so many while socialism/Communism does not.

Many Americans are learning the hard way that European socialism and crony capitalism cannot work. We are recognizing that our constitutional republic protects our economic and social freedom by restraining the power of the ever-expanding central government.

The people’s major weapon to return to economic reality is our self-education. Our citizens knowing history, understanding human nature and using common sense are the elements that will keep us on the right track to keep our free market system.

Dr. Maglio is the author of Invasion Within and Essential Parenting. He is a psychotherapist and the owner/director of Wider Horizons School.


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