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Saturday, May 26, 2012



By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Many adults have short memories about the sacrifices their parents and grandparents made to establish and maintain themselves in a capitalist society.  They understood America did not grant it’s citizens handouts but did provide them the opportunity to work, keep most of their earnings, vote in honest elections and freely express themselves anywhere they desired.

Almost all of the Baby Boomers had parents who worked hard and saved money to give them a better future.  Most of these boomers contributed to the family through doing their studies, their chores and holding part-time jobs. Some worked themselves up the ladder while others took a temporary detour and worked to earn money for college. Government was not there to assist them to better themselves. They knew it was their own effort and responsible choices that would determine their future.

These same people who worked and sacrificed to move up the social economic ladder are now selling their souls and their children and grandchildren’s futures.  These retirees or soon to be retirees want all the outlandish and unfeasible promises made to them to win their vote by slick politicians even though they know it is bankrupting the nation.

These seniors understand they will not have to pay for the escalating cost of government goods and services but their children will. They pretend they are not stealing from the younger generation to get these exorbitant benefits. The majority of these self-indulgent boomers are remaining silent as not to overturn the government sleight-of-hand gravy train.

The U.S.A. has a burden of a $15 trillion deficit. The increase of government spending and power rested more on the shoulders of our greedy Baby Boomers than on conniving politicians. They should have known better. As the drip of government services turned into a deluge the boomer generation chose to ignore the economic reality that there is no free lunch. Even though they did not desire to be a direct personal burden on their children, they have no qualms of being a burden on other taxpayers. Conveniently they ignore the fact that their children and grandchildren’s taxes will significantly increase to finance their undeserved benefits.

It was the boomer’s insatiable appetite and entitlement mentality that was the impetus for the federal government’s rapid growth. The obvious explosion of government’s growth cannot be denied or overlooked. Too much of it has been initiated to provide services often to demanding seniors. There is now 50% of our population receiving some form of government assistance: local, state or federal.

Government extending unemployment payments and then when the benefits ran out encouraging many of these unemployed to be put on the rolls of the newly disabled should have been denounced by senior organizations.  Almost 2 years of assisting the unemployed is being sold to the public as a positive way to stimulate the economy. The redistributing of taxpayer’s money may sustain phony economic activity at the cost of lost production and higher deficits. This additional government spending only delays the pain and damage for a short span while increasing the duration and intensity of the pain of resolving the problem down the road.

As we increase benefits to decrease the suffering of some in the free market economy’s down cycle, we are creating new perpetual “rights” that are supposed to be furnished by the government.  The “right” to free health care, education, cell phones, contraception, free meals, energy, housing, college education and “earned” tax credit amounting to an average of $1800 for many of the 50% of the people paying no federal taxes is bloating our deficit.

Simultaneously the percentage of citizens paying federal taxes has declined to 50%.
We are escalating benefits and rights at the same time we are exempting half of our citizens from paying their fair share of taxes to have some “skin in the game” to pay for these so-called “rights.” The insolvency of social security is being sped up by the many boomer workers who are retiring.

Many senior citizens who have lived conscientious and long lives should be aware that this is a foolish and destructive course for any government. These people of age should have sufficient wisdom to do everything in their power to share their insights with as many people as possible to stop these policies from destroying our economy and our national sovereignty.

Shame on all U.S. boomers who do not prepare and warn others of the coming of a financial train wreck that can be averted by the wisdom of these elders. Speak up before it is too late for your children, grandchildren and this great nation.

Dr. Maglio is an author and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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