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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's Culture is Corroding our Economy

By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Our present culture is producing dreamers and needers rather than doers and savers. Savings has almost become extinct because we spend money before we have it. We worship the decadent freak celebrities and curse the dedicated, virtuous worker. Our heroes of the past are being destroyed and are not replaced by wholesome Americans.

The pre 1960 culture that drove us to be the best in the world now is on life support. Our culture has been turned upside down since the 1960 counter culture revolution. Today's establishment has the value system of the anti-establishment “revolutionaries” of the 1960s. We are losing our traditions that have made us great and our competitive edge.

Our government is looting the wealth from the ambitious creators and distributing it to the lazy parasites. The needs of non-productive citizens are being placed above personal ability and drive to better oneself. The self-perpetuating ruling class is manipulating our economy and elections.  Modern status quo is a perversion of American traditions. It is a planned attack on bringing our capitalist economy down and replacing it with a centrally controlled one. The Soviet Union and China’s five-year economic plans of the past that never succeeded are being replaced by the USA’s 10-year economic projections. This is unbelievable.

Excuses and laziness are rewarded in school. Bankrupt corporations are given bailouts of taxpayer money instead of being allowed to fail. The CEOs of these companies are given multi million dollar bonuses after leading their companies into disaster. Openly crooked politicians are not being identified or punished but are given higher positions to evade prosecution and increase their power to further dismantle the underpinnings of our laws and our values. This is not an unconscious act. It is being done purposefully.

The free market is based on freedom and the moral trust of its participants. In order for capitalism to function well, fraud and outside government interference have to be nearly non- existent. Business transactions have to be based on mutual consent of buyers and sellers not on government regulations, mandates or executive orders. Logic, reason and honesty need to prevail for the individuals involved in the deal to be satisfied.

The American dream of the pursuit of happiness is being thwarted and corrupted by government intrusion and micromanaging of the free market. Solindra, the Boeing plant in South Carolina, and picking winners and losers on Wall Street are the antithesis of free market policies.

A more subtle and indirect policy affecting the economy is the attack on the family. The family is being redefined to include every combination of people to undermine the sanctity of husband, wife and children. As the family weakens, the moral values essential to the free market are being gutted. The welfare system and government schools are creating greater dependency on the government and less reliance on the family unit. Moral values that were once transmitted directly by parents are now being more easily distorted and changed through government indoctrination in schools and the media.

The dominant progressive culture is switching the concepts of freedom and opportunity through competition, with dependency and security crushing the impetus for capitalism. People have to believe that their individual efforts will be rewarded by increased wealth for the free market to exist. The sanctity of the free market contract and private property must be upheld or people will lose interest in being ambitious. 

Our present “tolerance of everything” culture has made it easier for government to change the way we do business. Too many of us are becoming numb to the rampant incompetence and the onslaught of counter productive failed policies. No longer with a strong moral compass Americans are being “sheeple” that can easily be herded.

The continuation of this obscene, status quo, immoral culture will rot the US economy from within. Only by instilling traditional moral values can we have the opportunity for an economic resurgence. This will not happen by continuing to do what pleases us but through strengthening our self-reliance, family, work ethic and greater allegiance to God.

The culture has to be retaken by traditional moral values and self-realization through daily interaction. The courageous displays of doing what is right will encourage others to follow suit. These incidents will motivate many citizens to revolt against our being inundated with progressive indoctrination, sexualization and perversion. We need to exert our power by turning off vile television shows, not attending repugnant movies, studying political issues and candidates before voting while being the best we can be.

Productive citizens have to band together to forcefully voice their objections to a small group of power elite from both political parties who distort our moral values and our constitutional rights to curtail our freedoms. This heightened awareness of the American people should be used to energize all of us to be more involved with our families and become more politically active to keep the American legacy: the land of opportunity, liberty and prosperity for all those who are willing to work.

Dr. Maglio is an author and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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