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Thursday, April 11, 2013


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

There is a large influx of well-to-do Russian and Chinese tourists and immigrants into the United States. They have something very much in common. Both are from communist nations that have established a freer market economy. These countries have deregulated their economies to unleash capitalist forces. This has allowed their people to have more money to enjoy an affluent lifestyle, while we are doing the opposite. We are moving to a controlled central economy by repressing and redistributing our material wealth.

Too many of the younger generations are oblivious to this ironic economic reversal. Almost 50% of them believe socialism-communism is superior to capitalism. They have been blinded by years of non-judgmental, politically correct indoctrination in our schools. Our younger generations have lost the knowledge and ability to distinguish between ideological rhetoric and historical fact. 

Our public schools elimination of history, geography, civics, de-emphasis of classical literature and Biblical knowledge has created a knowledge and value vacuum. This makes it almost impossible to rationally judge the results of different values, behaviors and political systems in the past and present.

This value and knowledge gap has been exploited in the public schools and colleges by the introduction of new areas of concern. Diversity, racial/ethnic, reproduction, alternative life styles, social justice, equality, gender inclusion, recycling, multiculturalism, climate change and globalization are courses and concepts that have become staples of American reeducation replacing traditional studies.

This process of dividing into minority groups and conquering process has been radicalized to the point that professors have been emboldened to demand students stomp on the word “Jesus” they had written on a paper, recite poems and songs glorifying particular political leaders and unleashing “academic exercises” blaming America and white American males as the evil doers of every imaginable world problem.

The solution to America’s leadership, according to this new view, is a utopian world based on equality, fairness and redistribution of wealth. These Marxist ideals are supposed to transform countries of the world into peaceful, prosperous countries that will unite into a one-world government.

This is being sold while European socialism is falling apart before our eyes. Their welfare economy is unsustainable because they do not have the treasury to fund their wonderful sounding giveaway programs that end in the people being slaves to the totalitarian governments. 

The United States is going down a path that has repeatedly failed to live up to its promises, while socialist-communist countries are moving towards capitalism. Students have not been taught the historical facts of the Soviet Union's demise, Castro's Cuban dictatorial fiasco and Chavez's plundering of Venezuela's oil resources to remain in office. These are politically incorrect topics. Students remain unaware that these men amassed billions of dollars in their personal accounts while their people live in squalor. Instead students are programmed to accept the slogans of equality and fairness for all as being the salvation of man.

Ignorance of the people is one of the ways evil establishes itself. Our ruling class elites are dumbing down our curriculum to set us up for indoctrination. The lack of verifiable facts and strong moral values to make decisions leaves us no reference point to detect political chicanery.

Our nation is under attack from within. Our most vulnerable: the young and the old are being frightened into accepting a “freedomless” society for the promises of economic prosperity and security. These promises are lies that are not allowed to be challenged in progressive education and the politically correct media.

The welfare state is seductive if one does not realize that all central governments quickly will run out of people to tax. When the economy has no more wealth to redistribute, the young and the old will be the first to suffer and be eliminated. We are beginning to witness this process in late term abortions, “morning after pill” for preteens, infanticide and the withholding of lifesaving health care for the elderly.

Most importantly we must observe the results of political promises and policies. If they consistently have failed to fulfill their hype then we should change directions. Moral values and common sense should prevail. We will not toss away 250 years of freedom and prosperity for a Marxist system doomed to failure.

Our citizens have the advantage over other nations in the past that have allowed Marxist doctrine to get a deadly foothold. We have access to the Internet to study and obtain information that we have been denied in our formal education. It is up to each one of us to self-educate and share our knowledge with others. We have too much to lose to roll over and play dead. Americans will peacefully stand up by the millions refusing to accept our central government elite’s attempt to bypass our Constitution. We The People have the power and duty to halt the brainwashing of our children and put our house back in order.

Dr. Maglio is an author and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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