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Wednesday, October 07, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio, PhD. Traditional Realist

Presidents of the United States are supposed to be above blatant petty politics. The person who is elected to the office is immediately given the reins to the most powerful position in the world. The people expect him to deport himself with dignity and wisdom. He is supposed to inspire the people’s confidence by focusing on do-able solutions that represent the interest of the people not extreme fringe groups.

President Obama did not wait for the facts to surface before he shamefully appeared on national television to denounce the lack of gun control as the culprit in the Umpqua College shooting. His MO throughout his presidency has been to politicize an event to push his radical progressive agenda. “Never waste a crisis.” We saw this with his community activist advocacy with questionable behavior by blacks being accepted over law enforcement officer’s actions. He made his comments before official investigations were completed. He used the bully pulpit to voice his personal emotional reaction to the arrest of Harvard professor Gates, Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray before the initial legal process was completed.

The day after the Roseburg rampage he again went on television to double down on his edict that the massacre of ten with seven wounded was due to the absence of stricter gun control. He stated he is going to continue to politicize this issue until gun control restrictions were enforced but again offered no realistic plan to remedy the problems.                 

His speculation was a rush to judgment. The emerging facts that the killer asked at the point of a gun “tell me your religion.” Those who said they were Christian were shot in the head and those who answered differently were shot in the extremities. The only guard was unarmed in this “gun free zone.”  The assassin was half black not a white supremacist and came from a broken family like almost every other one of these mass killers. People who knew him acknowledged that he had serious mental problems. The president did not consider all this evidence when he made his premature remarks.

The conclusion of President Obama’s emotional plea was not rational. The shredding of citizen’s Second Amendment rights would not have prevented this or other horrific mass shootings. Evil, demented people have used poison gas, fire, knives, hatchets, bombs and chain saws to kill and abortion instruments to destroy innocent lives.

The culture of evil has always existed and will continue to despise good people who get in the way. Guns are weapons that can kill. Criminals will not follow laws that will stop them from obtaining guns. They will illegally obtain them. This is evident in states like California and cities like Washington, Baltimore, New York and Chicago that have some of the highest per capita homicide rate in the country even though they have the most stringent gun laws. Gun Free Zones like on college campuses and movie theaters are not preventing terrorists or insane people from their acts of evil, instead are attracting them.

The mass killing of innocent people is a complex issue that will not be stopped by the removal of guns from law-abiding citizens. Guns in the hands of good people allow them to protect themselves and others. This is the reason why politicians and celebrities who rail against guns have personal security guards armed with guns.

The curbing of out-of-control violence will only happen when we return to a stable, moral society. This requires that we punish evil and honor life. We must again eliminate political correctness; teach morality at home, at school and in the halls of our government institutions. We need to empower law enforcement; change mental health confidentiality laws in order to encourage professionals to report and institutionalize people who are a danger to self and the community and incarcerate incorrigible criminals not release them.

The elimination of guns in the hands of good citizens will only be an invitation for government tyranny. It is not a policy to eliminate evil, it is a license for evil people to expand and become even more destructive in a society that disarms its citizens.

The president needs to think more profoundly before shooting off his rhetoric. These national press conferences divert us from his current international failures but do not lead to resolving crucial issues.

As Benjamin Franklin noted, those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. Disarming the American people will disarm our ability to protect ourselves and lessen our security.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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