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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


By Domenick j. Maglio Phd. Traditional Realist

A small group of aristocrats supported King George III of England. This elite group was a minority that exploited its citizens and their colonies. Our founders realized they would not be treated with reasonable laws by this despot. Even when the majority of free colonists voiced overwhelming desire for certain changes in the destructive laws they were not heard. The minority elites dictated to the majority of the colonists, even when they were certain to provoke even the most loyal ones. The majority did not have a voice.

Our constitutional republic was based on the majority rule of its representatives. The Bill of Rights was added to forbid the government from restricting the individual’s Creator endowed rights to be free. The amendments were to stop the new government’s oppressive actions.

Forbidding the government from denying individual rights has been distorted to allow a minority of people, sometimes a very small percentage, to negate majority rights. The tyranny of the minority was the opposite of what our founding fathers envisioned when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Individuals and small secular groups have gained more power than the majority. The First Amendment to our constitution is being attacked by a minority of atheists with backing from the ACLU (American Civil Liberty Union). The 10 Commandments, Christian crosses, Christian chaplains and Christian business people’s symbols and rights are no longer being protected by the courts.  Public prayer that was widespread behavior of our founders is being forbidden in public meetings and even in public school events. There is a war to silence Christianity by the progressive-secular ruling class.

The legal system has been abused to give non-existent rights to minorities that hinder the freedom of the majority. Local cities and school districts across the nation comply with the laws that discriminate against the majority. These entities realize they do not have the resources necessary to win a legal battle that would be financially ruinous to them.

This surrender by local officials to powerful legal interests also allows mentally ill people to be free ticking-time bombs. Most of the mass killers of innocent spectators have long histories of mental illness. The legal rights given to the mentally ill to protect the confidentiality of their mental status and behavior endangers the majority.

In the past the dangerously insane have been institutionalized to protect the innocent and themselves. Disregarding the safety of the majority through progressive regulations has limited mental health professionals from reporting their findings. Status evaluations that recommend the institutionalization of a patient have become very rare. The fear of violating confidential laws and appearing inhumane has resulted in insane people committing horrific mass and individual killings.

Empathy for criminals and violent students in our schools has reached absurd proportions. President Obama used an executive order to summarily release thousands of drug pushers back on the streets to lead many more young people into an addicted existence.

Thug behavior of students is being appeased through a policy by the Department of Education and Justice Department’s new enforcement of “restorative justice.” This “so called” anti discrimination policy is meant to intimidate school districts to develop a quota system to decrease suspensions of disruptive and violent students. This policy lessens the consequences for out-of-control and dangerous students, which negatively impacts the majority of students who are being threatened and abused daily.

Illegal immigrants flooding the USA also are treated to extraordinary privileges that surpass those of citizens. Most illegals in various states are given free K-12 education, free higher education, free healthcare and dental care through mandates prohibiting hospitals from turning them away. There are free legal services, food stamps, housing and childcare vouchers and mental health services. Under the expanding of the Affordable-Care Act that announced future presidential executive orders , which may eventually give all illegals these free services. These welfare benefits are taxing all of our institutions especially our solvency as an nation.

These and other special interest groups such as LGBT have made deep inroads into the First Amendment rights that are splintering and pitting one group after another against the majority. These special interest minority groups are given rights the majority of people no longer have but will have to pay for through their taxes. The majority of citizens are suffering the loss of physical security, justice and the rule of law, which is un-American. This has to be reversed to have a stable, well-functioning society.

This oppression and exploitation of the majority by arrogant elites creates resentment and alienation from the ruling class. It breaks down the cohesion of society and can lead to an uprising.

US citizens are fortunate to have a release valve to redirect the out-of control ruling class. Our constitutional right to stagger elections every two years is the best method to restore the silent majority’s power. Please use the vote to regain sanity in our nation.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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