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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Our colleges have emphasized the diversity of their student body. This has been promoted by government quota initiatives and preferences in admissions. The social engineering of our universities is supposedly due to the fact that campus’s with different socio-economic, ethnic or religious minorities provide an interactional arena for social and intellectual growth. Sharing ideas, beliefs and experiences among students should be a stimulating community for intellectual advancement.

The reality is universities are bastions of progressive socialist propaganda not a “free speech zone” for the open discussion of ideas.  They spiel out the same rhetoric over and over again, which is radical orthodoxy demanded of all students. The grievances of student interest groups are not only encouraged but also exploited to demonstrate and reinforce to students the professor’s belief that America is an unjust nation. These black, feminist, Latino, LGBT and Muslim study groups revise history by presenting biased and distorted one-sided testimonials. These various study groups are weakening the academic standards of so called “higher education.”

Diversity on university campuses has produced the opposite of free exchanges of different ideas. Instead there are self-isolating racial, ethics, religious and sexual cliques that attack anyone who voices anything that contradicts their belief system or hurts their feelings. These self centered, over indulged students have gone so far as to blame others for becoming uncomfortable in social situations. They have called this “micro aggression.” It is not what a person has done but what another student “feels” in the event. Another term they have coined is “triggering.” This is what  someone says that might cause the “victim” to recollect a bad past experience. In both cases it is how the person subjectively interprets not what was said or done by another person.

Speakers with traditional American values have not been allowed to speak since they are the enemy that must be censored. There have been scenes of pies being thrown at presenters, drowning them out with chanting, and even physical jumping up on the stage to intimidate the speakers and audiences. This is not an arena of promoting any diversity of thought.

Free speech is “free” to anyone who says things that coincide with the university students’ thinking or feelings. Anyone who makes statements that anger or oppose their feelings or ideas are attacked. They also believe their duty is to prevent opposing views. According to the thinking of the students anyone who disagrees with them is lying and should be prevented from speaking by any means possible. Tolerance is only for things they agree with, anything contrary should be stamped out for past social injustices supposedly done to these interest groups. These group members rationalize that they are only using extreme measures to be heard. They include stopping opponent’s rallies, blocking traffic and intimidating people with threats who have differing viewpoints.

These Gestapo tactics are indicators of a greater threat. Through social injustice, political correctness and hate speech laws our own government is spawning and supporting divisive movements such as Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Illegal Immigrant Rights, and Gun Control zealots. These group members are the soldiers who do the dirty work of repressing free speech.

Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s president, Everett Piper, received a standing ovation for telling a student “to grow up.” After this student heard a sermon on showing love to others he noted that he was upset and felt bad and he complained about it.  Piper admonished the student’s hurt feelings as self-absorbed narcissist behavior. President Piper said that a university is “…not a Daycare. It is a university.” In other words a university is a place to help you become a well- rounded, competent, educated person by listening to and understanding all sides of an issue not just your own viewpoint, “not to coddle you in your selfishness.”  

This so called tolerant word “diversity” is being used to transform America from a predominantly free, locally governed nation to a centrally controlled repressive government. There is no diversity of thought allowed. This transformation is taking place by pitting one group against another to obscure the process of removing everyone’s freedom except those who are fanatical believers for this powerfully controlled government that limits the freedom of the average citizen.

There is no diversity of thought found on universities or in the progressive government’s mass media. Instead they are centrally controlled institutions of indoctrination that pretend to be diverse by having different racial and ethnic spokespersons. The diversity of these universities is a hypocritical farce that camouflages the transition into a speech censored totalitarian government.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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