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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

America’s culture has been based on moral values and practices that worked for centuries. The founders studied past civilizations compiling what things led to the wellbeing of successful nations. Natural law and many biblical practices were recognized for their effectiveness over time.

Our modern society has rejected many of these traditional thoughts and practices moving quickly to supposedly scientific ones. The media has successfully marketed these pseudo scientific theories. Many of these notions sound reasonable but often are based on false assumptions that they plug into complicated and sophisticated studies that cannot be duplicated. This has happened throughout our child development and family practices leading us astray from good parenting. We have seen in a relatively short time an epidemic of bitter divorce and childhood mental disorders.

One modern psychological theory that quickly became a fad was “venting therapy.” This idea was incredibly well sold to the public but it did not have the expected results. A patient was supposed to vent his anger through loud rants, screaming and exhausting physical exercises including hitting objects. Punching pillows was supposed to extinguish the feelings of anger. The problem was that it did not work. It had the opposite impact that prolonged and increased the instances of angry outbursts.

Nevertheless it became part of the pop culture and has taken on a life of its own. Venting has metastasized into many new irregular offshoots. Many experts are promoting youngsters as young as preschool to express their anger issues. This is translated in the child’s mind to telling others including parents and other adults how the child is bothered by these adults. It encourages the child to think he is equal or superior to anyone disciplining him for inappropriate behavior. This results in blatant disrespect of others.

Some children’s self esteem becomes so inflated that they will tell their peers, teachers and parents how they specifically annoy them and the way these people should change their behavior.  These untested practices have seeped into our culture as infallible advice that produced more harm than good. These children are inadvertently being trained to be disobedient and become future oppositional defiant personalities.

As these self-absorbed children have gotten older, they have moved from controlling anger to controlling others rather than learning new social skills to get along with them. In universities the venting of one’s feelings has morphed into telling others how they should act, think and speak. Anything that hurts their sensitivities is called “micro aggression.” This could be as simple as how they feel walking into a room with others. If they feel uncomfortable hearing certain accents or seeing mannerisms or witness certain expressions on other’s faces these innocent people are seen as “guilty of micro aggression.” The pampered individuals expect others to be punished for making them feel bad. The self-important students want others to conform to their personal view of the world.

When these emotionally immature students become upset they want the comfort of “safe spaces” on the university campus. This area should only be for people who think and speak in the same way. It does not stop at making special provisions for their delusional power but they want to go much further.

These students demand the right to cut off speech of anyone who has the audacity to possess a different point of view. Their “cheering squad,” the progressive politicians and media, encourages them to continue to disturb and halt the speech of anyone expressing traditional values. These students throw objects such as pies at speakers. They even go onto the stage to physically intimidate and confront the speaker. The elite cowardly leaders of the university do not take a stand to end this student tyranny. Instead they act like innocent bystanders or they actually legitimize the repressive and un-American actions.

These American attacks on the most important institution of the free exchange of ideas should alarm all of us who believe in our freedom.

The marriage between pseudo psychology and highly sophisticated marketing is dangerous. It could result in mind control, groupthink and an enslaved, brainwashed society without any understanding of true freedom as it was erased from the minds of the people.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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