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Wednesday, February 03, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

The political ruling class and their mass media minions do not understand the reason for Bernie Sanders’ and Donald Trump’s popularity. The American public is realizing the political ruling class of both parties, the Republican and Democrat parties, are joined at the hip. There are no differences between them except for their rhetoric. They are after the same things: power, money and retaining their power positions in Washington, D.C.

The voters are witnessing obvious massive government lying and corruption that is being dismissed as business as usual. Both parties are playing the same games except when a republican is “outed” the politician resigns while a democrat would receive a pass and the episode disappears.  The republicans have accepted their role as the minority party. As long as they do not attempt  to challenge the progressive establishment, the ruling class will keep them in the “good ole boy” D.C. system.

President Obama’s administration has exponentially politicized the office. Every event is seen through the lens of how we can protect and promote the presidency. A recent outrageous revelation was Eric Holder, as head of the Justice Department, had used his office to commit a blatant act of political corruption. He squeezed the major financial companies involved in the subprime housing market by coercing them into contributing to left wing organizations or they would not be able to continue their financial business. This “Pay to Play” scheme has been alleged throughout this administration. There is no ongoing investigation into this scandal or others at this time. It is business as usual.

The emails of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state that are being released by the State Department are eye openers. They directly contradict the Obama claim that there was no time for the armed forces to protect our ambassador and our people in Benghazi. The administration officials including President Obama, former Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stated there was no stand down order given to the troops.  They insisted there was not time enough to have saved the lives of government officials and workers in Benghazi. The released emails of Hillary Clinton have shown this not to be true and show her total disregard for protecting top secret intelligence.

President Obama did not alert congress that the trade for Bowe Bergdahl who left his military post would involve five high level Al Quida leaders. He understood it would cause an uproar with American citizens. President Obama did it anyway to attempt to fulfill his policy of closing Guantanamo. He portrayed Bowe Bergdahl in the Rose Garden as a hero instead of the traitor he appears to be to his fellow squadron mates.

Press secretary, Josh Earnest, when addressing the media said only 10% of those released from Guantanamo return to the ISIS battlefield. However, the military generals are reporting that one third of those released return to the battlefield. This factual discrepancy was not addressed or questioned by the state run media.

Iran has tested a second missile when they agreed not to test any. The UN or the United States did nothing to protest this act even though the administration unequivocally stated that any transgressions by Iran would result in automatically making any nuclear agreement with them null and void. The ruling class and media establishment have ignored this and other incidents of disregarding the rules of the agreement such as complying with inspection and testing of ballistic missiles. These missiles can reach Israel, Europe and eventually the United States.

The President continues to insist ISIS is losing ground in the middle east and there is no credible threat of terrorism in the United States. He continues to refuse to call any incident Islamic terrorism, instead he wants to refer to incidents as “work place violence.” Even after Fort Hood; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Paris; the Boston Marathon bombing and even the San Bernardino terrorist connections with middle east terrorist organizations, the administration still refuses to make the obvious connection.

These and almost daily revelations of what some people call political incompetence are most likely Chicago type “Pay to Play” sanctioned corruption. Decisions are being made for the benefit of the ruling class members of both parties rather than the people. Our politicians are guided by the “it is all about money and power” rule.

These shenanigans are a replay of the end of the representative government in the Roman Empire. The entire structural government from top to bottom became corrupt. General Octavian who became Augustus, which means “the revered one,” changed the direction of the entire Roman Empire. He had the allegiance of the military and people of the nation to become the first emperor.  The Roman Empire was put on a moral foundation by his leadership that led to 200 years of peace for its people. “Pax Romana.”

Character of a leader does matter to a nation. A government head sets the tone for the people. A moral head of state is strikingly different from an immoral one. Citizens follow and imitate the thinking and actions of the person in charge. Immoral and moral decisions end in diametrically opposed places. The peoples’ vote in an honest election does matter. It will determine the future of America.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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