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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

The political elites have been wrong over and over again in this political season. They say Donald Trump will lose his lead in the polls after every politically incorrect statement he makes. He continues to befuddle the pundits as a political outsider. The other outsiders: Ben Carson, surgeon; Carly Fiorina, business woman are dropping and Tea Party candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are moving up in the polls.

The political establishment candidates: Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and others have remained behind the outsiders. It is driving the establishment insane. They believe they have the ordained right to anoint anyone they choose. The ruling class does not comprehend why their power is not absolute.

The reason is so obvious but it is not being touched with a ten-foot pole by any of these all-knowing “experts.” Millions of Americans marched various times in Washington, D.C. and throughout in the country. This movement became known as “The Tea Party.” It was denounced at every turn not only by the democrats and media but also the republican establishment. They were lambasted as a bunch of old white, naïve, kooks, racists, religious fanatics, uneducated rednecks and many more derogatory terms.

The mainstream media played down the millions of Tea Party marchers.  It was not newsworthy according to the progressive media.  When it was mentioned the media  focused on obnoxious behavior who were reported to be Tea Party members even though they were not. They were members of the fringe LaRouche party who were armed with inappropriate anti-Obama posters. These imposters were booed down by Tea Party Members, which was not reported. All the media misinformation was part of their effort to discredit this grassroots movement.

These marches were orderly and spotlessly clean events with families and people of every socio economic, racial, ethnic background and age. It was and is truly an energetic grassroots movement that grew from frustration of both party politicians saying one thing to voters then doing the opposite when they got into power.

The Tea Party disappeared from the mainstream media. There was a change of tactics by individual members who focused on using the Internet to disperse information or appear on conservative radio and television shows. They donated money to get the word out to the American public. Furthermore they appeared at local political events speaking openly to family, friends and anyone who would listen. They were actively energizing the grass roots. The Tea Party highlighted the arrogance of the ruling class’s disregard for the citizen’s concerns.

This spontaneous movement did not die as many progressives had hoped and continue to hope. It continued to grow as a viable alternative to the political establishment. The results are shocking the leaders of both political parties. Regardless of their political affiliation the American people are now aware that the professional politicians care about one thing: staying in power in D.C. The game of the republican or democrat party being significantly different from each other has been exposed.

Americans do not want eloquent words. They are demanding things get accomplished for the benefit of the people. They now insist on a doer, a leader who will get things back in order and back on track. The problems of illegal immigrant, growing government our huge debt, our incoherent foreign policy, international corporation corporate welfare all have to be resolved with strong common sense solutions not progressive rhetoric.

The people have been awakened and will not accept more of the same. These politically self-educated citizens are in search of a president. They expect all our representatives to work for the good of all America, not their own reelection or self-interest.  Like it or not the political establishment is realizing the Tea Party grassroots has increased exponentially spreading across party lines.

New converts to the principles of this movement were not and still are not acknowledged or recognized by the ruling class. These elites are in a state of panic about how this will affect their ability to control this election and future governments.

The full impact of the movement away from establishment politics will be more fully known only after the presidential election. Nevertheless the shockwaves are already being felt.

This presidential election will be a seismic event that hopefully changes the direction of American policies. By citizens doing their civic duty of politically educating themselves we will be placed again on a solid foundation. Our nation will be able to make a quantum leap forward in leadership for not only America but the free world.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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