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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio Phd. Traditional Realist

Immigration has always existed throughout history. As civilizations rose and fell people moved toward those societies that offered more possible advantages and away from ones that were stagnating or decaying.

From its beginning people worldwide understood that America was an exceptional nation for creating a better life. Older Americans were taught that ours was a land of opportunity. People immigrated from all over the world to earn their way to an improved life for themselves and their families. There were no government handouts. These mass immigrations revitalized our country through the physical and creative energy these people brought to every aspect of life in America.

These immigrants arrived from every corner of the world. They first formed their own communities where they helped each other in many ways. Chinatown, Germantown, Little Italy, Polish, Irish, Jewish, Hispanic, Korean, Japanese, Ethiopians and others formed their own neighborhood ghettos.

Each community had its own stories of gross discrimination against them. Some came as indentured servants being locked up in cages at night until their labor was sufficient to satisfy their exploitive contracts. This happened to members of various ethnic groups well into the 20th Century. During WWII Japanese, German and Italian American residents were placed in interment camps until the end of the war.

Furthermore these ethnic groups dealt with financial and social hardships as well as overt prejudice: “no Micks need apply,” and legal discrimination against them. They were grateful for the chance to work for the freedoms granted in America and the peaceful stability provided by being a US citizen. After one to three generations they blended into being proud Americans. This process was called the “melting pot.” These ethnic groups kept some of their ancestor’s ways such as special foods, music, and celebration of holidays but all became Americans first and foremost but knew their ancestors’ place of birth. Regardless of their last name many modern children have no knowledge of their family background. They have been fully acculturated as Americans.

Today children of immigrants are being indoctrinated to keep their country of origin’s identity and even language. Many come demanding government welfare not the freedoms America offers them. They have been told they are entitled to freebees of the government without having to pay any price.

The elites of America have revised history by stating America’s greatness comes from multi-culturalism instead of becoming appreciative of America’s exceptionalism. The ruling class has arbitrarily altered the facts of our immigration to the United States to fit their own vision of a new “Babylon.” They call this utopian notion a “tossed salad” or “salad bowl,” where every group does its own thing, while rigidly retaining the ways of their country of origin.

In this “salad bowl America” everybody will speak his own language and follow their own ancestral culture without having to blend in with the society. This is a prescription for internal strife and chaos in any nation. We are witnessing this horrendous multicultural impact on the nations of Europe.

In this new progressive America different ethnic and class groups politically fight for the scraps of government handouts divides one group from another. These policies enable the ruling class to win elections by promising more material handouts, hope and change to each and every diverse group. Progressives do this to increase the power of the central government by the method of divide and conquer. This separates America into many diverse groups fighting each other rather than uniting us into a cohesive nation.

America is moving toward the European model of nations that no longer have people with a common culture and a specific patriotic identity. Instead they are distinctly different groups of people in serious conflict. These radically different communities are promoting their own laws and self-interests rather than the nation’s interest. This concept of retaining their old culture is tearing up the little amount of national fabric holding the society together.

The progressive ideology promotes diversity/multi-culturalism as positive by catchy phrases such as: “toss salad” or “salad bowl.” This disconnection between groups is supposed to increase the cosmopolitan flavor of the country. These distinct and often clashing tastes may initially excite the palate although in the long run will upset the stomach and the entire entity.

When cultures blend together the nation functions more regularly creating a healthy and better environment for everyone. The “melting pot” produces a unique strong and healthy place for citizens to safely be productive and free. It is a formula that has served America well for three centuries.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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