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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

The American people fired self-serving, corrupt politicians from both parties. The progressive media and political correctness indoctrination, which was strangling the free exchange of ideas and speech was clearly rejected. We have experienced an American Brexit which has shouted “hell no” to the national and international establishment’s attempt to abolish local representation that ensured our endowed rights from God of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The elites attempted to create an elite self-serving global nation.

The reaction of the media, celebrities and political elites was pure unbelieving shock and outrage at the voter’s voice. They had no inkling that their uber progressive, socialist value system was alienating the American people on so many levels. These “smuggers” are isolated in their upper class enclaves with no interaction with the working class. On top of this was the ridiculous mass media misinformation campaign, which convinced the establishment that the election was “in the bag” and added to the depression and surprise.

Everything they thought they knew was from second hand sources, especially the “fake” news media. The professional commentators felt about the average American people that they were, for the most part, antagonistic, unflattering, deplorable, ignorant and hateful. The progressive Palm Beach Post news was so blind sided and apoplectic that they asked for Trump voters to visit their editorial boardroom to speak to them. They wanted to learn the reasons why anyone would actually cast a ballot for him. The media is reluctantly realizing that the power to control the information and thinking of the majority of citizens has ended.

The same significant disconnect between the people and the establishment that happened in England has revealed itself in the USA. This spreading revolution is a response to the repressive, indoctrination and tight control over the release of pertinent information. The progressive media monopoly has lost a good part of its monopolistic effectiveness due to the development of alternate media Internet competition and social media. This loss of total control of information has prevented the media from its much-anticipated victory.

In the Bush and Obama administrations we have witnessed an increasing $20 trillion national debt, nationalizing of our education through No Child Left Behind and Common Core, Obamacare, nationalizing city police departments through the Department of Justice, out-of-control regulations, blatant corruption through choosing winners or losers, rampant indoctrination in colleges, top down social engineering and progressive media through “politically correct thought control.”

Americans were so fed up with these shenanigans that they voted for a total political outsider whose style was at times highly offensive to many but highly effective in opening up public discourse. His obvious flaws, rebelliousness, stubbornness and contrariness were nullified by his genuineness, courage to speak his mind openly and directly to a hostile media, which endeared him to many Americans. He singlehandedly crushed the PC taboo on free speech and thinking to give citizens hope that they would be heard.

The most important thing that propelled him to winning the election was his fearless articulating and plainspoken language that “America can be Great Again.” He spoke about stopping illegal immigration, establishing law and order, cultivating all sources of energy, de-regulating and incentivizing all businesses to create high paying positions, strengthening the military, halting public funding of Planned Parenthood, social engineering, bring under control our $20 Trillion debt and most importantly shake up the establishment by focusing on the people’s interest rather than that of the ruling class.

Few believe Trump will succeed in all of his agenda items but if he begins the process he will be hailed as a hero. Many citizens felt that either political party was not hearing them. These disenfranchised voters finally feel that someone hears them and will straighten out some of these issues.

This election demonstrated that America has been and is still a center right nation. The lies of the progressive media and the falsely manipulated polls; stories to glorify socialist ideas, ridiculing traditional ones and deceptive economic reports have been exposed and understood by many citizens.

 All Americans should thank President Obama’s firsthand glimpse of the horrible results of socialism. His attempt to manipulate, humiliate and coerce citizens into changing their traditional moral values and dismantle our constitutional republic has resulted in powerful blowback. His strategy of ramming Chicago’s strong-arm politics down the public’s throat has been revealed and has failed.

The verdict on President Elect Trump’s presidency can only be evaluated at the end of his tenure as to whether he was able to close the deal on any of these issues. All of us should wish him the best to bring back America’s greatness through US ingenuity, competition and competence rather than false “hope and change” of a delusional utopian fantasy. Trump’s victory puts us on the path for reestablishing our republic and to ensure our freedom from government oppression.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. Dr. Maglio has a new book, available on Amazon and other sites, entitled, IN CHARGE PARENTING. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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