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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD traditional Realist

Most children are not aware that their time on earth is relatively short. They often do not even know their family history and stories about their family’s recent past are also not shared with them. Many do not even know their ethnic lineage. The teaching of history, civics, cursive writing or grammar are being deemphasized or eliminated in public schools since educators no longer believe a student being taught about the past prepares the child for his future. These experts are concerned about events that could be a traumatic experience for them.

Modern children are seen as fragile people who have to be protected from criticism, which could hurt their self esteem. Most of today’s children live in an instant gratification world. When they want something they will get it without waiting or earning it. Parents think giving them things shows they are loved. They tend to believe the youngsters are too delicate to be turned down when they request something. There is no expectation to contribute to others only to demand things and get them.

Many parents think their children should not have to confront the nasty reality they had to deal with as a child.  Most believe the world’s condition will continue to improve with no setbacks. Too many people are unaware that the past repeats itself often in a slightly different form. Many parents today think they have the influence and money to shelter their children from negative events that might occur. Some parents actually use their power to protect their children even when they are wrong. Our “protected bubble children” are unfortunately overprotected. They are not learning the skills and insights to overcome future adversities. These youngsters are not being prepared for the realities of life and death that no one has control over even powerful and influential parents.

No matter how powerful or rich their parents, a child’s future is uncertain since no one can control or even predict the future. By parents not communicating the hardships and misfortunes they dealt with while growing up they are giving children a distorted and inaccurate picture of the challenges in life. They are attempting to create a utopian dream future for their children and themselves, which most likely will not be as uneventful and pleasant as they would wish it to be.

As they grow into young adults too many adolescents do not even want to take time to study to obtain a drivers license. It is easier and better from their shortsighted perspective to get their parents to drive them around. Young adults have little motivation to mature because they know someone will jump in to get their needs met. These adolescents feel there are too many responsibilities with too little pay off to want to accept adulthood. They want to continue to be dependent on their parents while receiving all the privileges of a self-reliant adult.

The depression and WWII forged the Greatest Generation. They learned how to survive, persist and conquer obstacles that are almost impossible to imagine. There were many super human feats that were performed, which elevated everyone’s understanding of the power of a person’s will. These same people wanted to shield their children from the hardships they had to overcome. These painful experiences were often defining moments that shaped their future. Since this difficult period in the United States we have lived in relative peace and prosperity.

This has led to an entitlement mentality that has weakened many of our youth’s motivation to be an independent person. This lack of personal drive to become productive, mature adults is bankrupting our treasury, weakening our citizenry and the social unity of the nation. We are becoming a “give me” rather than a “productive people.”

The government entitlement programs are similar to weak parents who make excuses for their child’s lack of effort and accomplishments. When citizens do not earn their privileges and material desires they expect more from government and expect to work less. They become hateful, not grateful, to the “big daddy” government. This is the reason structural unemployment is skyrocketing. Work is de-incentivized where many individuals are not seeking employment even when good opportunities are made available.  Many young adults with a college education expect to start at the top rather than have to prove their value to a business. They become disillusioned with tis capitalist reality. These people quickly become converted to being government dependent complainers without any strength of character to help them.

Young people should be encouraged to care about their future by authority figures especially their parents. The years of one’s life, as any adult knows, pass at warp speed when looking back. Most of us create the narrative of our life by our own choices. When a person waits for parents or government to manage their needs and wants they become dependent and bitter.

Loved ones have a responsibility to assist youngsters to understand that a wasted day of doing nothing or learning nothing cannot be replaced. They need to realize that their production at work is more important than their degree in college. We are given the next day to improve although the bad habits we acquire impede our ability to change direction. We become stuck in our procrastination and pathetic excuses.

There is little time to waste in establishing a great future for one and future loved ones. Preparing for a future should begin as soon as possible by completing each and every responsibility to the best of one’s ability. These habits and successes accumulate to create a great and wonderful opportunity for one’s future.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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