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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

In our republic the political elites of both parties have ruled as adversaries. The Democrats and Republicans were supposed to have diametrically opposed principles and policies in internationally and domestically. There was supposed to be a real difference but presently there is corruption and collusion against the interests of America by both. They both do almost anything to get elected and stay in power.

The Democrats promise everything under the sun to voters and micro target issue voters to gain their support. They use fabricated emotion to persuade voters to cling to them to eliminate all the unfairness and inequities in their own world. They have perfected lying as an art form. According to the political elites the USA is the cause of most of the world’s problems.

The Republicans claim to be small government, principled, logical spokespeople but currently cave into the slightest pressure by the establishment in order not to lose their personal political advantage and most importantly, the election. They make accurate observations and positive policies although they rarely get implemented. Both parties have sold out to the establishment. Personal integrity has practically disappeared. Government is not serving the people but its own interest.

The establishment includes the media, business, education, military, science and political elites. These sectors are supposed to be made up of many diverse thinking people who had their own patriotic opinions of what was best for the USA. Over the past several decades the profile of the leaders of these institutions has changed along with our country. These opinion makers have no love for our constitution and are not proud of our accomplishments. Most people in power have traded in their moral compass and love of country for the sacred dollar. Crony capitalism, revisionist history, pseudo science, politicizing the military and state propagandizing media have been corrupted by the lust to be close to the center of power and moneyed Washington, DC.

America has lost its focus on our traditions and moral values. We have turned towards self-indulgence. Our model has become, “it is all about money and being close to power to rip off more of it.” Our culture has lost respect for the truth and morals replacing them with PC phoniness and an upside down hedonistic culture. The ruling class on both sides of the political spectrum is showing their true beliefs through what they are doing.

In one of George W. Bush’s last acts he pushed through a $780 billion stimulus package to supposedly ignite the economy. In reality it provided cover for the incoming President Obama’s massive enlargement of the government. This and the international trade agreement offensive showed his inclination to be an internationalist not a “small government America first, leader. He fooled us with his phony rhetoric and deceptive actions.

President Obama’s transforming of America into a huge invasive government nationalizing one institution after another: healthcare, local police departments, the military, education through Common Core, universities through student loans and has replaced capitalism with crony capitalism. The government expansion generated uncontrollable debt that was not resisted by the majority of the Republican establishment. Even after Republican’s were given overwhelming wins in 2010 and 2014 they underhandedly refused to assert their power to prevent the progressives from openly and aggressively transforming our nation. Republicans shamelessly acted as stooges for anyone with power. In essence they sold out their honor and soul.

The Brexit revolt against the EU march to an international government was enlightening. It highlighted that the Democrats, Republicans, media, leaders of Wall Street and the elites of Europe were all moving towards a one-world government. This is no longer a conspiracy theory since people all over the world are becoming aware of this plot.
The progressive press continues to be an advocate for a globalist agenda instead of doing their duty as unbiased truth seeker. This agenda can no longer be hidden or denied. The fourth estate (the media) is using its power to usher in a more powerful and less free centrally controlled government that will eventually join with other nations to establish a world government.

The British forcefully rejected this proposition in Brexit. Many Americans are realizing  We The People have to stop the dismantling of America. This spontaneous grass roots movement was waiting for a leader and Trump stepped into it.   The Tea Party and Bernie Sanders movement have demonstrated that citizens on both the right and left are fed up with the ruthlessness of the ruling class.

The people have a right to expect government servants to work for us in America. This election in the USA is not about Democrats or Republicans but about being free to talk again without PC police and self-censorship. Americans are privileged to have the right under the constitution to be protected from a “rigged process” that favors the rich and powerful elites. This continuously pulling the chains of power to enslave us can only end by citizens standing up and voting to say enough to the ruling classes creating a world without borders.

This election will speak volumes. The election of Hillary or Trump is not the issue. Both are flawed people like all of us. The focus should be who gives us the greatest chance to break up this hideous gangster-like ruling class. The ruling class’s audacity of pushing the envelope of progressive repression has to end. Our citizens will determine America’s future and the future of the world.


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