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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

While you use your bully pulpit to lecture us on your version of reality and reasons for white privilege bigotry towards blacks Americans have been a captive audience. You constantly go back to slavery as if the United States was the only nation to practice it when the nation was founded. The truth is having slaves was and is a worldwide phenomena that was common throughout history and exists even today. All major civilizations and religious groups such as Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus were enslaved and enslaved others.

Progressive revisionist historians have maliciously portrayed our founding fathers as evil slaveholders. The cultural context belies that many of these wise men were adamantly against slavery on religious and moral grounds but were unable to convince other leaders, especially in the south due to powerful economic reasons. It was such a inner conflict for many that whites on both sides of the issue fought a Civil War killing more Americans, mostly whites: 620,000 soldiers, more than any other war we were involved in.

Institutional racism in the US has been systematically eradicated with the end of Jim Crow laws, the 1965 Civil Rights Laws, affirmative action laws, reparations, election of blacks in positions of political power and the election of you as president of the United States, the most powerful position on Earth. However, it did not end resentment, prejudice or viewing oneself as a victim for too many African-Americans. A person can choose to develop personal maturity, responsibility and morality by appropriate actions, have a willingness to suffer, sacrifice and walk a righteous path but you cannot legislate it.

President Obama, your focus on racism is one of the major causes of African-Americans feeling resentment towards whites. It is dead wrong and counter productive. There are many African-Americans that are living the American Dream through their own efforts. New immigrants from Africa are economically advancing at a faster rate than African-American citizens who have been here for generations. If a person wants to climb the socio-economic ladder, he has to work hard, live right, spend judiciously and keep the family intact with both parents. This can be accomplished by anyone.

We have learned your own road to success, like all of us, was not easy. Your father was a black man from Kenya who left your white mother from the Midwest, USA when you were only two-years old. You have a mixed white and black racial background. You lived as a child in Islamic Indonesia as Barry Sotero, where cultural confusion must have been mind-boggling. As a university student you wrote that you dealt drugs witnessing firsthand the police and the judicial system’s strict treatment of criminals. Your lifestyle and the psychological and emotional difficulty of being from a biracial family shaped your unwarranted empathy and support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Your decision to advocate for this movement and honor race baiters, Al Sharpton and Rev. Jackson in the White House, has increased- not eliminated racial problems. You are president of all the people in the USA not just African-Americans. Your stance of blaming all Black peoples’ issues on racism is giving dysfunctional blacks an excuse for not being accountable for their choices.

You are doing a disservice to naive African-American supporters of BLM by legitimizing their shameful behavior. You have jumped to conclusions about police officers hurting or killing blacks before the facts have been established. Michael Brown did not have his hands up submitting to police when he was killed. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was shown to be a lie by our justice system. You never tamped down the irrational anger of blacks by sharing the truth of this incident. Michael Brown was not an aspiring college student. The completed investigation showed he was a hostile thug who had just robbed a convenience store and unprovoked attacked the police officer in his car.

Situations where you immediately voice your opinion such as “the police acted stupidly” during the Harvard Professor Gates incident, was a false narrative. Prejudging that Treyvon Martin was an innocent victim who could be your son and the crumbling Freddy Grey saga, showed again your tendency to jump to conclusions before the judicial process was even begun. Morally equating the five dead Dallas police officers and Micah Johnson, a Nation of Islam follower’s, behavior and death at the memorial service was disgraceful. Then you had the audacity to bring gun control up in your speech by ridiculously stating, “It is easier for a teen to buy a glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book.” This pronouncement was beneath the office of the president and another obvious falsehood.

President Obama, every time you jump to conclusions about a black man being shot by a cop or change the narrative to confiscating guns to protect the people, you are not acting as a presidential healer, rather as an incendiary proponent of racial strife. Every time you invite BLM or Nation of Islam leaders to the White House for discussion of race you are placing your government stamp of approval legitimizing black racism and condemning law-abiding whites. You should be calming, not fanning the flames of hate.

All lives matter, aborted babies’ lives matter, Chicago blacks killed at the hands of black gangsters matter. Policemens’ lives matter. Bringing people together, quelling the fears of all should be your role. President Obama, you need to educate America to the facts, not falsehoods. You should acknowledge what Harvard Professor, Roland Fryes, a black man, found that cops are 20% less likely to shoot blacks than whites not state information that is grossly inaccurate. More blacks kill blacks then cops kill blacks. You should be advocating for incarcerating violent criminals and for more effective mental health services for all Americans not just release them onto the street to wreck havoc. Mentally ill individuals have perpetuated all of our recent.

President Obama, your perspective of the racial divide is extremely one sided. A true dialogue with all Americans will teach you to move from an advocacy to an unbiased honest broker of advancing all Americans. United we stand, divided we fall. All lives matter.

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